First-time explanations by Adnan Oktar

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (6 August 2016)



Since  old times, twisted religions and belief systems, secret societies and secret organizations have either used symbolic poems, symbolic pictures or secret symbols hidden in various paintings to communicate with their followers. This has been well- known for years. For example let's assume there is a silver pitcher, when you look at it you realize there is an evil symbol hidden in it, or there is one on a tea cup's handle. This is a method used to influence people's subconscious through every day objects. For instance let us say that one has a pen; he places an evil symbol on that pen. That way, every time he sees the pen, he remembers satan.  Every time he sees it, he is faced with an anti-religious symbol. For example they build a palace and use symbols signifying their own beliefs in its architectural style.

People would not ordinarily realize this. The male and females hypocrites, idolators, unbelievers and culprits rejoice when they see that ordinary people do not understand these symbols. They say, "See, we can understand but they can't. We can secretly communicate, we can stealthily communicate with each other with signs because they can't understand it, they’re not smart" may God forbid the thought, "we can understand because we are smart". What good comes from being smart in evilness?  Your way is fiendishness, foulness. What good comes from it? You fall deeper into hell, nothing else comes from it. God would condemn you, punish you in this world as well, you would be humiliated even further, you would become even more dishonorable, even more ignoble and uglier. There is someone watching you from the fourth dimension, isn't there? Do you realize that? He says ,"No". Then you are even more pathetic than the most pathetic. Who makes you do that? God does. Why does He make you do that? To show you your place. Why does He make you do that? To raise Muslims' fighting strength.



Observing and detecting the hypocrites, thwarting their every trick elevates the minds of the believers. That is an act of worship for the believers and brings them honor, elevates their ranks in Heaven. On the other hand, it brings humiliation to the hypocrites, increases their disgrace and deepen their hell.



They interpret every noise as hostile. Being obedient is not something hypocrites could ever accept. Respect is not something the hypocrites could accept. Their souls boil up like sewers. It boils up thinking, "what kind of dishonesty, villainy, trickery should I conjure up today?”



Hypocrites want to present themselves as good, well-intentioned, qualified and prominent people. Hypocrites claim that they possess the best qualities of everything. But at the same time, they roil like sewers to disturb everything around them. Not one day, one moment of hypocrites lives passes normally. There is a continuous dishonesty, malice and villainy in their lives.  God constantly devastates them in that state. They collapse under that spiritual tension, they get older and become exhausted. God expands their hell while destroying their world.

Actually, all the things our government is going through right now and the incidents it encounters are all caused by the hypocrites.



Wherever they see perverted, shameless, immoral, worthless people around, hypocrites go and look for them. They become their confidant, their friend, they get intimate with them. Hypocrites like to become their sycophants. They are respectful, obedient and agreeable towards the irreligious. Towards Muslims they have an anarchistic, vicious, insolent, aggressive, opportunistic and treacherous stand.  They act like dogs, meaning they try to take advantage of every situation. For example even during a normal conversation, they want to do vileness. The manner in which they sit or stand up, everything they do shows a tendency for treachery and malice. They do not possess any religious sentiment within them. Due to their evil nature, it is as if satan is walking among Muslims when they are present.



Hypocrites feel the most hatred towards the most useful Muslims. They detest those who contribute to the Islam the most. Hypocrites are like hatred filled toxic bags. They constantly try to occupy Muslims with unnecessary things.



Look, when we examine the allies of hypocrites, we realize that they all possess the same mindset; they are Darwinists, materialists, atheists, followers of the philosophy of Rumi, advocates of homosexuality, vile, sinister, communicating with secret signs, communicating with secret languages, conducting secret conversations, writing secret messages, secrecy lovers, trying to harm Muslims while being useful for the irreligious; being insolent towards Muslims while obedient towards the irreligious and being sinister towards Muslims but clear, transparent and confidant towards the irreligious. For example hypocrites never become confidants of Muslims, but become a close confidant of an atheist homosexual.  They befriend such people. They share everything with such types. Because they shows them that they are treacherous and sell-outs. Then that man looks at them and thinks ‘This one is an atheist, irreligious or unbeliever’. He thinks, "This one is very treacherous, immoral and considers his/her own religion, his/her own people as enemies. He/She is a sell-out, a deserter, unruly and disloyal. So,”  he thinks, "I can be friends with him/her, I can trust him/her. Because he/she truly has nothing to do with Muslims."

For this reason, these kind of people trust hypocrites. However, at the same time they detest and hate them, see them as despicable. But they think they are very suitable to be used. The words are not sufficient to describe the respect and reverence hypocrites show towards the irreligious and the ones who strayed away from the path of Islam. Hypocrites show them extreme reverence. They are loyal, faithful and extremely obedient towards the movement of satan. They are the admirers of satan, obedient to him. Towards Muslims they have an anarchistic, aggressive, quarrelsome, opportunistic and treacherous soul, however without them, making an effort against satan would not have any excitement.



Without the hypocrites, Muslims would be unable to feel the pleasure of putting up a fight against them. They wouldn't know the pleasure of beating satan. That is why, Muslims are satan hunters, in other words hypocrite hunters. Muslims give no quarter to hypocrites and satan. The irreligious are not that bad, the irreligious are more obvious, more direct. The struggle against irreligious is clear and explicit. But because hypocrites are sinister, hidden, trickster and dark, catching them is a brain teaser, a mind exercise. It requires a deep mind. Intelligent people find enjoyment in that. In other words, the struggle against the hypocrites is like a chess game. It is a master battle. There is no need to have a fight similar to a chess game against unbelievers. It is direct, the man is right in front of you, you can explain. He may be convinced or not. However, hypocrites are not like that.



Hypocrites have a terrific skill for utilizing days, months, minutes and seconds. That shows us how punctual and careful satan is. Satan wouldn't want to waste even a second. Hypocrites too wouldn't want to waste a second. In other words, they certainly want to carry out some treachery instead. And hypocrites present evil together with goodness. For example they put poison into  good food. Along with a beautiful word, they say a vile word too. They put an ugly object together with a beautiful one. They mix them up, in other words, presenting their ugliness directly is not a characteristic of a hypocrite. They mix beauty with ugliness. They mix dirty and clean. That is their trick, their trap, their way to bait others; those who don't know fall for it. However, the irreligious are not like that. The irreligious present the ugliness directly, you would understand it when you see it. But hypocrites are not like that, their mask is dense and elaborate. Detecting them under that mask requires a special talent, it requires intellect. For that reason, detecting hypocrites was very hard during the period of the Messenger of God (saas). There were three hundred identified hypocrites. Out of nine hundred Muslims, three hundred of them were hypocrites. It is an inconceivable force.



Every side of hypocrites are like a dead end, you can't find any common ground. For example, you say "this"; they close that line of agreement, you say "that"; they close that line of agreement. You say "this way"; they close up that way to a solution. You say "another"; they closes up, in other words, it is impossible to please the hypocrites. They constantly carry out vile activities in every situation. For example, they derive vileness even from something you did in their favor. If a Muslim corrects them, they derive something foul from the correction as well. Because they sold their soul to satan, they constantly act like this. For example while Muslims are preparing to go to war along with our Prophet (saas). The hypocrite says, "My house is unprotected". Look at the way they drag the situation into a stalemate. Our Prophet (saas) says, "Alright. I will take care of your household as necessary." Another comes and says, "I don't know how to fight". Muslims say, " Very well, we will teach you how to fight. Come, hold the sword like this, and move like that", and with that they teach them. Then they say; "Let's go to war now," after that the hypocrites say, "The weather is very hot".  All they want is to do something immoral; so they constantly drag the situation into a stalemate. They say, "Then we will go in the evening, it will be cool".  This time they say, "That would be too cold." What do they want then? Are they looking for trouble? Hypocrites are truly troublesome. Always lead the situation into a stalemate; no solution can be reached with them. Because of that, when there are hypocrites around, the believers earn great spiritual merit.

Hypocrites lay down conditions; for example they say, "If you handle the situation concerning my family, I will go to war with you", then you say, "Alright". You say, "It is done". Then they say, "If you teach me how to fight, I will go to war with you." And you say, "Alright, we will teach you." But that despicable creature actually knows how to fight. There is no problem with their families either, they are doing that just because of their vileness. They say, "If we go to war when the weather is cool, then I would come." You call them when the weather is cool. Then they say, "I'm cold." He says, "I will go if you help me stay warm". They lay down conditions, and lead the situation into a stalemate. 



What would happen in the absence of hypocrites? Indeed, there would be a calmer but lazier environment. There would be much less good deeds. With hypocrites, there would be more opportunities to improve their mind, they would have more activities to attain good deeds, laziness would be eliminated, their hearts would be relieved and they would be more excited. The bravery of Muslims increases along with their ability to take precautions. Their artistic and defensive ability increase as well. Muslims’ health improves; everything improves for Muslims. Hypocrites are like nourishment for believers while believers are poison to hypocrites. When hypocrites look at Muslims, it pains them to see Muslims. Hypocrites see their wealth and it hurts them and make them collapse. By "hurt" I mean they collapse, they become devastated. They see the clothes believers wear and it makes them collapse. They hear their conversations, they cave in. They see their glory and dominance and they feel pain. The life becomes unbearable for them, like a poison. They suffer greatly. God says; "...die in your rage..." (Surah Al ‘Imran 119) In other words, it creates a destructive and a devastating effect on them. Believers on the other hand, feel refreshed, younger and stronger; it creates a total opposite effect. This is God's miracle, something to marvel at, it is a miracle.



For example, you are sitting together with hypocrites in an environment. They would certainly try to cause conflict. They would certainly want to create quarrels and arguments. Answering them is not enough for hypocrites. Because they are under the influence of satan, they bring up another subject to argue about. If you provide an answer for that subject, they will bring up another one, if you answer that, they will bring up yet another one. In other words, they will keep going into satan's endless, dirty, bottomless and dark depths, it's an incessant sinking into the “gayya” well. Every condition they lay down carries them farther into the depths of that well they will end up in hell. Every treachery they do exalts the believers even more while hastening their own fall into the depths of the gayya well. Opposing, questioning, being noisy and anarchist in nature are the characteristics of hypocrites. When we examine the characteristics of satan, we can see the same things.



For example, they provide their services based on that service’s potential for their claiming superiority. If they are to do something, they only do it to ascertain their superiority, to ingratiate themselves with someone else. They never carry out those activities in the name of God. They do it to be called "great” and “superior". Hypocrites can't bear to hear the success of another. Hearing about their success offends them, they take it as if someone swore at them. When a Muslim's success is mentioned, hypocrites suffer greatly as if they rubbed salt to their wound. Hypocrites want to be exalted, they are sick.



Being original, doing the exact opposite of what has been asked of them, opposing everything that is said to them, opposition is hypocrites' essential characteristic. For example, God commands "prostrate". They can't help but oppose it, they will surely be arrogant and snobbish. They say "No". Why? They say, "You created us from fire. We are better than them, you created them from mud, just from ordinary clay." Do you see the foolishness of hypocrites? But in fact, it is God who created both of them. Besides, there is no such thing as the superiority of fire to earth. Also there is no such thing as an ordinary earth, but hypocrites think like that. Arrogance, opposition, arguing and objecting to everything are the essential characteristics of hypocrites.  In the believers' case, compliance, obedience, kindness, contentment, inner peace, resigning oneself to God manifest themselves in believers perfectly. Hypocrites want to be separated from Muslims in every way, because they do not like Muslims, so with a fiendish impulse, they want to be different from Muslims with what they eat, drink and wear, with what they think, what they have as a goal and with their life style, whereas Muslims show the characteristics of a community, they act similar to each other. Hypocrites are evil, they possess everything that is opposite of good.



They want to create quarrels, because they need activity to carry out their treachery. For that reason, Prophet Moses (pbuh) passivated the hypocrites. He says, "You will say don't touch me for the rest of your life", he passivated them. That is because wherever they go, they would carry out their villainy and treachery anyway.



Hypocrites spill out hatred against Muslims in every environment. There is a  stream of sewage in the hypocrites' mouths, they release their hatred in the form of slander. They constantly oppose Muslims. Hypocrites express their hatred and anger to every one of them separately. But their true hatred is towards, may God forbid the thought, God and our Prophet (saas). But of course they do not mention that. Because when they mention it, they will be considered as unbelievers instead of hypocrites; they do not give up that, because they take pleasure in being a hypocrite, they derive a devilish pleasure from that. They only mention that in a secret environment surrounded by their friends. For example they call good deeds bad, and bad deeds good. They mention the fact that they deny God only in the presence of other hypocrites whose snobbishness and irreligiousness they trust; they do not mention it in the presence of Muslims. Whenever they slander, they get closer to satan, their hell deepens; on the other hand, the believer's face who is the subject of this slander, gets more radiant, even while he sits at home, his spiritual merit increases.  For example, when hypocrites slander the believers, and  Muslims have no knowledge of that; even though Muslims do nothing at all, their spiritual merit increases. Their merit greatly increases because these two things are inversely correlated, when the hypocrites sink, believers are exalted. God created such a system. As the hypocrites' hell deepens, the believers’ heaven is exalted.



It is related from Ja'far al-Sadiq (ra); "when the most malicious -immoral- of the people, the most degenerate have appeared, Mahdi  will rise." When the most unprincipled appear, Mahdi (as) will come.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 August 2016)



"The metaphor of ‘those who were charged with the Torah but then have not upheld it' is that of a donkey loaded with weighty tomes. How evil is the metaphor of those who deny God’s Signs! God does not guide wrongdoing people."

Some people read ceaselessly but have no association with God and religion. They only read to show off. They only read to earn the admiration of others, so that people consider them sophisticated. They read to earn the adoration of others, not for the sake of God. So what becomes of that kind of reading? It becomes asinine. They asininely and foolishly fill themselves with such knowledge and in the Hereafter, that knowledge does not save them from kicking and stamping like a donkey in hell. That knowledge does not do them any good. Knowledge should be used for the sake of God. If it is used for mischief, dissension, hypocrisy, oppression and rebelling against God, God will take revenge. Of course, I am referring to certain types of people.



There are not one but three sufyanis at the behest of the dajjal.

Ibn al-Manawi says, "It is written in the book of Daniel (pbuh): There are three sufyanis." Of course, these are affiliated with Al-Masih ad-Dajjal. In other words, they are dajjals deriving from the real Al-Masih ad-Dajjal.

There is a hadith of the Messenger of God (saas) in the Musannef of Ibn Abi Shaybah, Volume 15, page 197. “Innallahe yusluhul emrel mehdiye fi leyletin.” Meaning; “Indeed, God will amend the order, duty and affairs of the Mahdi overnight.” In other words, God will unite all the people. Because what is the characteristic of the Mahdi movement? It is unifying. So our Prophet (saas) says that God will unify people overnight. "Indeed, God will amend the order, duty and affairs of the Mahdi overnight." This is written in the Musannef of Ibn Abi Shaybah, Volume 15, page 197. “Innallahe yusluhul emrel mehdiye fi leyletin.” Those who are interested in this book can find its manuscript in the Suleymaniye Library.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (4 August 2016)



“Narrations state that the terrible dissension of the Dajjal will occur among

Muslims, so that all the Umma have sought refuge with God from it. None knows the Unseen save God, an interpretation is this: the Muslims’ Antichrist is different. In fact, like Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him), some investigative scholars said that the Muslims’ Dajjal is the Sufyan.”  (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.106)   

In other words, the chief of dajjals gives missions to several other dajjals. For example, he tells them, "You will work in Turkey, you will work in Malaysia." And the dajjal instructed for Muslims is the Sufyan. In other words, the chief dajjal assigns several dajjals. But look, he forced the entire world to deny God. God is openly denied in primary, middle, high schools and universities. Yet no one does anything about it. The Sufyan is one of the dajjals assigned by the chief dajjal. He is assigned to Muslims. The Sufyan dajjal is separate from the others.

For example, It says in a narration: “A fearsome person at the end of time will rise in the morning and on his forehead will be written ‘This is a denier.’” ( The Rays / The Fifth Ray - p.103 taken from Bukhari, Fitan, 26; Muslim, Fitan, 101, 102; Tirmidhi, Fitan, 62; Musnad, iii, 115, 211, 228, 249, 250; v, 38, 404- 5; vi, 139-40.) In other words, in one night, that person fully becomes a minion of satan. Look, it is stated that he wakes up in the morning and his unbelief will be written on his forehead. The word ‘denier’ means unbeliever. It is stated that he has now become one of the irreligious. Something happens at night and once he wakes up in the morning, his unbelief becomes apparent.

“There is a narration: ‘At the end of time, certain persons such as the Dajjal…” meaning like the Sufyan, those who will be under the command of the Dajjal “… will claim godhead..” In other words they will claim to be God- may God forbid-. “… and force others to prostrate before them.” (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.104 taken from al-Hakim, al-Mustadrak, iv, 508; Ibn Kathir, Nihayat al-Bidaya wa’l-Nihaya, i, 125-6; Musnad, iv, 20; v, 372.) In other words, they will present themselves as God. For example, they will command people to murder and they will oblige. They will tell them to attack, to strangle and they will obey. When you question them of their deeds, they will say, "God commands so," as they consider it a commandment of God. In other words, people will consider that individual to be God.

There is a narration: “The Sufyan..” the dajjal of Islam, “… will be an eminent scholar; he will fall into misguidance through his learning.” The knowledge he attains will lead him astray. “Numerous other scholars will follow him.” Many Islamic scholars and teachers will join him.

“The knowledge is with God, an interpretation is this: although he has no means of sovereignty such as strength and power, tribes and peoples, courage and riches, like a king, he will win that position through his cleverness,…” his wisdom, “… science, and political acumen…” which means he dabbles in politics. In other words he imposes himself on states, governments. Or he imposes himself on a certain state or  government. “…and through his intelligence he will bewitch the minds of many other scholars, making them dictate his wishes. He will attract numerous teachers to support him, and pointing out to them the way to an education system stripped of religious instruction, will work for its widespread enforcement." In other words, an education system that teaches Darwinism, materialism. In other words, Said Nursi says that he expands his activities within the already Darwinist, materialist education system. Look, he says ‘stripped of religious instruction.’  Because the current education is Darwinist and materialist.

Narrations state that the terrible dissension of the Dajjal will occur among Muslims, so that all the Umma have sought refuge with God from it. None knows the Unseen save God, an interpretation is this: the Muslims’ Dajjal is different." In other words, for example the Messiah Dajjal’s – meaning the deep state - appoints a separate chief dajjal to the Islamic world. He spawns other dajjals subordinate to him. In fact, like Imam ‘Ali (May God be pleased with him), some investigative scholars said that the Muslims’ Dajjal is the Sufyan. He will appear from among the Muslims and will carry out his work through deception. The Great Dajjal of the unbelievers is different. ” (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.106- taken from Suyuti, al-‘Urf al-Wardi fi Akhbar al-Mahdi (al-Hawi li’l-Fatawa), ii, 234; Ahmad Zayni Dahlan, al-Futuhat al- Islamiyya, 294; al-Barzanji, al-Isha’a fi Ashrat al-Sa’a, 95-9; Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, al-Fatawa al-Hadithiyya, 36; al-Qurtubi, Mukhtasar al-Tadhkira, 133-4.) This is the real - chief dajjal. All these individuals are currently on duty. No one can deal with the dajjal. No one but the Mahdi (pbuh) and Sayyidina Jesus Messiah (pbuh). There is no other alternative.

“In narrations, the events associated with the Sufyan and those of the future are depicted as occurring in the region of Damascus and in Arabia. God knows best, an interpretation is this: since in early times the centres of the Caliphate were in Iraq, Damascus, and Medina, on their own interpretations, the narrators showed these events as occurring close to the centre of Islamic government, as though it was always going to remain thus, and said Aleppo and Damascus. They added their own details to the succinct predictions of the Hadith.” In other words, Said Nursi says that these events will occur in Istanbul. The antichrist and all his underlings base their plans on Istanbul. They say, "We will make Istanbul our headquarters." They are preparing to occupy Istanbul and the focal point and the destination of these events appear to be Istanbul.

Said Nursi says “It says in narrations : “The Dajjal’s first day will be a year, his second day a month, his third day a week, and his fourth day a day.” It is an allusion and sign that the Great Dajjal will appear near the North Pole or towards the north.” (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.107, taken from Muslim, Fitan, 110; Abu Da’ud, Malahim, 14; Tirmidhi, Fitan, 59; Ibn Maja, Fitan, 33; Musnad, iv, 181) Besides, the narrations indicate that the dajjal resides on an island. He will appear in the north, which is where England is located. "That means it foretells miraculously that the Great Dajjal will attack from the North in this direction," says Said Nursi. In other words, he says that the dajjal will attack from England to Istanbul. "The three days refer to both the Great Dajjal and the Islamic Dajjal having three periods of despotism. With elevated eloquence it informs the Umma that “in his first day; in his first period of government, he will perform works so great they could not be performed in three hundred years.” As it is a three-hundred-year endeavor. As you know, there is also a mention of the three hundred years in Surat al-Kahf in the Qur'an. "On his second day, that is, in his second period, he will carry out such works as could not be carried out in thirty years. In his third day and period, the transformations he will bring about could not be brought about in ten years. While in his fourth day and period he will be reduced to the ordinary and do nothing, only try to maintain his position,” says Said Nursi. He is not telling a tale.

Now, he will talk about the characteristics of the dajjal, which is a vital subject. This is why they cannot deal with him. There is a definite, sound narration which says: “Jesus (Peace be upon him) will kill the Great Dajjal.” The knowledge is with God, there are two aspects to this: The First Aspect: It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles who could kill and change the way of the awesome Dajjal, who will preserve himself through wonders, bestowed on him by God in order to lead him astray, such as magic, hypnotic powers, and spiritualism, and will spellbind everyone..." For example, he makes people sit down and speak; he enthralls them. In fact, his minions say, "Let us bring you to him so you can speak to him in person." So that person goes to him and begins to speak, and in that moment, he falls under the influence of satan. Satan possesses him and he becomes enthralled by the Dajjal Messiah. And he grants this power to his dajjals as well. In other words, he lands them a hand. For example, a man comes to him and asks, "Sir, can I become attuned with you? He says, "Of course my child" and caresses his face, granting him the power to communicate with satan with God's willing. In other words, he grants the man the power of magic and magnetism. Acquiring this power, the man immediately began his activities. It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles who could kill and change the way of the awesome Dajjal, who will preserve himself through wonders, bestowed on him by God in order to lead him astray, such as magic, hypnotic powers, and spiritualism, and will spellbind everyone. And that person will be Jesus (Peace be upon him), who is the prophet of the majority of mankind, and whom most people follow." Killing him and changing his occupation; even governments cannot do that. The solution has now become more apparent, hasn't it?

It will be the truly pious followers of Jesus who will kill the gigantic collective personality of materialism and irreligion (the Darwinist, materialist system) which the Dajjal will form -for the Dajjal will be killed by Jesus’ (PBUH) sword- and destroy his ideas and disbelief (will fundamentally remove the Darwinist, materialist education system), which are atheistic. Those truly pious Christians will blend the essence of true Christianity with the essence of Islam (the truth of Islam) and rout the Dajjal with their combined strength, in effect killing him.” There is no actual killing with a sword here, it is a spiritual death.  The narration: “Jesus (Peace be upon him) will come and will perform the obligatory prayers behind the Mahdi and follow him,”(taken from Bukhari, Anbiya’, 49; Muslim, Iman, 244-5, 247; Ibn Maja, Fitan, 33; Musnad, ii, 336; iii, 368.)  alludes to this union, and to the sovereignty of the Qur’an and its being followed. (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.108- Thirteenth Matter)

Bediuzzaman says that the community of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will be a small one when compared to that of the Dajjal. “None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation must be as follows: it is an allusion and sign that quantitively the spiritual community of mujahiddin who will recognize Jesus (Peace be upon him) (through the light of faith and follow him, will be very few and small comparatively to the ‘scientific’, physical armies of the Dajjal.” (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.110) -Said Nursi is touching on a vital point here-. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will solve the problem with a very small group.

“God knows best what is right (La ya'lemül ğaybe illaAllah),” says Said Nursi. He is relating the narration from its original Arabic source. “…the Great Mahdi will have numerous functions.” This means that there were many small Mahdis in the past. But the Great Mahdi is the actual Mahdi that will come in the End Times. "The Great Mahdi will have numerous functions. He will carry out duties in the world of politics, the world of religion, the world of government, and in the many spheres of the world of jihad.  Similarly, since every century at a time of despair people are in need of a sort of Mahdi to strengthen their morale or for the possibility of a Mahdi appearing at that time to assist them, through Divine mercy, every age or perhaps every century a sort of Mahdi has appeared from among the Prophet’s (PBUH) descendants and preserved his forefather’s Shari‘a and revived his Sunna.” says Said Nursi. Mahdis have appeared in every era; in other words, their denial is in vain. Mahdis continuously appear in succession and this is also mentioned in the Qur'an. God commands the believers to "Abide by these Mahdis," using the word ‘muhtedun’.

"The Prophet’s Family has raised hundreds of sacred heroes, and produced thousands of spiritual leaders of the Umma, and has been nurtured with the leaven of the reality of the Qur’an  (the truth of the Qur’an, not the distorted interpretations, the real Islam that is not changed with the fabricated hadiths) the light of belief and honour of Islam, and has thus been perfected. It is therefore totally reasonable that through reviving the Shari‘a of Muhammad (PBUH) and his Sunna and the reality of the Qur’an at the end of time, and proclaiming them and putting them into practice, they should display to the world (show to the whole world) the perfect justice and veracity of the Great Mahdi, their Commander in- Chief. (Being the commander in chief is another characteristic of the Mahdi.) This is also both necessary and essential and demanded by the principles of human society.” So he says that this will certainly happen.  (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station – p.111-p.112)

While talking about the other signs in the Qur’an, he says, As for the Beast (Dabbat al-Ard), in the Qur’an is an extremely concise indication, a brief expression made by its tongue of disposition.” He says that it is depicted shortly in the Qur'an. " As for its details, like with some other matters, I do not know with any certainty for the present." What about his knowledge regarding other matters? That means to say he has certain knowledge of them, but not have a certain knowledge of this.I can only say this much: None knows the Unseen save God,” he says and continues to elaborate on the matter of Dabbat al-Ardd. (The Rays / The Fifth Ray - Second Station - p.113)

Except for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), there currently exist no power on earth that can destroy the movement of the dajjal established by the British Deep State. People cannot even reject the philosophy of the movement of the dajjal, that is Darwinism and they are not even aware of the fact that it is the philosophy of the movement of the dajjal. They proudly and willingly teach it to the students, and God is blatantly denied.

The coming of the great dajjal along with 30 false dajjals is written about in the hadith books of Bukhara, al-Manaqib, Muslim, Fitan, and Abu Dawood Fitan. 30 different dajjals will appear including the great dajjal and three valiant heroes will stand against these 30 dajjals, Khidr (pbuh), Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus Messiah (pbuh). What is the grand total? 33. This is also the highest Masonic rank.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (2 August 2016)



Surat at-Tawba, 107th verse, I seek refuge in God from satan: "As for those who have set up a mosque," who pretend to be Muslims while conniving against them, "causing harm," to Muslims, "and out of unbelief", in other words, the Rumi philosophy, Darwinism, homosexuality, "to create division between the believers", to divide the Muslim community, to divide the country, "and in readiness for those", in other words, to invite those, "who previously made war on God and His Messenger..." Who does these? The British Deep State. Look, "…those who previously made war on God and His Messenger…" Who are those people? The British Deep State. "...they will swear, ‘We only desired the best." In other words, they will swear, 'We only do this for the good of our country.' "But God bears witness that they are truly liars" (Surat at-Tawba, 107) says God.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (1 August 2016)



Related from Is’af al-Raghibin of Muhammad b.’Ali al-Sabbah, it says in Talismans, page 212; "Sufyan is a denier", in other words, he denies the existence of God. He believes in evolution, Darwinism or whatever it is he believes in. "He rejects God, the Qur'an and the prophets." He deems himself superior to God and the prophets; his mentality resembles that of the Rumi philosophy. He is akin to certain deviant Rumi followers. "He is against everything concerning Islam." In other words, he rejects  Islamic law. "He operates in a systematic and hypocritical manner. He seeks to weaken and eliminate the fundamental principles of faith that are the pillars of Islam. And he keeps constant watch on Hazrat Mahdi (as)", he monitors Hazrat Mahdi (as). "Sufyani's siege on Mahdi is ever-lasting." This is related from Is'afur-Ragibin as written in Talismans, page 212.

It is narrated in the hadiths that Sufyani will be a great scholar. His knowledge will lead him astray and many scholars will follow his suit. “The true knowledge is with God. Another interpretation of this," says Said Nursi, "is that unlike other rulers that reign by means of force, might, linage, courage or wealth, he will achieve his position through his sagacity," his wisdom, "and material knowledge," that is his cultural and political knowledge, "and entice many scholars through his intelligence." In other words, he will influence the minds of many scholars and Muslims. "He will grant them the authority of judgment and attract many teachers to his side." This is written in the Risale-i Nur.

"Sufyani will build an army out of men with scowling expressions and stone hearts, and they will inflict oppression on Muslims everywhere. And they will occupy many provinces. Rendering bloodshed lawful, they will turn against the family of  Muhammad (saas). They will deem betraying virtuous people licit." In other words, they will render it permissible and lawful. "They will inculcate treachery into virtuous people. They will say 'Betrayal is lawful'". (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir az-Zaman) This is a very old and acclaimed hadith book. Its author, Al-Muttaqi, is a highly regarded Sunni scholar.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (31 July 2016)



For example, in the 4th verse of Surah, God says – I seek refuge in God from satan; "God loves those who fight in His Way in ranks like well-built walls." What does this refer to? It refers to the community. In his sermon, the Messenger of God (saas) says the following from the minbar; "God's Hand is with the Jama’ah (community)." This is included in the Jami at-Tirmidhi (Volume 4, Number 2166) “…God's Hand is over  the Jamã'ah (community), and whoever deviates, he deviates to the Fire." (Jami at-Tirmidhi, Fitan, Volume 4, Number 2167)


"God's hand is with the community. Satan acts in concert with those who oppose the community." (Kanzul Ummal, Volume 1, Number 1031) In other words, the Prophet (saas) says that satan is in association with those who seek to separate the communities. Who says this? The Prophet (saas) does. “There is blessing in community and torment in separation,” says our Prophet (saas). This is written in Musnad. "God's hand is with the community. Satan acts in concert with those who oppose the community.” Those who are against the community. But some people misinterpret this point. They say, "The antichrist has a community. So, Muslims should not have a community. Sufyani has a community. So, Muslims should not have a community." Does this make any sense? "Satan has a community." What you are going to do then? You will say, "So Muslims should not have a community." This is wrong. Satan has a community. So do Muslims.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (30 July 2016)



The portents of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are occurring before everyone's eyes. For example, this incident was heralded by our Prophet (saas): He says, "This incident will spread over 24 miles in Medina, and the black oilstones" in other words, asphalt, "will be drenched in blood." He is stating it clearly. "Fringed stars will shoot in the sky," he says. "There will be soldiers, battalions on the bridge," states the Prophet (saas) clearly. “The bridge will be completely occupied and a skirmish will ensue in which people will die," he says. "This incident will spread to the entire city," he says. "And the soldiers who perpetrated it will be defeated" says our Prophet (saas). Look, "The soldiers who perpetrated it will be defeated." "And this incident will be accompanied by earthquakes…" which also came true. "The believers will say Takbir [saying Allahu Akbar] until the break of day," says our Prophet (saas), "the people will not use any weapons" he says, "and they will conquer Istanbul spiritually with Takbirs." The Mahdi movement is a fact of Turkey and the Middle East. The Mahdi movement is the reason of all the wars waged in the Middle East. Why are the wars in Iraq and Syria being waged? Ask the USA what the reason behind these wars is. There is no other reason, but the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as) and everyone knows this very well.



Sahih Muslim, Book 7, Number 7003 “…it would be the extreme anger which would make Dajjal appear in the world."   Who makes him angry? Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the movement of the Mahdi does. Since we are the students of Mahdi (as), we too carry the scent of the Mahdi movement, which means they are angry with us as well and perhaps, right now they are angry with us more than ever. But I do not know what they will do when Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears.

“… Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) said that the first thing (by the

incitement of which) he (the dajjal) would come out before the public would be his anger?” (Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 7004) It means the dajjal will be provoked. Isn't it obvious? Look, "… it would be the extreme anger which would make Dajjal appear in the world.” “… the first thing (by the incitement of which) he (the dajjal) would come out before the public would be his anger.”  That is to say the first thing that would couse him to act against Muslims through coups, etc, "would be his anger.” In other words, being exposed and humiliated will infuriate him. We will not even give the British Deep State a moment of respite; I will put them to shame before the entire world. Through wisdom and knowledge. I am the humblest student of Hazrat Mahdi (as). I am only a speckle of dust on the shoe of Hazrat Mahdi (as); I am his servant. They should consider this when they brood over the Hazrat Mahdi's (as) appearance and think what he will be doing to them. 



Look at what the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Lord Palmerston claims. He claims that the Turks should be thrown out of Europe, and the Ottoman Empire's European territories should not remain in the hands of the Turks; he is referring to Istanbul.

He also states that he is vexed by the fact that the Russians did not invade Istanbul since they had already reached Edirne. They are still obsessed with Istanbul. This is why they were and still are insistent about Istanbul. What they actually desire is to occupy Istanbul, capture the Aegean and Antalya, and give  Southeast Anatolia to the PKK. They will huddle the people of Turkey in the Central Anatolia and turn it into a mass grave. They seek to wipe the Turkish nation out within there, within  Central Anatolia.



In the 139th verse of the Surah Al 'Imran, God says – I seek refuge in God from satan, "Do not give up and do not be downhearted." What does giving up mean? It means to let one's guard down. "...and do not be downhearted." In other words, do not feel any fear, worry or sadness. Do not cave in. "You shall be uppermost if you are a (true) believer," if you are a sincere believer. God says, "You will prevail." What does the abjat calculation of this verse corresponds to? 2016. "You shall be uppermost if you are a (true) believer." Its abjad calculation of this verse is 2016.

I seek refuge in God from satan: "...and when you have seen people entering Allah’s religion in droves, then glorify your Lord’s praise and ask His forgiveness. (Surat an-Nasr, 2-3) What is the abjad calculation of these verses? 2016.

It is the most vital date for the movement of the Mahdi.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (21 July 2016)



One cannot swear an oath to commit murder. One cannot swear an oath to steal. God's commandment in the Qur'an is clear; one cannot swear an oath to inflict cruelty. One cannot swear an oath to render what is lawful unlawful and what is unlawful lawful. Such oaths are void, in other words, they are invalid by default. What kind of oath is that? One says, "I will kill these people and you will keep it a secret." And the other swears an oath to do so. Such an oath is invalid. Above that, it is unlawful. Swearing such an oath is an unlawful deed. Unlawful oaths are invalid. Surat al-Baqara, verse 224, I seek refuge in God from satan; "Do not, by your oaths, make God a pretext to avoid good action...", look, what do they do? They use their oaths as an excuse, right? God's commandment in the verse is quite clear, "Do not, by your oaths, make God a pretext to avoid good action and having piety and putting things right between people. " Because saying, "I swear an oath" they use God as a pretext to avoid good deeds. God says, "Do not do so as it is unlawful". "...if you are to commit good deeds and having piety, do not make God a pretext to avoid doing so, saying 'I swore an oath", says God. Because God says, "I never command such a thing." In other words, God says, "Do not make Me a pretext by your oaths to avoid good deeds." Doing so is unlawful. "God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing." Look, "Do not make your oaths a means of deceiving one another." So, how can one swear an oath for a coup attempt? Isn't coup a means of deception? So? Look, God says, "Do not make your oaths a means of deceiving one another," in other words, do not use your oaths to cause mischief, "or your foot will slip after it was firmly placed" and it really does, "and you will taste evil for barring access to the Way of God."  (Surat an-Nahl, 94) You all witnessed and still do what happens to the coup plotters. Look, "...for barring access to the Way of God", how does one bar access to the Way of God? In the Way of God, it is unlawful to commit murder. So when you force people to commit murder, you bar their access to the way of God. At that case, God says, "then you will taste evil and you will have a terrible punishment." [Surat an-Nahl, 94] says God. Look, in other words, God says, "You will suffer terrible punishment not only in this world, but also in the Hereafter; I will damn you."

Surat an-Nahl, 92; "Do not be like a woman who spoils the thread she has spun by unraveling it after it is strong, by making your oaths a means of deceiving one another, merely because one community is bigger than another." For example, Turkey is a great and united country, "but you deceive and cause mischief to divide it" says God. The verse is quite meaningful. "Do not be like a woman who spoils the thread she has spun." In other words, "Do not make your oaths a means of deter people from the Way of God," says God. The verses are very clear. 



Bediuzzaman Said Nursi says that "The Turkish nation is a faithful one, and Turkish army is a courageous one." He continues, " It is understood from the narrations that “The heroic army will save it, taking the reins from his hand.” It is realized from the narrations that they will thwart the schemes of the council of the antichrist, Said Nursi says, "It is strange, exceedingly strange, he will temporarily try to use the Turkish nation and Turkism, which for seven hundred years has been a flashing diamond sword, a mark of honour, in the hand of Islam and the Qur’an, against some of the marks of Islam. But he will not be successful and will withdraw. It is understood from the narrations that “The heroic army will save it, taking the reins from his hand.” That is to say, the antichrist will try to seize the army.

Said Nursi continues: "They should know this and tremble; we are not to be intimidated by mere threats. For we have seen truth and reality in the Risale-i Nur, and learnt it and believed in it. The Turkish youth is not sleeping. This heroic Islamic Turkish nation will not bow down under the yoke of another country.”

This unshakably faithful and altruistic Muslim Turkish youth will never betray their country. “The religious, warlike Turkish nation, the believing, brave Turkish youth, fear nothing," says Said Nursi. Do you see the beauty of Said Nursi? He says, "It is strange, exceedingly strange... … the Turkish Nation and Turkish, which for seven hundred years has been a flashing diamond sword, a mark of honor in the hand of Islam and the Qur’an..." Do you see how he praises the Turkish nation? And some accuse him of being a Kurdish nationalist. Yet look at his statements.  "… he (this council) will temporarily try to use the Turkish nation and Turkism, which for seven hundred years has been a flashing diamond sword, a mark of honor in the hand of Islam and the Qur’an, against some marks of Islam But he will not be successful and will withdraw. It is understood from the narrations that the heroic army will save it, taking the reins from his hand.” So it is evident from the narrations that the courageous Turkish Army will break the chains of the dajjal. This means that the Turkish Army will be plagued by the movement of the dajjal but the Army will break free from its clutches, insha'Allah.

"I was notified that those who inflicted a blow on the Islamic commands and politics will be dealt a heavy blow in the space of 12, 13, 14 or 16 years.”  (Emirdağ Addendum, p.208) “I was notified that it will be 16 years," he says. Could it be that he is referring to 2016? Because, he says '12' which probably refers to September 12? And '16' might be referring to 2016. Of course, this should be further researched. "To the contrary of the previous issue, just as I construed the incidents that happened on a wide scale and the blows dealt to the great communities in the sense of the blows that will be inflicted to the individuals on a small scale, I was notified that exactly on the two scales, both small and wide, just as the greatest of the religious communities had left the world after 12 years, the other religious communities that are as formidable were and will continue to be dealt the same blows on the dates of 12, 13, 14 and 16 on a wider scale," says Said Nursi.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 July 2016)



Imam Sadiq (ra) narrated: "The Messenger of God (saas) decreed that; Hazrat Mahdi (as) will inform about the hidden internal affairs and secret activities of all tribes, all states." In other words, he will unmask the deep states. "And he discerns his friends from his foes with great foresight." In other words, he will sagaciously recognize and identify those who are his friends and those who are his foes. (al-Sirat al-Mustaqim, volume 2, page 254) This hadith is quite striking and meaningful. Look, "Hazrat Mahdi (as) will inform about the hidden internal affairs and secret activities of all tribes, all states. And he discerns his friends from his foes with great foresight." We realize from this hadith that the Mahdi movement will struggle against the deep states of the world.

"Hazrat Mahdi (as)," says our Prophet (saas), "will treat the poor in such a way that he will feed them with his own hands."

He says, "Hazrat Mahdi (as) always bears in his heart the fear of God and never boasts about his favorable position with God."

"Hazrat Mahdi (as) does not set his heart on this world and amass stone on stone." In other words, he does not accumulate property and wealth.

"And in his time, no one is done any harm." (El-Mehdiyy-il Mev'ud,Volume 1, Page 280)

"Hazrat Mahdi (as) carries around his flaming torch of guidance and lives like sincere believers." In other words, he illuminates everywhere he goes with his guidance to the true path.

"Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear through an unprecedented method."


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 July 2016)



God clearly indicates in the verse of the Qur’an that wine exists in Heaven. It is not the wine as we know; it is the wine of Heaven. There are also women and sexuality in heaven. Sexuality is a lawful beauty and a blessing. God created the bodies of men and women with a specific system, in a way that they can take pleasure. This is a fact. This is how people reproduce. God created sexuality as a means of reproduction, right? He granted sexuality and pleasure to humanity as a means of reproduction. I do not understand why they deny this. They are horrified by the fact that sexuality exists in Heaven as well. They already despise sexuality in this world but they further loathe the idea that it exists in the Hereafter. All the blessings are bestowed upon Muslims, both in this world and in the Hereafter.

The wine of Heaven has no resemblance to the wine as we know it; in other words it is not an alcoholic drink. It is a pleasant drink the taste of which is unknown and it makes a profound impact on the human soul. The wine on Earth is unlawful because it contains methyl alcohol. It is intoxicating, it has an awful smell, it leads to a foul breath when drunk and it's quite harmful for the body. Virtually a poison, methyl alcohol severely damages the brain and the liver. Thus, Almighty God rendered it unlawful.

Sexuality exists both on earth and in Heaven, and when practiced in a lawful manner, it is a blessing and a beauty. It is nothing to be afraid of. The whole of humanity comes into existence as a result of sexual intercourse. In other words, if it were a sinful deed, sexuality would not have been practiced by humanity since the beginning of the history of the world. In the Qur’an, God mentions it as lawful and a blessing. "He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you might find tranquility in them," says God in the verse of the Qur’an. So, it is a pleasant, soothing thing, right? “Your women are fertile fields for you, so come to your fertile fields however you like," says God in the verse.

Surah Sâd, 50-52: "Gardens of Eden, whose gates will be open to them, where they will recline;" God does not say they will lean, He says "…they will recline…" So their job is done when they come there, they simply  recline… "...calling for plentiful fruit and drink." In other words, they ask to be served wine and they are served.They ask for fruits and they are served fruits. They tell this to the houris and gillmans (female and male servants in Heaven) and they bring them what they want: In other words, they are similar to the waiters and waitresses here on earth. "…and there will be dark-eyed maidens with them with eyes reserved for them alone.”

“Gardens of Eden, whose gates will be open to them, where they will recline;" They recline on couches. "...calling for plentiful fruit and drink." They are served all kinds of fruits and the wine of heaven. "And there will be dark-eyed maidens with them with eyes reserved for them alone." There are lawful maidens that accompany the believers whose affection is only directed at no one but their husbands. This is a miraculous mystery of God. They only find their husbands attractive. They see others merely as beautiful people. God bestowed them with such  virtue.


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