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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 August, 2013)



Great effort should be shown. Love is not that easy. People are more open to hatred; they are very open to anger and rage. Love requires patience, and will -power, love requires intelligence and determination. That is because love can be destroyed in a moment. You have to give it constant support; you need to stand by that constantly. I mean if satan gets in the way, if the lower-self gets in the way, it can be overturned all of a sudden. If one does not use will- power, love would fade. 

Some people can have a tendency to show hatred for the slightest excuse. People very rarely talk about love. They have forgotten it almost completely. That is why an intense effort should be shown to revive love. Love is what the world actually needs. Love is the sustenance of the world. Hatred  disrupts  the world; it would turn the world into a living hell. Love would turn the world into Heaven. WHAT THE SYSTEM OF THE MAHDI WILL BE DOING IS: CONSTANTLY MAKING AN AGENDA OF LOVE AND REVIVING IT. WITH PERSISTENT EXPLANATIONS, LOVE WILL TAKE ROOT AND ENFOLD THE WHOLE WORLD AFTER A WHILE. AFTER LOVE GETS STRONGER, HATRED WOULD DIE OUT. FOR INSTANCE, AFTER GOING BEYOND A FIFTY PERCENT LIMIT, LOVE WOULD CRUSH HATRED ON ITS OWN ACCORD. IT WOULD SWALLOW HATRED; HATRED WOULD NOT SUFFICE AFTER THAT SO GOING BEYOND THAT LIMIT IS VERY IMPORTANT. ONE NEEDS TO BE VERY PATIENT, STRONG-WILLED AND DETERMINED. AFTER GOING BEYOND THAT LIMIT, THE PROPONENTS OF HATRED WOULD NOT HAVE THE POWER TO CRUSH LOVE, INSHA'ALLAH.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (23 August 2013)



Our Prophet (saas) says; "The world will be conquered for you," about the times of the Mahdi (pbuh). "If you are positioned in a range," For instance, if you are standing in Istanbul, if you are positioned here; ".. look at the city named Damascus," he says in the times of Mahdi (pbuh). "Because that is the place Muslims gather in wars." That is the place where there are wars, where a big war will be fought. Did what our Prophet foretold happen as he said it would? It did.  All the things he foretold have happened in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). "And the headquarters of it will be the place named Ghutah.” This is the place where Muslims are attacked with sarin gas; Ghutah. Our Prophet (saas) says that the war will intensify there, in Ghutah. As you know, more than a thousand people including children were martyred there.

"On the day of the Big War," so our Prophet (saas) considers the time that we are in a big war, as the time Muslims are at each other's throats. ".. the center of Muslims is in Damascus city, in the place called Ghutah." He says; "...this is the place where the war is intensified. On that day, it is the most auspicious range that Muslims are in." Why is that? Because there will be many martyrs there. Ghutah will be the place where many will be martyred.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (20 August 2013)



God does not give way to insane regimes, He doesn't let them prosper. God likes gentleness, He likes and approves of sensibility. If the regime is insane, God puts them through it. God does not allow insane regimes in any place. Gentleness and humility. A reasonable person is good. A reasonable regime, a reasonably talking person is good. One who makes crazy talk, who does crazy acts, who has crazy goals would disrupt the whole world, right? For instance, even when you are talking about cats, people likes meek natured cats, crazy cats make people uncomfortable. Meek plants, meek people, meek animals are favored. 

Calmness is good. Heaven is very calm and very peaceful. There is no noisy clamor in the Heaven, there is no commotion, no bluster. Heaven is a very peaceful place. That is also how the world should be. Leaders should also be peaceful and calm. 



Rays, Page 839, 14th Ray 

"Mr. Warden," he says to the warden. "I thank you for putting on the flag of the independence feast in my ward." They have put on a Turkish flag and Beduizzaman thanks for it as he likes it. "Ankara must have realized that with the printing and distribution of my work Hutuvat-ı Sitte (Rejection of the Six Lies) in Istanbul against the English and the Greek, I have given maybe as much service as a legion of soldiers in the National Movement.." Bediuzzaman wrote against the occupation of the English and the Greeks  in that time. And he says that it was very influential. ".. that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,  called me twice with a code to Ankara for rewarding." He called Bediuzzaman.

These are the two Masters of Secret Knowledge. First is Bediuzzaman and the second one is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Look, "with a code" he is calling Bediuzzaman in secret. "As a matter of fact he (Mustafa Kemal Ataturk) said (for His Highness Bediuzzaman Said Nursi), “This heroic Hodja is necessary for us. That means I have the right to put on this flag in this feast," says Bediuzzaman.  Bediuzzaman met Ataturk and they've had talks. They have had secret meetings and secret talks. They both are masters of Secret Knowledge. Two masters of Hidden Science have met and talked. 

Ataturk heard a lot of things from Bediuzzaman; Bediuzzaman told Ataturk that the Islamic Union will be established, that Mahdi (pbuh) will appear, that Islam will prevail in the world date by date, hour by hour. Ataturk knew it all; he knew that Russia will collapse, he knew it all.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (12 August 2013)




Surat Al-Anfal, Verse 5

Just as your Lord brought you out from your house with truth, even though a group of the Muslims disliked it. 

Why? Because they are afraid. Why? Because they are thinking about their family and their children, they are worrying about their business. They have a kind of contentment because death did not come to them. If they were on the verge of death, they wouldn't have done this. They see death to be far away. Their family and their children come first. If God is not pleased with something, that means Hell is the reward for that. Our Prophet (saas) is brought out from his house as well; doesn't he have children? He is a human being as well, he also feels tired, he also feels sleepless. He goes out from his house so why don't you? He is a man as well, a Prophet and Almighty God says; "I have created this world out of your light." That is how God loves him: He calls him "My beloved." And who are you that you do not go out of your house? Compare yourself with him. 


Surat Al-Anfal, Verse 6

Arguing with you about the Truth after it had been made clear as though they were being driven to their death with open eyes. 

Look, how they argue with the Prophet (saas). God calls him "My beloved" He says; "I have created the universe from your light." He is a Prophet of determination, the final Prophet, the prominent Prophet. And that is an ordinary person there attempting to give advice to our Prophet (saas).  Why don't you say; "There must be something he had thought of, he acts on revelation." Instead this one attempts to give advice to him; "Arguing with you about the Truth after it had been made clear as though they were being driven to their death with open eyes." That is the rampant and sharp attitude they use while arguing. Look what they are doing to our radiant Prophet (saas); and their claim is so weird: "as though they were being driven to their death with open eyes" "arguing with you about the Truth." And they never take a break, they do so continuously.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (11 August, 2013)




Surat Al-Mudathir, Verses 50-51 panicked donkeys: fleeing from a lion..

In Surat Al-Mudathir, Almighty God says that they are "like panicked donkeys fleeing from a lion." As you already know, 'lion' is the title of Mahdi (pbuh), I mean it is his nickname. It was also the title of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) Karram Allahu Wajhah, Asadullah (lion of God), and Haydar al-Karrar (brave man who fought in swirls). 


Surat Al-Mudathir, Verse 54-55 

As guidance and a reminder for people of intelligence.  So remain steadfast. Allah´s promise is true. Ask forgiveness for your wrong action and glorify your Lord with praise in the evening and the early morning.

Look, one gets advice and then thinks on it. God always calls people to think. The mind develops as one thinks. As one thinks wisdom and the mind develops. Without thinking, may God forbid, people who are like cattle would come up. Naive and gullible people would come up.  People who think are beautified by God, they are supported by God, they are made pleasant by God. Thus they become wise, high quality and classy people. 


Surat Al-Hijr, Verse 6

They say, 'You [Mohammed], to whom the Reminder has been sent down, are clearly mad'.

Madness is one of the foremost slanders that are cast upon our Prophet (saas) and upon all other Prophets. That is because when you accuse someone of being mad, people would say, "Why should I abide by a mad person?" That is why this is a fashion that has always been taken as a basis.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (7 August 2013)




Surah Ibrahim, Verse 15

They asked for God's victory, and every obdurate tyrant failed.

There are such verses in the Qur'an. We understand from all these verses that the system of the dajjal (antichrist) and persecution would definitely fail. For instance, Darwinism-materialism will definitely be defeated, communism will be defeated, fascism will be defeated. The right, the just one, the radiant one, the good and beautiful one will definitely be victorious. 


Surat An-Nahl, Verse 125  

Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair admonition, and argue with them in the kindest way. Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His way. And He knows best who are guided.

"Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom.." What is calling with wisdom mean? It means talking in a short, concise and compact manner after good thinking. Talking at length in vain, making insincere speeches; these would not be acceptable. Our Prophet (saas) explained everything in a plain and sincere manner. He used to talk about fearing God and explain everything in a reasonable manner. ".. and fair admonition.." That means speaking not with an irritating, aggressive admonition but with fair admonition. What does "fair admonition" mean? It means admonition which would please the one hearing it.. ".. and argue with them in the kindest way." Meaning do not argue with them in a harsh manner, not in a humiliating manner, not speaking in a grating fashion.  ".. argue with them in the kindest way," says God. " Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His way. And He knows best who are guided."


Surat An-Nahl Verse 127

Be patient. But your patience is only by God. Do not be grieved by them and do not be constricted by the plots they hatch. 

"Be patient. But your patience is only by God. Do not be grieved by them.."  Grief makes people weary. When a Muslim is told not to do something, he would not do such a thing.     ".. and do not be constricted by the plots they hatch." Now plots, immoral acts, unseemly manners would bother people; one would even feel pain, heartache. One might feel an ache in his heart or puff and blow and feel discomfort. What is a plot? When one does a vile thing, that would be a plot. If one is employing a tactic, if one does unseemly things those would be plots as well. If one is trying to deceive people, if one is telling lies, that would be a plot as well. A Muslim would feel discomfort from all these. If plots are hatched against a Muslim, big or small , that would make him uneasy, but God says; "do not be constricted," so God makes it unlawful. People tend to see such causing such feelings of distress as justified on such occasions but God deems it unlawful, so one should not be constricted by them. 


Surat An-Nahl, Verse 128

God is with those who have fear of Him and with those who are good-doers.

People who have fear of God are high quality people. There are many people who have no fear of God. They believe in God but do not feel fear. Those who have fear of God feel a great respect and awe for God. There is a very serious respect in their manners. Those who have no fear mock others; they mock religion, they mock the Hereafter, Heaven and the angels. For instance, one might be a scholar but you understand that he doesn't have fear of God as he employs a mocking attitude which does not befit respect. A sincere Muslim on the other hand has fear of God and he refrains from unlawful acts and fully abides by the Qur'an. ".. and with those who are good-doers." Being good to everyone is a characteristic of a Muslim. 


Surah Yunus, Verse 45 

On the day We gather them together — when it will seem if they had tarried no more than an hour of a single day — they will recognize one another. Those who denied the meeting with Allah will have lost. They were not guided.

“On the day We gather them together — when it will seem if they had tarried no more than an hour of a single day — they will recognize one another.”  All unbelievers will recognize one another there. For instance, the Pharaohs of our age would get to know the Pharaoh's team there. All antichrists, the Nimrods will recognize each other there.  Look; ".. when it will seem if they had tarried no more than an hour of a single day.."  That is how they will feel. How long? They will say, "We've stayed only an hour or so in this world." It will be like waking up from a sleep. What does the 45th verse refer to? The verse refers to the year 1545 in the Hegira calendar; it refers to the date of the Last Day.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (5 August 2013)



Look what God says; He says that paradise and hell are not far away. God says they have been brought closer. He always refers to veils. He says the veil has been lifted. God describes the dimensions very clearly, in a very comprehensible way. God wants us to love Him with our free minds, with our minds that appear to be free. Almighty God says He will manifest Himself in paradise and make us live forever. Indeed, a person who loves will wish not to be separated from the beloved for all time. GOD WANTS NOT TO BE PARTED FROM THOSE HE LOVES FOR ALL ETERNITY. FOR INSTANCE GOD WILL WISH NOT TO BE SEPARATED FROM THE MAHDI, JESUS THE MESSIAH OR BELIEVERS FOR ALL ETERNITY. "THEY LOVE ME, AND I LOVE THEM," GOD SAYS.


Surat al-Mu'min, Verse 49

Those in the Fire will say to the custodians of Hell, ‘Call on your Lord to make the punishment less for us for just one day.’

“Those in the Fire will say to the custodians of hell, ‘Call on your Lord…” Look, your Lord. They do not say ‘our Lord.’ “Call on your Lord to make the punishment less for us for just one day.” They say, let us rest for one day. Let there be one day without suffering. Let us have a break one day a week. Make the punishment less for us for just one day.’

Surat al-Mu’min, Verse 50

They will ask, ‘Did your Messengers not bring you the Clear Signs?’ They will answer, ‘Yes.’ They will say, ‘Then you call!’ But the calling of the unbelievers only goes astra

That is the normal thing. They should pray themselves.

They will ask, ‘Did your Messengers not bring you the Clear Signs?’ They will answer, ‘Yes.’ Look, Almighty God will ask them about the Mahdi (pbuh). ‘Did he not tell you about the invalidity of Darwinism and materialism?’ ‘Yes, he did.’ “You heard it everywhere. You read about it and examined it. You also saw the proofs of the existence of God. So why did you not believe?’ ‘Out of pride and obstinacy.’ ‘And how long did that pride persist?’ ‘For many years.’ That is a crime. They will say, ‘then you call!’ But they ask the custodians to pray for them. But God says that the prayers of unbelievers only go astray. They continue to be unbelievers even there. Their free will has vanished, they are still unbelievers. They imagine that they are only there, in hell, on a temporary basis. One million years go by, and they still do not understand. They still imagine they will be coming out. But they do not pray to God. Look, ‘Call on your Lord.’ Look at the obstinacy of that! They are specially created entities.

Surat al-Mu'min, Verse 51

We will certainly help Our Messengers and those who have faith both in the life of this world and on the Day the witnesses appear,

God says He will help in this world and in the Hereafter. Believers wonder in the Hereafter, ‘What will we do in that environment?’ But God says there is a witness, a helper, alongside them. They have a special guide. There is light before them and to the right. They are always given security, and the word ‘Greetings’ is used. But they are still anxious. ‘I wonder what will happen,’ they say. God says they have a strong hope, but they are not certain. But they relax when they enter Paradise. Look, human nature continues to exert its effects there.

Surat al-Mu'min, Verse 52

The Day when the excuses of the wrongdoers will not help them. The curse will be on them and they will have the most evil home.

One among them might ask ‘what‘s wrong’ with being irreligious. But he is not just irreligious, he is also wicked. But on the day, their excuses will do them no good. God says their excuses will not help them. Human beings have plenty of excuses, as you know. “The curse will be on them and they will have the most evil home.” God also speaks of a home. So there will also be homes and districts in hell. But these are “the most evil,” says God.

Surat al-Mu’min, Verse 55

So remain steadfast. God’s promise is true. Ask forgiveness for your wrong action and glorify your Lord with praise in the evening and the early morning.

“So remain steadfast,” says Almighty God. His promise is certainly true. We must all trust in His promise. If God says, “I will make Islamic unity,” then that is the truth, and we can expect. The subject of the Mahdi is also true. “Ask forgiveness for your wrong action.” There is beauty and goodness in that. May God forgive all Muslims’ sins, and everyone’s sins. “Glorify your Lord with praise in the evening and the early morning.” Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. We always give thanks to God. This is a good thing, it bestows health, and goodness and beauty and prosperity. There is nothing complicated in it; God is saying, “Give thanks to Me and live as friends.” But this is destiny; there have to be wars. Because without wars, people cannot enjoy the taste of peace.

Surat al-Mu’min, Verse 57

The creation of the heavens and earth is far greater than the creation of mankind. But most of mankind do not know it.

Almighty God says that it is easy for Him to create human beings. For example, they look in the mirror. You know, those multi-faceted mirrors. Hundreds of people suddenly appear. If God wished he could immediately give them all a soul and make them real, all from the same person.

Surat al-Mu’min, Verse 60

Your Lord says, ‘Call on Me and I will answer you. Those who are too proud to worship Me will enter Hell abject.’

Your Lord says, ‘Call on Me and I will answer you.’ God always heeds prayers, in other words. Prayer is a vital thing, but people do not fully understand it, they think it is a waste of time. Yet every prayer is regarded as an act of worship in the Presence of God. Prayer is like the salat. That is regarded as an act of worship by God. For example, someone says, “Grant me wisdom, O Lord,” and God grants him wisdom. “O Lord, deepen my faith,” he says. And He deepens it. These are the most vital matters. For example, he says, “Give me a house.” But what good is a house if he does not strengthen his faith? You would be as uneasy in that house as in the grave. You would be terribly uneasy. “O Lord, give me a wife,” he says. You get married, and that woman will make you miserable. She is literally a nightmare. She does not love you and you do not love her. But if you pray, God will bestow radiance on your wife and on you.

For example, he prays and his country is saved. A whole country is saved through the prayer of one honest person, of an honest, pure person. A whole country is saved when a single Muslim prays for it. People are unaware. It is saved through him. They imagine it happened by chance. But they are saved because of him.

Surat al-Mu’min, Verse 61

God is He Who appointed the night for you so that you might rest in it, and the day for seeing. God pours out His favor on mankind but most people do not show thanks.

“God is He Who appointed the night for you so that you might rest in it.” Night is really the most peaceful time for sleeping. It is harder to sleep during the daytime. Night is like a cradle. “and the day for seeing.” They are specially created. God closes the day like drawing a curtain, everywhere becomes dark. Then God turns a light on, and everywhere becomes bright.

Surat al-Mu'min, Verse 65

He is the Living – there is no god but Him –so call on Him, making your deen sincerely His. Praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds.

He is the Hayy, the Living – there is no god but Him –so call on Him, making your deen sincerely His. In other words, He needs no intermediaries. Not through a sheikh or anything else; “Call on Him,” says God. Praise be to God, the Lord of all the worlds. Alhamdulillah. Look, God always wants thanks. “What if I give thanks?” one might come up and say. Plenty will then come, without your even being aware of it. And your afflictions will disappear. Money and property will come, and clarity of mind. Your heart will be eased. You will have no depression. Your family will not be troubled. Look, God says He does not just protect the believer, but also those the believer loves. “What is the point of thanks?” they ask. There is no end to it. First of all, God’s approval. God protects that person and those whom he loves. Whatever he loves is also protected. Masha’Allah.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 29

They called on their companion and he set to it and hamstrung her [camel].

He hamstrings the camel with a sword. Look, Almighty God greatly dislikes cruelty to animals. The reason for the affliction that comes here is the maltreatment of that animal; cruelty to an animal, not to a human being. God destroys the place because of the cruelty to the animal. Cruelty to animals is like cruelty to human beings. God imposes the same punishment in the case of cruelty to animals. Hamstringing; the animal is covered in blood and writhing in pain. Yet the camel is a delightful animal. He is a wicked person, there is a lawful way. Is there any reason for your cruelty to the animal? The animal is writhing and covered in blood. It cannot walk. The animal cannot speak. It cannot tell of its troubles.

Surat al-Qamar, Verses 30-31

How terrible were My punishment and warnings!

We sent a single Blast against them and they were just like a thatcher’s reeds.

God sends a terrible disaster. He is speaking of something like an atom bomb here. There may be an explosion caused by the use of a simpler technique, combining one substance with another. There is something. People of that time had that knowledge. Almighty God makes them His instrument.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 32

We have made the Qur’an easy to remember. But is there any rememberer there?

One must ask this to the fundamentalists. God says He has made it easy to remember. It has been translated into Turkish. But one of them came up and wrote saying; “We could never understand it in 40 years.” God says that unbelievers cannot understand the Qur’an. This one says, “We could never understand it in 40 years.”  Look, this is just what God is saying.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse  34-35

We unleashed a sudden squall of stones against all of them, except the family of Lut, who We rescued before dawn. It was a blessing direct from Our presence. That is how We recompense those who give thanks.

It is amazing. God deliberately sets good people aside in such matters. If there is someone who preaches and talks about Islam, He sets him to one side. Nothing generally happens to such people in mass destructions, by God’s leave.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 38

Early morning brought them enduring punishment:

Morning is when they are most troubled. God generally strikes in the morning, when people are most relaxed.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 42

They dismissed every one of Our Signs and so We seized them with the seizing of One Who is Almighty, All-Powerful.

The wicked have always been defeated. The wicked are on the offensive again today. But they are condemned to defeat. The wicked are unaware of this law. Otherwise they would never start. They would not continue being wicked. But their cruelty lasts very little. Some 40 years or so. Then they are buried.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 43

Are your unbelievers better than those peoples’? Or have you been given exemption in the Books?

People say, “Why do you compare someone to Pharaoh?” But God says “Are they better?” In other words, no unbeliever is better than any other. They are all unbelievers. They are the same if they are unbelievers, insincere cruel and ruthless. “Or have you been given exemption in the Books?” says God. God would have to make such a ruling.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 44

Or do they say, ‘We are an assembly who will win’?

Look, it is always revenge and killing and wickedness. God does not want that.

Surat al-Qamar, Verse 45

The assembly will be routed and will turn their backs in flight.

It lasts very little. You will see that they will absolutely be defeated in Syria. They will absolutely be defeated in Egypt. But look, only the extremists will be defeated. The true ones, those who follow the Qur’an, will be victorious. Extremists are always defeated in power. An administration can only remain in power on the path of the system of the Mahdi. That is how God creates it. If an administration sticks to the path of the way of the Mahdi, then it cannot be overthrown. It will persist until near the Last Day. Then it will collapse. But it cannot collapse while on the path of the system of the Mahdi.

But since we are close to the Last Day, some administrations will fall very quickly, some governments will fall very quickly. As God wants the system of the Mahdi to prevail right away, because time is short. There are communities, secret communities used by God. They have received their instructions. The reign of Islam, in a system like that of the Mahdi, in systems like the Illuminati, Freemasonry and the Templars. Systems based on polytheism will collapse. These secret communities are helping systems based on polytheism to collapse now. Let me say that quite openly. But they support a system on the path of the Mahdi with all their might so it can prevail. We will see these things in time, insha'Allah.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 July 2013)



Surat Al-Hijr, Verse 72

By your life! They were wandering blindly in their drunkenness. 

That is the ruling of God on aggressive, radical, mindless people. "...wandering blindly in their drunkenness." They do not see and their minds are in a drunken state. 


Surat Ash-Shura Verse 27

Were God to expand the provision of His servants, they would act as tyrants on the Earth. But He sends down whatever He wills in a measured way. He is aware of and He sees His servants.

“Were God to expand the provision of His servants, they would act as tyrants on the Earth.” That is the reason why God has constantly created economic crisis throughout history. Economic crises always exist and they either decrease or increase. People always complain about not being able to make ends meet. God says that He does that specifically, that is a miracle. There should be richness everywhere yet that does not happen. There will be richness one last time in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and not any more.  


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (23 July 2013)




Surat at-Tawba, verse 28

You who have faith! The idolaters are unclean, so after this year they should not come near the Masjid al-Haram. If you fear impoverishment, God will enrich you from His bounty if He wills. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

"You who have faith! The idolaters are unclean, so after this year they should not come near the Masjid al-Haram." Why? Because they do dirty things there. What is meant by dirty things? They commit murders, they kill people, they abduct Muslim women, they kidnap children, they practice violence. Because they do dirty things God reveals what they have been doing. Or else God says "...they are entrusted to you,"  in another verse about the idolaters. He tells us to "...take them to a secure place." Look, by putting your life on the line, by putting yourself in danger. One's life is precious, is it not? And God says; " putting your own lives in danger take them to a secure place." God says; "Secure their lives and leave them only after you are sure about the security of their lives." And about those who do dirty things, Almighty God says "...they are doing dirty things." If one hangs others, chops up others, injures others, that means he is doing dirty things. If he is not, it would make him only an idolater. God says that only for those who do dirty things. That is because they spread terror in Masjid al-Haram. They have killed Muslims in the lands of the Kaaba. They have martyred Muslims while they are performing their prayers. They have inflicted pain, they have reviled  women. God says this because what they have been doing is bad. Otherwise in Islam it is not acceptable to do or say anything against an idolater who doesn't do anything bad, you just have to secure their lives. 



New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (22 July 2013)



"Hazrat Mahdi points to a bird and the bird falls into his hand."  How? For instance he says; "This bird is very beautiful, let us have one of those." What does falling into one's hand mean? It means keeping it in one's hand; it means keeping it in one's house, it means taking it into one's possession. For instance, you place the bird in a cage and it thus would be falling into your hand. For instance you say, "He fell into his hand" about a person and it means that he is under that person's control from then on, or else it doesn't come to mean it fell to his hand from the sky. It means that he will love birds in cages and out in the open, that he will take care of them and show his love for them; that is the meaning of the hadith. 

"He plants a dry branch in to the soil and the leaves of the branch turns green."   It means he will plant trees, Mahdi (pbuh) will love trees. It is understood that he will make everywhere green, he will take great pleasure from greenery, from trees, from fruits; it is understood that he will take pleasure from everything God created. 



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