First-time explanations by Adnan Oktar

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 February 2015)



Some people, primarily youngsters say; "There are flames and chains. That is certainly a product of human imagination."  Alright then, you are looking at the world, looking at the Middle East and see that there are chains everywhere, there are cages everywhere. This is being implemented everywhere. Men are being burnt in cages. There are air bombardments. There are millions living in wreckage, in ruins. And then you say; "No such thing will happen." Yet it does, as you see in this world. Who is the One to create this? God is. And He says "I will create this in the Hereafter as well." But of course not all parts of hell is like this. There will be various forms. Some portions are like unkempt, dirty neighborhoods, some are in flames. Some portions are cold.  There is silence in some parts and screams in others. The goal there is to create an environment that will discomfort unbelievers. 


If a person is a man of faith, by the Will of God, he should not be afraid. If one says " I exist." And asks "Who created me? " If one has the power to fear God, God would not burn those people of faith. People of hell are dead. God says "They have eyes they do not see with." Would not the eyes of an alive person see? God says "They have ears that do not hear with." I mean God says that they do have ears yet He says "they do not hear with them." Their hearts in their chests are blind as well. That means they do not have the power of inner thought  "They are like cattle," God says. Animals have no consciousness. God says " Such people are like cattle. No, they are even further astray! They are the unaware." He says "You think that they are alive but actually they are dead." What is it that you do not understand here? Almighty God very explicitly explains.  

God is Al-Ghafir (All Forgiving) and Ar-Rahim (Most Merciful). A Muslim, one who fears God would not go to hell. Those who fear God would act as religion demands anyway. There will be no second possibility for such a person. They are created as Muslims anyway. 

" When you see them, their outward form appeals to you, and if they speak you listen to what they say. But they are like propped-up planks of wood." (Surat Al-Munafiqun;4)  Look here, that is a very clear statement. Almighty God says "they are like propped up planks of wood."

Surat Al-Araf, 179 Almighty God says; "Surely, We created many of the jinn and mankind for Hell. They have hearts they do not understand with. They have eyes they do not see with. They have ears they do not hear with. Such people are like cattle. No, they are even further astray! They are the unaware." Look what does, "We created them for Hell" means? They are ready for hell even before they are born. They were ready for hell even before this world was created; this is what that means. Look, these creatures have been created even before this world was created. And for what? They are created for hell. Among whom are they? Among jinn and mankind.

For instance God says tells Muslims "Wherever you are, God will bring you all together." If they are Muslims, they are brought all together. For instance if one is in a certain district of Russia let us say, God takes him and brings him together with Muslims. That is how his destiny is.

Surat An-Nahl "They are dead, not alive, and they are not aware of when they will be raised." Look, they will never be alive anyway. That is what is meant by "they are not aware of when they will be raised."  They are never alive, they are dead in Hell as well. They will be dead for all eternity. They talk nonsense before they are dead. When God asks them something, they talk nonsense. That is why God does not let them speak. That is why God tells them; "Slink away into it and do not speak to Me." That is to prevent discomfort for Muslims. That is because they constantly speak. They are babblers. They do not believe in Hereafter. God says " And they would keep secret their self-reproach when they considered the punishment." They steal a glance and still act arrogantly there. 

They ask " Who has raised us from our resting-place?" They are surprised. That is normal for them to ask this. That is because they actually are raised       from their resting place. They do not understand where they are. Are they dead? Are they not? And they understand only later. Afterwards they say "Alas for us! Who has raised us from our resting-place? This is what the All-Merciful promised us. " They say; 'This is what we have been promised, we have died. This is Hereafter, this is the day of religion, we have only now understood this.' 

They say "If only I had not been given my Book and had not known about my Reckoning! If only death had really been the end!" They do not want to live. They constantly repeat this. But they do so because they are dead. 

The secret in this is not that complicated. People should abide by the Qur'an, they should love God and fear Him and nothing bad would come to them. 


God says " Some faces on that Day will be downcast" and " Some faces on that Day will be radiant."

Those faces are brilliant, radiant and joyous. The unbelievers on the other hand are downcast. Their faces are downcast here as well. Majority of them are. For instance the appearance of the militants of the PKK, their faces are all downcast and they are all filthy. Our Kurdish brothers feel hatred for them when they look at their faces, they have such a filthy appearance. As a matter of fact they could appear to be decent as a tactic. But they cannot get rid of that downcast image, they cannot do it even as a tactic. They all have filthy looking people like rustlers. Our soldiers on the other hand are all radiant. They have such brilliant faces. They are like lambs. They are poles apart. There is a dimensional difference between them. Our soldiers are radiant and the downcast dark appearance on the faces of the PKK militants. They have the appearance of the people of hell, they have the appearance of satan. 

(Surah Yunus; 27) "  It is as if their faces were covered by dark patches of the night. Those are the Companions of the Fire, remaining in it timelessly, for ever."

It is a miracle that all filthy people have such darkened faces. That downcast and filth is immediately recognized on their faces.  Muslims have a lamb like cleanliness on their faces. They are immaculately clean. For instance lambs are animals as well and that is why God says, "they are even further astray." Lambs are innocent and very well behaved. 


We constantly die and are returned to life. That is the same, the man is raised and say "Why was I here?" Actually this is how the system here works anyway. I mean this is how we wake up from our dreams. But Muslims are very comfortable. They are comfortable everywhere. Because they put all their trust in God, because they submit to God, they are very comfortable when they are raised in the Hereafter. For instance, Muslims watch the Last Day in peace. What does watching hell in peace mean? That is a miracle. The unbelievers grow pale, their hair grow white out of wear, they become drunk, they fail to talk. God says "you think that they are drunk but they are not. They cannot even talk." All because of the severity of fear. But Muslims invoke God loudly, they thank and praise God in peace and joy as they watch the Last Day breaking lose. There is an immense difference between their attitudes.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 22 February, 2015)


Some people assume that it is difficult for God to create the Hereafter. Actually images constantly flow in front of their eyes on a screen.

I mean like rolls of film. Images flow uninterruptedly like a videotape. Will that flowing image continue or not? That is what their claim is. They say, "This image will stop after a while." There is no reason for that image to stop. Look, the Power Who gives this image to you for an hour, Who is able to give this image to you for two days, for three days, Who is able to give this to you for thousands of years, for millions of years. Right? Is the image not flowing? It is constantly flowing. Yet they say, "It is not possible." Well, you see these images for sixty years. Don't do this. It would have been enough even if you were to see those images only for six minutes. It would have been enough even if you were to see them for six seconds. The images constantly flow. Look, it happens right now as well.  We do not know what we will be talking about in a few minutes? But it is defined in that videotape, when the time comes on that tape, what we will be talking about will appear. What gestures we will be making, what we will be doing, how we will be speaking; all of those are defined. God created them with an amazingly brilliant system. God says, "Do not rush! Be resigned! Put your trust in Me. You will die very comfortably. But if you rush, if you do not put your trust in Me, you will be hurt." 

(Surat An-Nur, 39) "But the actions of those who are unbelievers are like a mirage in the desert. A thirsty man thinks it is water but when he reaches it, he finds it to be nothing at all, but he finds God there. He will pay him his account in full. God is swift at reckoning."

Here, there is a reference to the flow of images. Now look at the structure before your eyes, there is a flat land; an ellipse. A constantly flowing image. It flows constantly. When we look out, we see the image. What is an image? It is a mirage. What is a mirage? It is an image. Who is the True Being? God is. Who do these manifestations belong to? To God. 


(Surat Al-Qasas; 60) "Anything you have been given is only the enjoyment of the life of this world and its finery. What is with God is better and longer lasting. So will you not use your intellect?"

If one thinks on it sincerely, he would instantly understand this. One only needs to think sincerely and nothing else. For instance one says, "I am thinking about God deeply." If you think evil; the deeper you think, the deeper your ruination. Thinking deeply is not in that sense; thinking deeply means thinking sincerely. It is thinking with all honesty, with all sincerity, with all good faith. It is thinking on God's side, thinking with a love for God, avoiding thinking against God. One might be thinking against God yet still say, "I am thinking deeply." You would end up in trouble if you do that. A Muslim should constantly be thinking on God's side and look around in good faith. 


There is a part during the circumambulation of the Kaaba in which pilgrims used to run. Our Prophet (saas) specifically told his companions to run at this certain place for them to appear strong and fit. As you know during hajj, pilgrims wear ihram and their arms are out in the open. That was for their biceps to be seen. For others to see how thick and strong their arms are. 


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 February 2015)


Explanations of various verses by Mr. Adnan Oktar 


(Sural Al-Furqan, 40), "They themselves have come across the city which was rained on by an evil rain." Kobane, for instance: The city was rained on by that evil rain. PKK militants are there as well. "Did they not then see it?" says God. "But they do not expect to rise again." So they do not believe in the Hereafter. They do not believe in God, they are Godless, they are Bookless. See that Almighty God emphasizes the characteristics and the morality of the PKK.  

(Surat Al-Furqan, 43) "Have you seen him who has taken his whims and desires to be his god?" says God. See that; God again asks if we have seen them. That means we will be able to see them on television, in the media, here and there. That verse refers to all ages. I am talking about the way it refers to our age. "Will you then be his guardian?" So God says 'You are not going to make them listen to reason'. They will continue as they are. This is their destiny, God says.  

(Surat Al-Furqan, 44)"Do you suppose that most of them hear or understand?" They are all bone-headed, they would not listen to reason: That is because their minds are inflexible due to their arrogance. I am not saying this for all of them but most of them are like this. That is why they do not have hear. They do not use their minds. It doesn't matter what you talk about, they are fixated on what they have in their minds, they have fixed beliefs. They also have such stern expressions on their face. Facial expressions are humane traits, yet they have monotonous voices, monotonous glances; I mean, they are all ossified in everything they have. You know those types called bulk-headed. They are exactly like that; bulk-headed. Whatever you tell them, whatever you say, they do not leave being bulk-headed. They are just like cattle. Indeed they are even more astray!" That is because when you call out to an animal, they respond. You talk to a dog and it responds. But they do not have such traits, God says. They are even more astray. They are more bulk-headed than cattle.  

(Surat Al-Furqan, 48), “It is He Who sends out the winds, bringing advance news of His mercy." Before the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh) the portents of his appearance are realized. Before you step into a rose garden, you smell the scent of the roses. You approach the rose tree and find that one you smell. For instance, before the rain, the wind comes and you understand that rain will start soon, you say 'It is about to rain.' Just like that, before the appearance of the Mahdi, the portents of his coming appear. This is how the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) explains his coming; he says before I come, there will be some portents. You will understand my coming from those portents. "And We send down from heaven pure water…" This also refers to the Prophet Jesus Messiah.  There is clear reference to pure water coming down, but it symbolically refers to the Jesus Messiah (pbuh) as well. 

(Surat Al-Furqan, 49) “ that by it We can bring a dead land to life.. " That is because bringing the dead to life was a miracle of the Prophet Jesus Messiah. And now Mahdi and Jesus will bring wipe away faithlessness in the dead world. Of course the apparent meaning referring to rain, bringing life to the flowers, plants and their beautifying by that, that also refers to the world being brought back to life.

(Surat al-Furqan,51) "If We had wished We could have sent a warner to every town," says God. But We do not do this says God. We are sending a general warner.  

(Surat Al-Qamer, 9) "Before them the people of Noah denied the truth. They denied Our servant saying "he is a mad man," and he was driven away with jeers."

This is what they have been saying about Noah (pbuh). How do they mean “ away with jeers”? With television channels, radio, by speaking on them, by using the police, by suing, or else they file complaints here and there. Or else they try to do things by means of mafia-like methods. And they call him a "mad man!". God says "...they denied Our servant, saying he is a madman." That is a method employed by them. They will do the exact same for the Mahdi. Just like they did it for Bediuzzaman. 


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 9 February 2015)


Explanations of various verses by Mr. Adnan Oktar 

God is Great in the spiritual sense. God does not need greatness in volume. That is because He is beyond time and space.

People comprehend the Greatness of God to a certain degree. For instance they look away to outer space. They try to visualize the greatness of outer space in their minds. They only think about the vastness of our galaxy. And very mistakenly they imagine the Greatness of God in the sense of volume when they say "God is Great." God is Great in the spiritual sense. God is beyond that. Especially in children, the Greatness of God is mistakenly perceived.  They only perceive Greatness in the sense of volume, in the sense of the vastness of the universe. God is Great in the spiritual sense. God does not need greatness in the sense of volume. That is because He is beyond time and space. Time and space exists for us, however. We say He is the Greatest, very, very Great. And we also call this universe great, we call its vastness great as well. However when compared to a greater entity, the whole universe will be a grain of rice when compared. That is why there is no such thing to call very big or very small. Time and space does not exist in the Sight of God. They only exist for us. 

(Surah Hud, 9) "If We let man taste mercy from Us," Meaning if we let them taste blessings and beauties, "... and then take it away from him,.." meaning if one is left in poverty or loses his jacket or has his car stolen or has an accident, or if his hand is burnt, etc., "... he is despairing, ungrateful."

They rebel against God. What is meant here by being despairing and ungrateful is that they rebel against God and they throw themselves around. God is the One Who previously gave those to you, right? Where does He take them away? In your brain. Where do you throw yourself all over? In your brain. God takes away your car in your brain; He takes away the image of it. He takes away the house inside your brain, he takes away the image from your brain. You will never ever see the house outside. You won't be able to see forever.  You will never be able to see the car outside. You can only see their image in your brain. You throw yourself all over just because the image of them in your brain are taken away. God gives the image in your brain again; this time they jump up and down and rejoice. But God emphasizes the ugliness of this ingratitude. God says "men are cruel and ignorant." Actually God is the One Who gives everything. When God takes away something, one needs to think that there is goodness in that and look at things through the eyes of wisdom. 

"... but if We let him taste blessings after hardship has afflicted him, he says." If we give his heart relief, if we give him goodness or wealth after a hardship which could be illness, a scourge, troubles, fear or uneasiness.  For instance, money could come to him from a place he least expected. "My troubles have gone away,' and he is overjoyed, boastful..."    Meaning the things he did with his own hands; "I have bought a great car!" God gave it to you in your brain.  He says, "I bought it myself. Do you see my hands? I have earned this with my own efforts, with my bare hands." You didn't do it with your own hands. God has created it for you in your brain. Leave aside naïvety, use your mind a little. How could you claim that you have done it with your own hands? You say, "It came from the factory." Cars do not come from the factory. God creates them. How could a factory do something in your brain? What business does a factory have in your brain? Are you not interested in the car in your brain? There is nothing a factory can do there. God is the One Who creates that factory inside your brain. 

(Surah Yunus, 107), "If God afflicts you with harm, no one can remove it except Him. If He desires good for you, no one can avert His favour. He bestows it on whichever of His servants He wills. He is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

For instance that could be an illness or a headache, a toothache, his back could ache or his neck might ache or he might get cancer, he might get an ulcer. All those could be brought upon him by God. Cancer cells do not activate without God saying "Be!"  Or else everyday cancer cells would start off in our body. God kills them every single day. Almighty God does not let them proliferate. The cells ask for permission, God does not allow them and He kills them. They ask for permission but God doesn't give them permission so they are killed. That happens every single day. But one day cancer cells ask permission and God lets them, God gives them permission to proliferate. Two, four, eight, sixteen, they reproduce. He creates the cure for it with medicine or takes him away because of that cancer.  "No one can remove it except Him." God is the one to remove a trouble. "If He desires good for you, no one can avert His favor.  So God says that you cannot stop this with someone preventing it, another one obstructing it, one being jealous or envious. “He bestows it upon whichever of His servants He wills." When something comes upon one from the Sight of God, it might be wealth, it might be beauty, it might be health. It might be a scourge or an illness as well. All those come from God. I mean it doesn't happen randomly. For instance, you look and see that your neck is aching, that passes and then your arm starts aching. One might say "it never ends." But he is not even aware that everything happens for a purpose. Because he is in this world for a trial – as a miracle - you are given continuous illnesses. One day he says, "I sprained my ankle! It doesn't end!" It wouldn't. It wouldn't end because you are being tested. But when God gives something to His servants, He gives only so as much they can bear. That is another miracle. For instance, one might be a cancer patient and suffer the pain as much as he can bear. No one suffers more than one can bear. You might think that he is suffering but he might be already dead. He might be talking but he might still be dead. 

(Surah Yunus, 109), " Follow what has been revealed to you and be steadfast until Allah´s judgement comes. He is the Best of Judges."  When one doesn't know destiny you would grovel and suffer. But if you know destiny God gives you abundance and blessings. That endurance becomes a religious observation. That is because submitting to God is like performing prayers every single moment. For instance, you know that every single second comes from God, sometimes your tooth aches and you say "This comes from God," it becomes a religious observance.  You are bestowed with a blessing, for instance food comes and you say "This came to me from God," and it would be a religious observation. For instance when someone takes something, eats something, tastes something, it would be like a religious service. But for instance, they go to a restaurant and say "My friend bought me dinner."  He is not even aware of the fact that God gave them to him. He eats that meal with all his might. He doesn't acquire merit from that. And because he doesn't thank God for that, the abundance, the blessings bestowed upon him would be taken away. Because he doesn't know, such people of disbelief and ignorance cry everyday and grovel everyday. "We cannot earn, we are groveling, we are burnt, we are done, we are scorched," that is all you hear from them.  His wife quarrels, he quarrels, he shouts out, huffs and puffs.  Actually God creates every second of that life. God is always with them, constantly sees, watches and hears and He creates every moment of it. As Almighty God says to the Prophet Moses (pbuh); - I seek refuge with God from the satan - 

 “I am watching you. I see you and I hear you." " ´Go to Pharaoh — he has overstepped the limits." " But speak to him with gentle words so that hopefully he will pay heed or show some fear." That means change your attitude. Actually it is evident, Almighty God knows that it would not work. But He tests His Messenger with that command. He says, "Go". Or else He knows what Pharoah will do, how he will respond. That is because the Torah existed   even before the world was created. Pharoah, what happened afterwards, the discussions that will take place there have all existed even before the world was created. All those things happened, have happened thousands, millions of years ago.

When God is forgotten somehow, pain and sufferings will not leave people alone

Knowing the artistry of God, recognizing the Greatness of God will bring about abundance and takes away troubles and bring about relief.  An illness, a discomfort might also come upon one but as he trusts and submits to God, he would find  relief, peace and abundance in that as well. Whenever God is forgotten, pain and sufferings will not leave people alone. 

If you pay attention, you will see that God emphasizes main topics in the Qur'an. "Trust and submit Me, I am aware of everything." People want technical or scientific topics to be explained. God is the One Who created them all. And the topics that you call technical are constantly changing anyway. Previously there was classic physics and later on quantum physics came up. Then they say, "Pardon us, what we knew as true was false all along."

(Surah Luqman, 22) "Those who submit themselves completely to God and do good have grasped the Firmest Handhold. The end result of all affairs is with God," says God.

How nice that is. "Firmest Handhold." The unbreakable hold of God. The right path of God. Completely complying with the Qur'an. The Qur'an is not complex: There are repetitions in many places. There are many repetitions in the Qur'an, for it to be easily understandable. That is because one might open the cover of the Qur'an and read only two or three pages but even then it would be like he had read the entirety of the Qur'an. In that sense there is great good in the constant repetition of main topics. In that way, no important matter is missed out. The Qur'an talks about either putting trust in God or complete submission to God, time and time again. Bediuzzaman calls that "erudite repetition." Some people consider that as a cause for their irreligiousness and say "There are merely repetitions." In fact, those repetitions are created specifically for you to understand the Qur'an and to have easy access to the Qur'an. For instance one might not be able to do something even though it is explained to him thirty times a day. He might not be able to have full grasp of the situation. But when something is repeated to you time and time again you have a better understanding. That is the benefit in repetitions. 

(Surat An-Naml, 50), “They hatched a plot and We hatched a plot while they were not aware. Says God. For instance people might hatch plots everywhere and others would be terrified about them, saying, "What are we to do with them?" For instance people might hatch plots against the government, they might hatch plots against any institution of the state or against an individual: In reality all those plots hatched are created as disrupted. They are worried in vain. Plots would never be succesful. I mean in their creation, in their very innate structure, those plots are all created as disrupted. They are created as a block. They imagine that their plots are created as one piece when in truth they are created in two pieces. One, the plot itself and the second is the plot as disrupted. It is created as a block, as a whole. Plots are never created as standalone systems. For instance there is the Pharaoh, there is Moses (pbuh), there is Nimrod and there is Abraham (pbuh). There is the antichrist and there is Mahdi (pbuh). The antichrist is the plot hatched and Mahdi is the one who disrupts that plot. That is why there is no need to be worried. 

(Surat An-Naml, 51), “So look at the end result of all their plotting; We utterly destroyed them and their whole people!" says God. Those who act treacherously should think hard. They should be well aware that they will certainly get their just deserts. For instance the PKK will certainly get their just desserts. That is because they are a movement of the antichrist. The movement of the antichrist is certainly mortal.  It is certainly a system that is bound to be destroyed. There are hundreds of verses in the Qur'an. No cruel system, no system of the antichrist can ever remain standing. They have about 40 years' lifespan as depicted in the Qur'an. God would certainly shut them down and crush them. I mean they have about 40 years when in person. But if it is a form of a movement that would of course last longer, that can last longer. 

(Surat At-Taubah , 51) "Say: Nothing can happen to us except what God has ordained for us. He is Our Master. It is in God that the Muslims should put their trust."

Masha'Allah. Those who have fully grasped the secret of putting trust in God, those who hold on to it are the ones who have are given the greatest blessing of the world.  They are given the greatest relief. Bediuzzaman says, "The man is going on a ship, holding on to heavy load. He goes aboard the ship but still holds on to those loads. Actually if he had laid down his loads the ship would carry them anyway." This is how  Bediuzzaman explains putting trust in God. He says "Lay down your loads and put your trust in God. Destiny is like that ship and it takes you away and carries you along." They are groveling because they are unable to put their trust in God. 

(Surat Al-Mujadilah, 19), “Satan has gained mastery over them and made them forget the remembrance of God." Muslims should avoid doing this at all costs. Muslims should constantly keep their hearts with God.  

(Surat Al-Hashr, 19), “Do not be like those who forgot God so He made them forget themselves. Such people are the deviators."

They even forget themselves. Look at the ignominy. Just like they forget God, they forget about themselves as well. They are not even aware of themselves. They live as in a dream. They live a crazy life and then God pours down troubles upon them. None of them can ever be happy. No one who keeps away from God would ever taste happiness.  One who doesn't put his trust in God would never be able to find abundance and relief. 

God is our friend, God is eternal, infinite beauty, God is endless love, endless intelligence. God is the Owner of endless blessings. God is the One Who creates seats, God is the One Who creates you, God is the One Who makes me speak. For instance when you open the Qur'an, the page you turn to was   known even before the world is created.  The verses we read are all defined previously. Every single word we utter is defined in our destiny, masha'Allah.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (8 February 2015)



Surat Al-An'Am; 82 Those who have faith and do not mix up their faith with any wrongdoing, they are the ones who are safe; it is they who are guided.

One might wonder how people are guided. For instance, one performs his prayers but goes on with wrongdoings, he mercilessly goes on with his immoral behavior. He does it once more and then once more. He has a tendency towards the unbelievers. He doesn't comply with the words "it is they who are guided." This is not what happens when one is guided. A Muslim does not act psychopathically time and time again. He doesn't do abnormal things. He has faith and he doesn't mix up their faith with any wrongdoing, he doesn't attempt persecution, he doesn't act on cruelty.

The Qur'an defines these acts as cruelty; all kinds of attitudes that would disturb Muslims, that would upset them, that would tire them or that would intimidate them or spy on Muslims. Cruelty means devising plots against Muslims, setting traps against Muslims.  Performing prayers would not save such a person; he should avoid all kinds of cruelty. 

God says;they are the ones for whom there is true security."  Security is what people need the most. When people go to Heaven, before all else they think about how secured they are rather than how they will have fun. There will be no more unwanted incidents. They will all be secure. This is why God draws attention to security in the verse.  

Look, Almighty God says: Surat Al- An'am, 83 "This is the argument We gave to Abraham against his people." Almighty God gives an argument against his people. They will understand from this argument. Does the Prophet Abraham have any wrongdoings? No he doesn't. He is a compassionate, merciful, gentle person. So he doesn't have any wrongdoings against Muslims. On the contrary, there is beauty, kindness in every move he makes, in every step he takes. That is how people who are guided are. 

"We raise in rank anyone We will." A Muslim should never say, "I have performed my prayers, so I will be able to go to Heaven and that would be enough for me." A Muslim should want his rank to be high in Heaven. There are different ranks, Muslims are in a competition with each other. They should want to reach higher and higher. And there is no end to it; how nice this is.  A Muslim should enhance his love infinitely, his compassion, his beneficence infinitely. He should be trustworthy. He should not spy on Muslims. He should not play games and stab them in the back; he should not persecute them.  These are all very easy to do. You tell the man, "Do not persecute others" and he says, "How am I to do that?" That is very easy. God tells you not to act like spies. I mean, it is all done if you do not act immorally. Immorality is difficult, one should strive to do that and crush his good conscience. That is not something that could easily be done. He should act normally and behave like a man, like a normal person. 

Your Lord is All-Wise, All-Knowing." Putting one's trust in God is very important here. For instance, sometimes God gives a rank to some people, gives them power, gives them means. You would not be a person of guidance if you say, "Why did God give him such a rank? Why did He give that person that easiness?"  A person who - may God forbid - questions God would not be a person of guidance. One should say, "There is a goodness, a benevolence behind this. God knows but I don't."

Surat Al-An'am 84: "That is how We recompense the good-doers." God rewards a Muslim quietly. One might say, "I am in misery." God would reward you, if you are patient. If you are not patient, if you constantly complain, how can you expect anything good? Complaining would mean rebellion against God - may God forbid.  If a person is patient, if he constantly thanks God, God would open the doors for him where and when he least expects it. But because they constantly complain, blessings do not come upon them. 

God says "If you are grateful, I will certainly give you increase." They do not believe in this. They say, "No, that is not what is going to happen." And as long as you keep saying it won't happen, you will continue to grovel.  

Blessings will increase if one is grateful. What does being grateful mean? It means abiding by the Qur'an, submitting to God and being pleased with what God gives. The man is not pleased with God and is constantly complaining. He believes – may God forbid - that God has treated him unjustly. How could there be blessings, if this is the case? Of course, such a person is not given blessings. 

Surat Al- An'am, 87: "And some of their forebears, descendants and brothers; We chose them and guided them to a straight path."  Who is from the line of the Prophet Israel (pbuh)? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is.  Look, Almighty God says "there are names that I didn't give you. We chose them and guided them to a straight path as well." Being guided to a straight path is something completely different. Being chosen is something completely different. Almighty God refers to some people other than these mentioned. And Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is among those people. 



New Statements By Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 February, 2015)



Our Prophet (saas) says "A man will rule over Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) who's name will be the name of an animal." As you know, King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz is currently ruling Saudi Arabia. He is the King of Saudi Arabia. The word "Fahd" means leopard in Arabic.

"When you see him from a distance you will reckon he has a squint in his eye but when you approach him you won't see anything (of being squint-eyed) in his eyes." In his pictures his eyes actually look like he has a squint in his eyes but when you look at him closely you see that he is not squint eyed. This is a 1,400- year old hadith.

"Give me the good news of his death and I will give you the good news of the appearance of the Hujjat (the Mahdi)," says our Prophet (saas). That means after his time, Mahdi (pbuh) will appear and it will be the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). I mean the hadith says "know that Mahdi will appear when the news about the death of this person reaches you.” The coming of this person- the person named Fahd- is a portent of the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh). 


Muslims are in love with each other, and they do not put a limit to their love because they love with the love of God. Would a man be surprised with the love of God? So there is nothing to be surprised about the love felt for people either. That love constantly increases. A Muslim cannot say, "I love God this much" as he would love endlessly. That excitement is lived because love is endless anyway. Finite things are hard on people. Why does God promise an endless life in Heaven? Being limited pains people, that is why. Only infinite love is beautiful. A Muslim has a beginning, but he doesn't have an end. Almighty God doesn't have a beginning and He doesn't have an end. I seek refuge with God from satan. God says "We gave him judgment while still a child and tenderness and purity from Us," about the Prophet Moses (pbuh) There is no limit in love. Since there is nothing to be surprised about love for God, there is nothing to be surprised about the love felt for the manifestation of God in man.  



New Statements By Mr. Adnan Oktar ( 31 January 2015)



 "Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel ( it means God is with us)." Book of Isaiah 7:14 And that is the Mahdi (pbuh)

Look how Damascus is explained now;  

"This is what the Lord says: “ For three sins of Damascus,  even for four, I will not relent." This is said about the End Times. In the End Times, in the times of the Mahdi, in the times of Moshiach… "For three sins of Damascus, even for four... Because she threshed Gilead with sledges having iron teeth… I will break down the gate of Damascus." What does breaking down the gate mean? That means breaking down the power that holds that place, that protects that place, the military force that guards that place like a gate. God says,"I will break down the gate of Damascus." 

"The people of Aram (the people of Damascus) will go into exile to Kir,”says the Lord." They will be exiled. As they have been in exile right now. They all came here. Look the Torah talks about the place that they will go as well. "...they will go into exile."

The Torah even gives the names of the cities.

"Is not Hamath like Arpad, and Samaria like Damascus?" Samaria, Hamath and Damascus. The Torah says they all will be devastated and that happened exactly as told. Name by name, city by city are stated in the Torah. The CIA sees this from the Torah. They combine it with the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). The deep secret state of the world sees the   destiny of the world from this perspective and acts accordingly. 


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (19 January, 2015)



For instance, what we are going to talk about today, what we are going to listen to, has all been determined in destiny. They all neatly protected inside "the chest of destiny."  So much so that people say, "What is this Book which does not pass over any action, small or great, without recording it?" All they did, even when they were seven years old are all determined down to the slightest utterance, down to their eyewink. People are amazed to see these details. They say, "Alright, this is my fault, this is my sin, this is my fault but how can all these details be listed? How could my eyes my ears record all these to the finest details?" They have their individual souls, their individual memories and their individual minds. Eyes have individual minds, noses; noses have individual minds, their individual memories. They start talking. Their minds, their memories, are more powerful than people. For instance, the memory of the hand is more powerful than that of people. The hand starts telling about the things done sixty years ago. People say, "How could they remember all these details?" And they start hating themselves. Actually were they not in love with themselves before? Did they not do all these ignominies just for themselves for their lower-selves? Their bodies become a trouble for them. 

"They will ask their skins, ´Why did you testify against us?" So they are irritated. "… and they will reply, ´God gave us speech as He has given speech to everything. He created you in the first place and you will be returned to Him. You did not think to shield yourselves from your hearing, sight…" ears and eyes… "…and skin testifying against you and you thought that God would never know much of what you did." (Surah Fussilat; 21-22)

It is really amazing that the memory of the eyes is more powerful than the memory of people. For instance, the memory of ears is incomparably more powerful than that of humans. The memory of the skin is much more powerful. People will be amazed to see this in the Hereafter. 


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 January, 2015)



Almighty God says, I seek refuge with God from the satan, "Arm yourselves against them with all the firepower and cavalry you can muster, to terrify the enemies of God and your enemies, and others besides them whom you do not know. God knows them." (Surat Al Anfal:60) That means the goal is to have a deterrent. That is to use the deterrent force of weapons. If you appear before them with outdated G3's, of course they would not be terrified by you. If you appear before them with rusty weapons, they would not be afraid of you.  

So if you come upon such people in war, make a harsh example of them to deter those coming after them so that hopefully they will pay heed." (Surat Al Anfal: 57)

"Let them find you implacable." (Surat At-Tawba; 123) If they see such a power in you, they would back down. The reason why the PKK is acting so spoiled is because there are no soldiers, no policemen around and the weapons they have are all junk. And then these people are acting like bullies in Mardin with only one hundred and fifty people. The number of these jackals is a maximum of 150. They have dissolved everywhere else; ISIL is ripping them apart every single day anyway. They are ripping them apart wherever they find them. They are all chopped up when they go beyond our borders. They have sought refuge in certain places, now they are going to take them out of those places as well and strangle them wherever they are. Actually they have no power left to do anything. 

Dhul'Qarnayn, the Mahdi of his time said : "Just give me a strong helping hand and I will build a solid barrier between you and them. Bring me ingots of iron!´ ( Surat Al-Qahf, 95-96)  This is the most important raw material of the weapons industry. And with those, weapons made up of iron, we will deter them. 

"Make full-length coats of mail, measuring the links with care. And act rightly, all of you, for I see what you do." (Surah Saba: 11)  Full length coats of mail, meaning armored vehicles: Look, this is the command of the Qur'an.  

God says,  "Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth." (Surat At-Tawba; 41) For instance, we should have five thousand meter range, ten thousand meter range rockets, hundreds of thousands of rockets. For instance, if the PKK becomes aware of this, the matter would be closed. For instance, if you have a hundred thousand rockets with a five thousand meter range, that means you can turn those places into a living hell. How could they still act like a bully towards you? They would know that you are able to turn their places into a living hell.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 December 2014)



The archangel Michael is the one who causes the economic collapse in the U.S.; God gave orders to Michael and collapsed the economy. How does he do that? Michael inspires people. He inspires their minds and make them do what he wants. God makes Michael instrumental in this and God causes the collapse of the American economy. The reason for that collapse is to pave the special foundation for the appearance of Moshiach Mahdi (pbuh). Does God leave Russia behind? He makes Russia collapse as well. He ordered Michael and will cause the collapse of Russia as well. This again is to pave the way for the Mahdi (pbuh). The world is now being designed for the system of the Mahdi, economies are collapsing,  God creates intense wars all around the world.  But God protects Turkey by means of His command to the archangel Michael. Almighty God says, “Mahdi is there, do not touch those lands.” The country should not be shaken. That is the whole issue.

They are holding lots of meetings, the EU gathers and holds meetings, hundreds of experts gather around and put forth a lot of new ideas but they cannot put an end to this collapse. The wisdom of God, the implementation of Michael renders them helpless.  Thousands of scientists gather around and cannot put an end to this collapse: The command is from God. A committee gave the decision for the collapse of the Russian economy. Almighty God uses a committee, a committee headed by Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) and the Archangel Michael is commissioned with this task as well.  


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