First-time explanations by Adnan Oktar

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New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 May 2015)



I seek refuge in God from satan, in the name of God All-Compassionate and All-Merciful.

Surat At-Tur, Verse:1

"By the Mount (Tur)."

'Tur' means mountain as you know.

Surat At-Tur, Verses: 2-3

"…and an Inscribed Book on an Unfurled Scroll…"

Usually, it is the Torah that is inscribed in an unfurled scroll. The Qur'an might also have been inscribed in fine parchment during those times.

Surat At-Tur, Verse: 4

"…by the Visited House…"

That is a nicely decorated house.

Surat At-Tur, Verse: 5

 "…by the Raised Canopy…"

People indeed like houses with high ceilings, raised roofs; they feel entrapped otherwise.

Surat At-Tur, Verse: 6

"…by the Overflowing Ocean…"

This is an incident that will take place on the Last Day. Fiery magma will erupt form underneath the sea. It can be deduced from the verses anyway.

Surat At-Tur, Verse:7

"…your Lord´s punishment will certainly take place."

In other words, the Last Day.

Surat At-Tur, Verse: 8

"No one can ward it off."

Because it is impossible to prevent it from happening.


Surat At-Tur, Verse: 9

"On the Day when heaven sways to and fro."

The clouds disperse; the sky is blue now but when the clouds disperse, the darkness of space will be seen.

Surat At-Tur, Verse: 10

"…and the mountains shift about…"

The mountains start to move with the impact from earthquakes. The mountain here will pass on, and the other mountain there will shift about. And as the earth quakes, they all begin to dissolve.

God already says in the verse that they will crumble into dust. Moreover, it is also a scientific fact that the mountains can slide during massive earthquakes. However, there is no recorded incident. So in a sense, it is a miracle that the Qur'an informs us of this. That is because this is only known and estimated scientifically. Otherwise, there is no recorded incident in history about a mountain sliding as a result of earthquakes. All the mountains are in their original places. Their crumbling into dust is not anything that has been seen before either, it, too, will happen during the Last Day. So it is a miracle that the Qur'an tells us about these beforehand.


Surat At-Tur, Verse:11

"…woe that Day to the deniers…"

God regards denial as a lack of conscience. That is because, a reasonable person should ask, "Who created this universe?"  "What is this all about?" Lets imagine a person in a dark room. There are crickets, bugs, birds in there. He should be surprised and think, "Who sees all this view?", "Who hears all these sounds?" If he is not interested in any of these, then he has no conscience. It is not only a threat saying, "heed the Qur'an." The reason for the statement is to ask, "How can you not see God? How can you not see His signs? How can you be without conscience? Thus, you will be punished." There are squirrels, trees, birds. Their molecular structures were unknown; the micro-structure of the world, the cosmos were unknown  then. What are those living beings in a micro-structure? What is the macro structure of space? These things were unknown. Once they were examined, all sorts of incredible facts came to light. It has been discovered that  space is built upon a mathematical balance. Scientists examined the cell and they saw that it is unfathomable.

In the 191st verse of Surah Al-Imran, God says: "Those who remember God, standing, sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: 'Our Lord, You have not created this for nothing. Glory be to You! So safeguard us from the punishment of the Fire'."

This is the source of the actual sin. Otherwise, it is not just about reading the Qur'an and not believing in it and going to Hell. For example, here we have a bird named the 'zebra finch' which is downright fancy. Fancy animals recognize and mate with each other. Then out comes an egg, and the bird sits on it, incubate. Out of the egg comes a bird, just like its parents. There is a perfect order. What is a bird doing inside an egg? An egg is something juicy. But then, you see that inside it forms a squint-eyed bird with its wings and whatnot. It is as if this is happening like in 'Alice in Wonderland'. Now, if they say, "I don't care" even after witnessing all these things, then they are committing a sin, there is no other explanation.



New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (15 May 2015)



Miraj is an amazing, a beautiful incident. A gift from God to our Prophet (saas). How nice it is for him to witness many wonders. He sees Hell but Heaven is veiled. He sees all the prophets. All of these are wonderful. He sees Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and praises him.

Surat Al-Isra, Verse:1

Glory be to Him Who took His servant on a journey by night from the Masjid al-Haram to the Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, in order to show him some of Our Signs. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.


"Glory be to Him Who took His servant on a journey by night from the Masjid al-Haram to the Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed…" So, the surroundings of the Masjid al Aqsa are blessed. " order to show him some of Our Signs." In other words to show him the wonders, significant matters, Hell, the prophets, Mahdi (pbuh). Indeed, He is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 7

"…there on the highest horizon."

There on the highest horizon was the archangel Gabriel (pbuh)

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 8

"Then he drew near and hung suspended."

His wings cover the whole horizon.

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 9

"He was two bow-lengths away or even closer."

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 10

"Then He revealed to His slave what He revealed."

This was the first revelation.

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 11

"His heart did not lie about what he saw."

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 12

"What! Do you dispute with him about what he saw?"

The polytheists, the hypocrites and the weak-minded dispute with the Prophet (saas) by then. They do not believe  him.

Surat An-Najm, Verse:13

"He saw him again another time."

He sees him twice.

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 14

"…by the Lote-tree of the Final Limit…"

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 15

"… beside which is the Garden of Refuge…"

But the Garden of Refuge is not shown to him.

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 16

"…when that which covered the Lote-tree covered it."

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 17

"His eye did not waver nor did he look away."

That is to say that he did not look at Heaven. Heaven is veiled for him. Our Prophet (saas) didn't look at it, anyway.

Surat An-Najm, Verse: 18

"He saw some of the Greatest Signs of his Lord."

The idolaters did not believe that our Prophet (saas) visited the Masjid al- Aqsa. Our Prophet (saas) had not visited the Masjid al- Aqsa until that day, but he described to them Masjid al- Aqsa in great detail. The ones who knew the place well were convinced right then and there.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (29 April 2015)



Surat Al-Anfal, Verse:47

"Do not be like those who left their homes in arrogance, showing off to people and barring them from the way of God — God encompasses what they do "

It is surprising how prosperity spoils people and causes them to be arrogant.  After all, it is only a bowl of food they eat, but oddly enough, they become arrogant and go astray. It is a miracle. Once a normal man, he goes insane and becomes spoiled. People are led astray by prosperity. God tells our Prophet (saas) that the reason they turned against him is that he had made them rich, that he took care of them, that he offered them great opportunities and prosperity. This is why they are spoiled and arrogant. Also here in this verse God says that they are arrogant; "...who left their homes in arrogance, showing off to people and barring them from the way of God..."  They are boastful and they show off whereas both you and the ones you show off to are going to die eventually. What is it that you are boastful about? A few clothes, some  jewelry, maybe a car or a phone, etc. You will leave them all behind when you enter your grave. Your iPhone and your computer lies on the desk while you lie underground; you only have a shroud [in the grave]. It is a miracle that God created such arrogance and pertness. For instance, once a normal man, he becomes spoiled and arrogant, and demonstrates a new personality. You ask what has happened to him and they say, "He got spoiled." You ask, "Wasn't he the same guy from before?" They answer, "Yes he was; he was a normal, rational man but he is so arrogant now." Moreover, he goes astray; that's the next level. What does he do then? He shows off to people. 

Being spoiled, going astray and showing off are all intertwined. He strikes an attitude with poor people. As a matter of fact, both you and all the others you see are in need. You will all die eventually. Pull yourself together. Ultimately, you are made of flesh and bone. What if you wear clothes? So what if you have a computer, an expensive phone? You will die because you are of flesh and bone, they will put you in a grave, and you will fall into pieces and rot away. Why would you become spoiled? Why would you go astray? Why would you show off? God warns us that these people deviate us from the path of God. For example, they prevent Muslims from speaking, from making announcements; they prevent Islam from spreading, they set a bad example for Muslims by violating the commandments of God. But God says in the Qur'an , "God encompasses what they do." In other words, God tells us that "I create every little detail; their getting spoiled, going astray, showing off, all of them. Everything is under My control." Because when a man is spoiled, he thinks that he is doing this as a separate power, independent of God; he cannot be independent from God. God says that He encompasses everything. Everything is within His knowledge.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (26 April 2015)



No indeed! Truly it is a reminder. (Surah Abasa, verse 11)

Allmighty Allah doesn’t draw attention to anything else other than the Qur'an. It is very confusing  why people cannot be focused on this subject. If Allah doesn’t draw attention to any other subject, than there is no other Book. There is no other law that we are responsible of.

And whoever wills pays heed to it. (Surah Abasa, verse12)

But they have to think. So it means, Allah will give us the ability to think.

Inscribed on Honoured Pages, (Surah Abasa, verse 13)

Look, always the Qur'an.

Curse man for his ingratitude! (Surah Abasa, verse 17) says Allmighty Allah.

From what thing did He create him? (Surah Abasa, verse 18)

From a drop of sperm He created him and proportioned him.(Surah Abasa, verse 19) This is a proportion, this is a miracle. This proportion has ne end. This proportion is  everwhere. There is a golden ratio  everywhere.

Then He eases the way for him. (Surah Abasa, verse 20)

Then He causes him to die and buries him.(Surah Abasa, verse 21)

Then, when He wills, He raises him from the dead. (Surah Abasa, verse 22)

Man has only to look at his food. (Surah Abasa, verse 24) Allmighty Allah draws attention to everything. Allah wants us to think.

...then split the earth into furrows. (Surah Abasa, verse 26)

Then We make grain grow in it, (Surah Abasa, verse 27) Grains, there are hundreds of thousands of grains. If people think about that all of them are perfect. Some of them are tiny and spined, some of them are round and some of them are stacked. Grains have aesthetics, they have their own world and they are living being that have perfect creation. Like insects, they are a group of living beings. For example, it is a kind of an egg;  there is a bird’s egg and this is the egg of a plant. You can think about it like that.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. No! I swear by the self-reproaching self. (Surah Al-Qiyama, verse 2) He criticizes himself, for example, when he makes a mistake,  ‘You made a mistake’ he says. For example when he lies, ‘You lied’ he says. ‘You weren’t honest there’ he says. The inner conscience would always criticize himself. For example, now I was sitting here, ‘Let me start a conversation’ I said. I ordered my self and I started the conversation. But what would my self want?  It doesn’t want to do that. It wants to waste time.  We are answering our  self all the time.

... People should not ridicule others who may be better than themselves; (Surah Al-Hujurat, verse 11) To do something self-humiliating. To put himself in a bad position. To claim that he is vile, unreasonable, cruel and to believe that. But he should resist  that. He shouldn’t believe that and surrender.  For example, there is an abnormal characteristic of him, and he says that, but he also puts that into practice. You have that, okay; but you will fight against that, you will get rid of that. ‘I am ignorant,  I don’t know anything’ he says. So improve yourself. ‘I am jealous’ he says. So teach yourself, remove that, quit that. Or he says that he is a coward.  Be brave then.

And grapes and herbs (Surat Abasa, verse 28)

And olives and dates (Surat Abasa, verse. 29)

...and luxuriant gardens (Surat Abasa, verse 30)

and orchards and meadows, (Surat Abasa, verse 31)

For you and your livestock to enjoy. (Surat Abasa, verse 32)

So, Allah wants us to think about everything we see. For example,  man says, ‘A grain’ and doesn’t pay attention. Grains are very rich, for example there are bean grains, they line up in their own beds, like the kids line up in the kindergardens. Their beds are propped with a cotton -like material. They also have a funicle and that is where they are fed. Afterwards, when it is opened, all of them are put in a bowl and dried When the beans are dried, they still stay alive. The lentil stays alive. The chickpea stays alive. It dies when it is cooked. For example, the grains of the clover, when you examine every grain one by one, you can see that each and every one of them is perfect. It carries all the characteristics of the plant in its tiny little body and it also carries all the characteristics of the next generation; it is all coded inside. The grains of all the trees are tiny. But, the tree that it becomes is unbelievably huge. It produces hundreds of thousands of fruit. When we look at the grain of it, it is just as small as the head of a pin.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (24 April 2015)


According To Commands in the Qur'an, According To God's Law The PKK Is Condemned To Be Defeated

The PKK is condemned to be defeated.

Surah Al-Ahzab, Verse: 25)

God sent back those who were unbelievers in their rage without their achieving any good at all. God saved the Muslims from having to fight. God is Most Strong, Almighty.

 “God sent back those who were unbelievers…” Are the PKK unbelievers? Yes they are. Infidelity, false gods, antichrist. “…in their rage” says God. Do they have a grudge? Yes they do. Are they furious? Yes they are. But God says, “God sent them back ”. “…without their achieving any good at all.” God says, “they will not be successful but will fail)”. “God saved the Muslims from having to fight.” This means that the Turkish army will be victorious.  “God is Most Strong, Almighty.” It is clear according to this verse. There are many such verses stating that believers will always be victorious and unbelievers will be frustrated.

Surah An-Nisa, Verse: 141

Those who anticipate the worst for you say, 'Were we not with you?' whenever you gain a victory from God, but if the unbelievers have a success they say, 'Did we not have the upper hand over you and yet in spite of that keep the Muslims away from you?' God will judge between you on the Day of Rising. God will not give the unbelievers any way against the Muslims.


"… God will not give the unbelievers any way against the Muslims…" According to this verse, it is impossible for the PKK to be victorious. Surely it will be defeated.

Surah At-Tawba, Verse: 107

As for those who have set up a mosque, causing harm and out of unbelief, to create division between the Muslims, and in readiness for those who previously made war on God and His Messenger, they will swear, 'We only desired the best.' But God bears witness that they are truly liars.


What does the PKK want to do? It wants to cause harm. In the verse God says first; 'causing harm', second; “out of unbelief”. They reinforce infidelity; they are Darwinists, materialists. They are Stalinists. They want to turn our youth and our people against faith by propagandizing. They are fighting against belief in God.

"… to create division between the Muslims…" They want to divide Turkey. They want to set our Kurdish brothers apart from us.

in readiness for those who previously made war on God and His Messenger..." They are waiting for America to fight against Turkey.

“...those who have set up a mosque” those who gathered there. Those who want to do operations there.

“...they will swear, 'We only desired the best'."  When you ask them, they say, “We want peace, brotherhood, goodness, beauty, tranquility. There is nothing else we want.”

"But God bears witness that they are truly liars.” God says. It is a verse about the PKK.

Sincerity Costs People a Lot

There is no need to expend extraordinary energy for deep faith. If a person is sincere then deep faith occurs instantly. Some people think that religion (or faith) is difficult. He says, “I have to contemplate too much, I have to think deeply too much.” You cannot think deeply with just wanting it, God makes you think deeply. You do not have an independent power. Then what you have to do is to be sincere, to be sincere and to request it from God. Being sincere is enjoyable. Being sincere costs people a lot. A sincere man might be sent to a psychiatric hospital, be put in prison, and might get into trouble. Your life, on the other hand is easygoing; you merely show interest only in things that serve your own needs. You protect your interests like protecting a baby. Where is the sincerity in this? Deepening the faith is not a thing to deal with. Sincerity can be improved by gradually. It will be as follows: Sincerity brings trouble on a person. If you are sincere, you stay awake when you see the need for it. If you are sincere, you get tired for the good pleasure of God. For example, now I can say, “It’s too late, I should go to sleep.” And that would be a logical, rational decision. But I saw that our ratings are high and tens of thousands of people are watching from their phones. I thought about it, so I came back to the program. What is happening now? I am getting tired. I am happy. My conscience is clear but my body is getting tired. When you make a sincere decision, that is what happens. It might cause you to get tired, to get in trouble, or even to go to prison.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 April 2015)



During that era of striving, that era of activity, our Prophet (saas) always warned his companions to be tight lipped, to be discreet. He himself carried out his activities in secrecy.

Our Prophet (saas) asked of some of the people who used to be from enemy tribes and embraced Islam later on, that they keep their religious beliefs a secret. In other words, he said, "Do not let them sense that you are a Muslim." If they came from an oppressive tribe, they would eventually have to return there, so he said, "Never let them sense this".

By doing so our Prophet (saas) learned about their activities, betrayals, preparations for battle, the number of the soldiers in the military quarters of his enemies. The ones that became Muslims never revealed their secret beliefs. They returned to their tribes and relayed all the information there to our Prophet (saas). Blessed be they, Masha'Allah.

There was a community that consisted of hidden Muslims among the companions of Our Prophet (saas). They would never reveal that they were Muslims. They were the national intelligence of those times, in a sense. They were in charge of intelligence. This means that if they were from a Christian tribe, they acted as Christians among them. They wore a cassock in order not to be revealed.

"Al-Abbas ibn 'Abd al-Muttalib, uncle of Hazrat Muhammad (saas), accepted Islam but kept it hidden. Hazrat Muhammad (saas) requested this." From him to keep it hidden. "Because he wanted his uncle, al-Abbas, who was one of the rich merchants of Mecca, to provide him intelligence about the activities that was going on in Mecca.

"One of the intelligence methods of Hazrat Muhammad (saas) was surveillance." Technical surveillance in a sense. "He put Busaybese, one of his most trusted companions, in charge of this. The duty of Busaybese was to follow the caravan of Abu Sufyan and observe closely." And then he reported back to our Prophet (saas). A magnificent intelligence activity. He established the greatest intelligence agency of the era.

"Hazrat Muhammad (saas) was very meticulous about confidentiality and secrecy. He offered the use of passwords in order to distinguish friend from foe." Passwords were used in the battle of Uhud.

Likewise, Hazrat Muhammad (saas) ordered the use of patrols to keep watch of the surroundings and thanks to this, he seized the supplies and arms that were on their way to the enemy.

"He also established a guard system against sudden enemy attacks."

"Hazrat Muhammad (saas) did not gather intelligence only through his spies. Sometimes, it was gathered from the interrogation of captive enemy soldiers." Intelligence was gathered this way. The captives talked and gave information. "This way, for example, it is found out that there was a secret passage underneath one of the castles in Khaybar." As a result of the interrogation.

Our Prophet (saas) rewarded the agents who were good in their jobs. He distributes a good part of the war booty to his finest agents.

"Abu Hudhayfa ibn Yeman, assigned by Hazrat Muhammad (saas) as a spy, talked about how he sweat as if he was in a bathhouse during a cold night when he was on duty." Because of the gravity of the situation. This means that it was a risky mission.

The first martyred intelligence agent was Hubayb ibn Adiy Ansari. This martyred agent of Hazrat Muhammad was captured in Mecca and he was beheaded."  He was martyred that way. Agents, our MIT [the Turkish National Intelligence Agency] agents, are captured sometimes. They are silently martyred. My dear ones, sometimes, salah for their funerals is performed in their absence. They are buried in silence just like that.

"And above all, the most significant trait of Hazrat Muhammad (saas) was his consultation of others for the analysis of the gathered intelligence.

Hazrat Muhammad (saas) even listened to the opinions of people who opposed him." This means that he even asked for the opinions of his enemies, his opponents. The decisions made after the consultation were obeyed to the letter: "He strictly followed the decisions made after the consultation."

"As a result of all these, he ruled over Arabian Peninsula during his ten-year-reign." Talking about our Prophet (saas).


"The sacred body of our Prophet (saas) was bathed and enshrouded on a Tuesday. Hazrat Ali (r.a), Hazrat Abbas (r.a) and his sons Fadl and Kusem helped bathing our Prophet (saas). Even though our Prophet still wore his shirt, he was bathed and enshrouded thrice. Then, his sacred body was put on a couch and the door of the room he was in was kept open for his noble companions." They didn't take the shirt of our Prophet (saas) off, "Even though he still wore his shirt, he was bathed and enshrouded thrice". He was enshrouded in three layers of white shroud. "Ali, Fadl, Osama and Abdurrahman bin Avf, peace be upon them all, put his sacred body into the grave."

I would have told you about the grace of Hazrat Abu Bakr (pbuh) but I believe people would not be able to handle it and would feel overwhelmed. So I won't tell you. A lot of people indeed cannot stand it. His attitude was truly marvelous. I will just tell one of them. He kissed the bicep of our Prophet (saas). I will tell you just this one, Insha'Allah. He lifted his covered and kissed his bicep.

He paid him a lot of beautiful compliments. He kissed the forehead of the blessed body of our Prophet (saas), Masha'Allah, paying a compliment each time.

"May my mother and father be sacrificed in your name! You won't know a second death." Hazrat Abu Bakr (pbuh) said after kissing his forehead, Masha'Allah. After kissing his forehead again, he said, "O the Pure One." Masha'Allah, this is really nice.

"To the Most Exalted Friend, O Lord," was the last word of our Prophet (saas). He raised both of his hands, not just one. "To the Most Exalted Friend" he said and then his hands fell down. It is a miracle that he knew the moment of his passing.



Hazrat Omar (ra) says that a sound resembling the buzzing of a bee was heard while the Prophet (saas) was receiving a revelation.

Abdullah 'Amr ibn al-'As:

"When he asked "O the Messenger of God! Do you sense the coming of a revelation?" our Prophet (saas) answered: "Yes! I hear the sound and I keep quiet." First comes a sound like the buzzing of a bee.

"I have never received a revelation in this way that I didn't think my soul is being taken!" This means that he believes that his soul is being taken because he enters another dimension. Besides, a significant change occurs in his demeanor, and after that comes the revelation. This is what our Prophet (saas) meant by feeling like his soul being taken. He is taken to another dimension by God.

Zayd ibn Tabith informs that:

"I was sitting beside the Prophet (saas). Just then came a calmness of revelation and the Prophet (saas) fainted. "His knee fell upon mine." he says. He feels like he is going to faint upon receiving the revelation. He feels exhausted in other words.

Then, when the state of revelation lifted off of him:

'Write, O Zayd!' he commended.

Immediately, I wrote on one of his shoulder blades. The revelation.

A calmness and faintness of the revelation fell on the Prophet (saas) again. Another revelation is coming.

"The Prophet's (saas) knee fell upon mine." he says. But he says that he felt excruciating pain when his knee fell upon his. He says that he felt as if his leg was being crushed. It felt that heavy: That is the pressure caused by the revelation.

As it was seen and told by the noble companions of our Prophet (saas); during the coming of a revelation, he would feel an immense distress;

His face would resemble a rose. It means that his face reddens.

He would close his eyes;

Bow his head.

And so would the ones beside him.

Our Prophet (pbuh) would begin to inhale and exhale excessively when he was in that state. Rather than breathing normally, he breathes quickly and his face becomes red.

"Like pearl drops, beads of sweat would drip down from his forehead, even in a cold day," he says. That is because of the burden of the revelation.

"None of his companions would look up at the face of our Prophet (saas) until the state of revelation is over." This is out of respect. Besides, usually they would cover his head with a veil until the state of revelation was over.

"Our Prophet (saas) would shed his human aspect and attribute, and take upon the aspect and attribute of an angel, and receive the revelation from the archangel Gabriel (pbuh)," he says. "I feel as if my soul left my body," he comments. He actually takes upon the aspect of angel. He ceases to be corporeal. However, it is quite hard for our Prophet (saas) to stay in this state. Or the angel assumes the form of a human to meet him. This is easier as it is not hard for the Prophet (saas). The angel comes in the form of Dihye. The companions do not recognize him. He is well-dressed and polite. Our Prophet (saas) questions him, asks him a question and when he answers, our Prophet (saas) says "You are right," this is repeated for a few times. The Companions ask, "O the Messenger of God, how can this be?" And he answers, "He was my brother Gabriel (pbuh)." Masha'Allah.

Surat Al-Muzammil, Verse: 5

"We will impose a weighty Word upon you."

This is also clearly stated in the verse and that is what the verse points out to.

Again, Zayd ibn Tabith stated that:

"I would write the revelations in the presence of our Prophet (saas), and when the revelation came, the Prophet would suffer a violent convulsion and sweat would pour down from his temples like pearl drops. Then, the revelation would cease and he would recover. The Messenger of God would tell and I would write." Once he recovers from this state, our Prophet (saas) begins to speak.

Our Prophet (saas) says that he heard rattling before the revelation came. Then he would shake with convulsion. Then our Prophet (saas) becomes stable. He says, "I will transcribe what has been said to me word by word." Every time, our Prophet (saas) would think that he would pass away.

A revelation came to Our Prophet (saas) while he was on his camel.

As related from Aisha by Ahmad and Bayhaki:

"When our Prophet (saas) received a revelation, the camel that he rode fell onto its knees from the burden of the revelation. And beads of sweat dropped down from his temples. Even in a cold day."

As related from Abu Arva of Devs by Ibn Said:

"I saw our Prophet (saas) when a revelation came to him, he was on a camel's back. The camel was staggering under the burden of the revelation and it almost couldn't move its front legs. Sometimes, it would fall down on its knees, and sometimes, it would rear up and stayed standing. And our Prophet (saas) would sweat from his temples."

As related from Yâlâ ibn Umayyah by Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Nuaym:

He said: "When a revelation came to our Prophet, I took a long hard look at him. I heard him give a throaty growl, and saw that his eyes and temples were bright red.

As related from Asma bint Yazid by Ahmad, al-Tabarni and Abu Nu'aym:

She said: "The Messenger of God was on the back of his camel and I was holding the reins. The forelegs of the camel were almost going to be broken from the burden of the revealed surah."

Our Prophet (saas) wants to repeat the revelation in his exhausted state so that it remains in his mind as it is really long. For example, a surah comes to him in a long period of time as there are very long surahs in the Qur'an, as you know. So he wants to repeat them as he worries about forgetting them. In that moment comes the verses;

Surat Al-Qiyamah, Verse: 16

"Do not move your tongue trying to hasten it."

God commands him to keep his tongue still.

Surat al-Qiyamah, Verse: 17

"Its collection and recitation are Our affair "

God says that he does not have to worry about it.

Surat al-Qiyamah, Verse: 18

"So when We recite it, follow its recitation."

This is where the recitation of the Qur'an by several hafiz at once originated from.

Only two times, the angel appears in his true form and brings revelation to the Messenger of God (saas). The first time, it was at the beginning of his prophethood. Our Prophet (saas) fainted from the severity of the incident. He saw the angel covering the whole horizon. This is also written in the verses. In the Qur'an, God says,

Surat al-Najm, Verse: 7

"...there on the highest horizon."

Surat al-Najm, Verse: 8

"Then he drew near and hung suspended."

First he faints, then he comes to his wife running and says, "Cover me with a blanket."

Surat al-Najm, Verses: 13-14

"He saw him again another time by the Lote-tree of the Final Limit…"

The Prophet (saas) saw the archangel Gabriel in his true form another time; this is the second time explained in two verses.

Sometimes, the revelations come to him in a state of sleep and sometimes they are revealed to his heart, as a voice from inside. He hears the voice from inside himself as a powerful sound.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (17 April 2015)



Surat Al-Insan, Verse:12

"...and will reward them for their steadfastness with a Garden and with silk." 

"… with a Garden and silk". Heaven is the abode of happiness. See that the Qur'an praises silk. But some people condemn silk. Why silk? It is bright, durable, pleasing to the eye. This means that creating silk is really easy for God. In Heaven, silk is not created by first forming in the cocoon of the silk worm and then being processed in the factory. The silk of Heaven is created instantly by God, without any factories.


For example on the Last Day, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are merged swiftly. Then it is flattened like a tray. Then its temperature is reduced swiftly. Then the ground is straightened swiftly. The ground quickly calms down. God commands the people to rise up and then the land is filled up with people instantly. Because people are used to these kinds of occasions, they think that a certain amount of time has to pass for these to happen but it is not so. The houses and gardens of Heaven are created in the blink of an eye, in an instant. Such is the Hereafter.

Surat al-Insan, Verse: 15

"Vessels of silver and goblets of pure crystal will be passed round among them."

Both silver and glass. It is understood that this is something both silver and glass. It says glass. It is clear, transparent, but at the same time it is silver. So it means that the silver in the Hereafter is different than common silver. It has both the magnificent beauty of glass and impressiveness of silver. But it is not the silver of Earth, it is just named so. We will see what is the silver of Heaven like in the Hereafter. It is a material that is created with the speed of lightning.

Surat al-Insan, Verses 16-17

"Crystalline silver — they have measured them very exactly. They will be given there a cup to drink mixed with the warmth of ginger."

We know that, in this Earth, when people make drinks, they make a mixture putting some of this and some of that in it. God tells you that "I will make the drink in the Hereafter". "I will make a mixture and you will like it," He says. Ginger is not the same as what we know.


Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 13

"Reclining in it on couches, they will experience there neither burning sun nor bitter cold."

See that there is an endless cycle on Earth. People either complain about the heat or the cold. For example, we have been complaining about the cold for a while now. But before long, we will be complaining about the heat, and then comes the cold again. It is the same all around the world, even in Africa. But it is not this way in Heaven. The climate of Heaven is pleasant. You can wear shorts if you want or a shirt, the clothing of Heaven. But of course the clothes in Heaven are very nice so everyone wants to wear them.

Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 14

"Its shading branches will droop down over them, its ripe fruit hanging ready to be picked."

There will be shades of the fruits even though there isn't a light falling on them . Their shade stretches along just for the sake of its pleasure because there is no source of light, so there shouldn't be a shade either. Every object has its own light in a sense. But shade is also created in additionally. The shadings of Heaven. "We extend, We stretch the shade," God says. The shadings in Heaven are also mentioned in hadiths.

Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 18

"In it there is a flowing spring called Salsabil."

Salsabil, meaning it flows continuously and you don't have to pay for it. This is one of the best features of Heaven; there will be no Turkish Liras, no dollars, you don't have to carry any money around. You go to the market and when you see something you like, you just get it, wear it and leave. If you see food that you like, you just take it and eat it. Goods belong to and are lawful for everyone in Heaven. Houses are also lawful, you don't have to pay any rent. You don't have to purchase it. No need to go to a notary to acquire any property or title deeds. When God says the house is 'yours', it is yours. 

Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 19

"Ageless youths will circulate among them, serving them. Seeing them, you would think them scattered pearls."

Ageless youths; there are young people here too but they are not vigorous but they are very stooped. There are many young people but they are either sleepless or worn out, or they cannot even walk straight. But in Heaven, God gives those two traits at once; they are both young and vigorous. They do not show any signs of fatigue or exhaustion.

Surat Al-Insan, Verses: 19-20

"Ageless youths will circulate among them, serving them. Seeing them, you would think them scattered pearls. Seeing them, you see delight and a great kingdom."

By 'scattered pearls' it is meant that they are in abundance and radiant; radiance dominates Heaven, the radiance of jewelry. See that silk is radiant, pearl is radiant, coral is radiant, ruby is radiant. Radiance is dominant. Objects are radiant, and so are women; they are like pearls, like eggs. All are radiant, tender and vigorous. Exhaustion is for this world. In the evening people want to sleep, and when the morning comes, they get up but they cannot recover quickly and drink coffee. Youth and vigor; youth is taken away immediately. Vigor is an attribute that is not given even to the young. Vigorous youth is a rarity, even they are worn out, most of them. It is a special gift, as a compensation for this life. But why they insist on being attached to this world despite this is another matter.

Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 21

" They will wear green garments of fine silk and rich brocade. They will be adorned with silver bracelets. And their Lord will give them a pure draught to drink." 

As it says 'pure', it is understood that the wine of this world is not pure. It is nasty in every aspect, its odor, its taste, its effect. But "the wine of Heaven is pure," God says. This means that its taste, odor, effect are all clean and pure. So we learn about the wine of our world by that statement. For instance, people like pearls and silk. And by rich brocade, it means the type of silk that is woven thicker. God tells us about many types of fabric and He gave examples of the most extreme fabrics so that people can understand the quality of these in Heaven. Silk and rich brocade are the highest quality fabrics known to man. But the silk of Heaven is nothing like the silk of this world. The clothes that I wear now are made of silk but they are half bright, almost dull. The silk of Heaven looks ablaze and flashy, it does not make people sweat or cold. You cannot look at it enough. The clothes of Heaven are quite enchanting. God makes houris [women of Heaven] wear seven layers of clothing and all the layers can be seen at once. "And under them, their naked bodies can be seen by their lawful ones," God says. All layers of their clothes and their naked bodies can be seen all at once.


Surat Al-Insan, Verses: 25,26

“Remember the Name of your Lord in the morning and the evening. Prostrate to Him during the night and glorify Him throughout the long night.”


Morning and evening have a special meaning in that verse. What is meant there is once in the morning and once in the evening. And as you know it, in the earlier times of our Prophet (saas), prayers (salat) were performed once in the morning and once in the evening. Later, it went up to five times a day.

Surat Al-Insan, Verses: 7-8

“They fulfill their vows and fear a Day whose evil will spread far and wide. They give food, despite their love for it, to the poor and orphans and captives.”


Note that they give food to the captives. These people are prisoners of war and even though they'd threatened their lives a little while ago, they give them their own food, despite their love for it.

Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 9

"We feed you only out of desire for the Face of God. We do not want any repayment from you or any thanks."

When people finish their meals they say "thank you" to their hosts, but the truth is that God is the One Who gives you the food. Why are you thanking me, God is the One Who gives. Is this true? Yes, it is. How could the food be his own? Is he the one that creates the food? God does. So they should thank God instead of him. Why thank the individual when there is nothing given by him. He says that only God can give, so you should be thanking God.

Surat Al-Insan, Verses: 10-11

"Truly We fear from our Lord a glowering, calamitous Day. So God has safeguarded them from the evil of that Day and has made them meet with radiance and pure joy."

The believers will not experience any of the verses regarding Hell. Never. Eighty percent of the Qur'an is about these matters, but believers will not experience any of those mentioned horrors. Only the happiness of the believers could have been told but because the nonbelievers are in majority, because ninety-nine percent of the world is irreligious, God put the threatening verses at forefront, so seventy - eighty percent of the Qur'an consists of threats. The fact that people do not heed them is another issue; most of them disregard these threats. The parts that give good news to the believers are in minority but they are brief and to the point. But threats towards unbelief are repeated many times, again and again and again. But people are not affected by these, and that is another story. However, a believer would not be the subject of any of these threats or horrifying sights that are told in the Qur'an; he would never experience, never deal with the dusty atmosphere and screams of the unbelievers. The believers are always subjected to happiness, to the things that they like.

Surat Al-Insan, Verse: 1

"Has man ever known a point of time when he was not something remembered?"

This can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, a period of time passes from being a sperm to taking a form in the womb of the mother. Nine months for example. By the sixth or seventh month, a shape is already formed. It might be referring to this. Or secondly, after God made a human into a sculpture, a long time might have passed. God might have kept the human in that form for a while. In the form of a sculpture, and after a while He might have breathed life into him.

Surat Al-Insan, Verse:2

"We created man from a mingled drop to test him, and We made him hearing and seeing."

In other words, God says, "You come from a sperm. And then you begin seeing and hearing." A drop of watery sperm first but then this sperm begins to hear and see and touch. It walks and becomes a scientist. God tells this so that we should think about it.

Surat Al-Furqan, Verses: 12-13

"When it sees them coming from a long way off, they will hear it seething and rasping. When they are flung into a narrow place in it, shackled together in chains, they will cry out there for destruction."

A narrow place. Narrow rooms, narrow walls and tunnels just built so that they feel trapped.

Surat Al-Furqan, Verse: 14

"Do not cry out today for just one destruction, cry out for many destructions!"

All this horrifying atmosphere is not something that Muslims will be dealing with. They will never be subjected to such an atmosphere. All this horror is only for the unbelievers. The reason why this is mentioned so many times in the verses is because unbelief is in abundance. Otherwise, God would only tell us about the good news. He would briefly mention about the threats. But unbelief is in abundance, about 99 percent of the whole population. So God mostly focuses on the threats. This is not the case for the Bible. There are threats in it as wall but it is mostly comforting. Thus, this great gap of Christians cannot be bridged because they lack the fear of God.


Surat Al-Insan, Verse:31

“He admits whoever He wills into His mercy. But He has prepared a painful punishment for the wrongdoers”

Believers always experience this mercy. However, the trial of the believers is difficult. If the trial is easy, it would be humiliating for a Muslim. If the trial is easy, that is indeed a bitter, an odd situation for him. It would mean that God does not love him and does not attach much importance to him. It is favorable if the trial is difficult. The more difficult it is, the more favorable it becomes. Moreover, it is stated in the Torah and Jewish sources that "Moshiach would become suspicious because of the difficulty of his own trial. That is how he realizes there is something extraordinary about him." It is stated that because of the frequency of the disasters that he encounters and the severity of his trial, Moshiach would suspect that there is an extraordinary situation about him; thus he figures out who he really is.

For instance, God could have given Moshiach, the Mahdi (pbuh), a comfortable life. He is His favorite servant in the End Times, so he could have been given a comfortable life. But God gives him worldly blessings, so his trial is a difficult one. But, of course, his trial is not beyond endurance. He can easily endure it.

God does not test us with war, for instance. The trial of war is a though one, but He tests us with the abundance of blasphemous philosophies, and practitioners of said philosophies; they are in countless numbers. It is like an ant bite, small but plenty; they bite here and there. But the blow of war is like the claw of a lion in comparison. It is powerful but it just hits once. For example, a companion of Hazrat Muhammad (saas) receives just one wound, they strike his neck and a part of his back with a sword. He is gravely wounded and martyred after two or three days. Even an infection might cause him become a martyr.  There is no such severe, I mean, a single hard blow trial, for the believers now; the trial is extended over time. There are difficult trials that spread over time. This is really acceptable too.

There were one or two antichrists in the past but now there are hundreds of thousands of them. There are hundreds of philosophies, hundreds of deviant beliefs. The system of the Mahdi deals with all these. In the time of Our Prophet (saas), there were polytheists, the Hindus. There were a few different type of men. The number of the deviant philosophies, the deviant beliefs were not over ten. But in the present, they are in thousands, and their followers are in millions, billions even. There were, for instance, two thousand, five thousand followers then; fifty thousand, a hundred thousand at most. This is not the case for now. There are references in the Qur'an mentioning that the mission of Prophethood was given to a Prophet for a city of a hundred thousand. Now, the population of a city is at least 10 to12 million, even 20 million in some cases. God gives this number specifically for us to see the difference between then and now. Back then, the biggest, the most populous cities, had perhaps one hundred thousand people in it.



New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (15 April 2015)



Surah Ta-Ha, Verse:9

"Has the story of Musa [Moses] not reached you?"

God reminds us important issues in the form of questions at first. This is seen in Surat al-Kahf as well. By doing so, our attention is drawn to certain issues in the stories of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) and Dhul'Qarnayn. That means  important information is going to be given. We did not see the Prophet Moses (pbuh), so this is news from the unseen (ghaib) for us;  information coming from unseen(ghaib). 

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse:10

"When he saw a fire and said to his family, 'Wait here. I can make out a fire. Maybe I will bring you a brand from it, or will find guidance there'."

Fire was a blessing at that time. To protect the fire, they take coal around, then kindle the fire to use it. "... or will find guidance there." 

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse:11

"Then when he reached it, a voice called out, ´Musa!'" 

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse :12

"I am your Lord. Take off your sandals. You are in the holy valley of Tuwa."

All that region has been completely electrified. Divine electricity. To make that electricity go through the body, he is told to take off his sandals. That is because sandals isolate that electricity. As well as for courtesy. "You are in the holy valley of Tuwa." That means there is something in Tuwa. God names it as " the sacred valley" which is still valid. It is understood that there is something sacred in valley of Tuwa. Either something is being hidden or there is something.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 13

"I have chosen you, so listen well to what is revealed."

This was the first time Prophet Moses (pbuh) received revelation.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 14

"I am God. There is no god but Me, so worship Me and establish salat (prayer) to remember Me."

Performing prayer (salat) is a religious obligation in all true religions. Here, we see that it is a religious obligation in Judaism. Every Jew is obliged to pray. It is being explained very clearly in the Torah as well. The number of Jews that perform prayers is very high as we have showed in the film. The same prayer existed five thousand years ago, as well as at the time of Prophet Abraham ( pbuh). By not performing prayers, Jews fall into sin and Christians as well. They are to fall down in prostration and pray as well.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 15

 "The Hour is coming but I have concealed it so that every self can be repaid for its efforts."

 This is the 15th verse. The Hijri 1400s are over, we are between Hijri 1400 and 1500. "... but I have concealed it so that every self can be repaid for its efforts." That is exact time of the Last Day.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 16

"Do not let those who have no faith in it and follow their whims and desires debar you from it or you will be destroyed."

Those who follow their own whims and desires have a satanic power of influence. Some people tend to respect people who follow their whims instead of complying with Muslims. For example, they respect more unbelievers, respect more those who stay away from religion, get scared from them somehow; not all of them but most of the people are like this. That's why unbelief becomes more active, more powerful. They support Darwinism which is a system that directly denies the existence of God but because they respect it, they accept that rubbish. They respect Unbelief in their subconscious without being aware of it. However this is a great insult. Darwinism is a system that mocks human intelligence; but because of the respect to Unbelief in their subconscious, because they are not aware of it; each state supports directly and openly.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 51 

"(The Pharaoh) said: "Then, what is the case with the earlier generations (all of whom have passed away, how are they recompensed for their beliefs and deeds)?"

He believes human beings descended from apes, he believes they are strange; that's why he asks "...what is the case with the earlier generations?"

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 52

"He said, ´Knowledge of them is with my Lord in a Book. My Lord does not misplace nor does He forget'."

Of course there is a reference to fate, but humans have always remained as humans.  

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 53

"It is He Who made the earth a cradle for you and threaded pathways for you through it and sent down water from the sky by which We have brought forth various different types of plants."

He made for you the earth like a cradle, a "Mahdi" in Arabic.  Cradle means that in the verse.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 55

"From it We created you, to it We will return you, and from it We will bring you forth a second time." 

We created you from dust in the world, we shall return you to that state and bring you forth once more, God says. So that, creation is happening in the world; on the land of this world.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 61

"Musa said to them, 'Woe to you! Do not fabricate lies against God or He will annihilate you with His punishment. Fabricators of lies are bound to fail'." 

He warns before He destroys,  He tells us beforehand.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 69

"Throw down what is in your right hand. It will swallow up their handiwork. Their handiwork is just a magician´s trick. Magicians do not prosper wherever they go'."

God constantly refers to the  "right hand" in the verses. Not on the left, the one on the right hand.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse:80

"Tribe of Israel! We rescued you from your enemy and made an appointment with you on the right hand side of the Mount and sent down manna and quails for you."

Be careful, again a reference to the right side, right hand side of Tuwa. Stick is on the right hand.  "and sent down Manna and quails for you. " Manna means as a drink.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 94

"He said, 'Son of my mother! Do not seize me by the beard or by the hair. I was afraid that you would say, "You have caused division in the tribe of Israel and taken no notice to anything I said'."

He calls him as "Son of my mother!" to lighten his heart.

Surah Ta-Ha, Verse: 97

"He said, ´Go! In the this world you will have to say, "Untouchable!" And you have an appointment which you will not fail to keep. Look at your god to which you devoted so much time. We will burn it up and then scatter it as dust into the sea'."

Moses (pbuh) turns it into manna. He has learned how to make manna in the palace of Pharaoh. Is it to powdered and thrown at the sea? Gold, that was used to make manna, becomes white powder with fire; becomes a melted dust.


Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 1

"Ta, Sin, Mim." T-S-M.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 5

"We desired to show kindness to those who were oppressed in the land and to make them leaders and make them inheritors."

The verse refers to the global triumph of Islamic morality.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 6

"… and establish them firmly in the land…"

Again a reference to the global triumph of Islamic morality.  

Surat Al-Qasas, Verses: 8 

"The family of Pharaoh picked him up so that he might be an enemy and a source of grief to them."

Note that they see him as an orphan.  Take note of every expression. 

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 12

"We first made him refuse all wet-nurses, so she said, 'Shall I show you to a household who will feed him for you and be good to him?' "

Although he is a little baby, he refuses to nurse from a wet nurse. He was pretty robust, very cute when he was a little baby. Although he is hungry, he refuses to nurse from other wet nurses they brought. They bring another one, he refuses to nurse from her too.  God inspired him, even he was a little boy, he didn't accept nursing from another woman. Eventually they had to bring his mother and he nursed from her. But of course they don't know that she is his birth mother.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 20

"A man came running from the furthest part of the city, saying, ´Musa, the Council are conspiring to kill you, so leave! I am someone who brings you good advice."

Attention is drawn to the man who came running. Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) comes across the Prophet Moses (pbuh) but Moses doesn't realize. He speaks with the leading people within the state. Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is an important member of the deep state. "… so leave! I am someone who brings you good advice." Deep state sentences him to death; death sentence was given for Moses.

That shows us that Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) is intertwined with the deep state.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 23

"When he arrived at the water of Madyan, he found a crowd of people drawing water there. Standing apart from them, he found two women, holding back their sheep. He said, ´What are you two doing here?´ They said, 'We cannot draw water until the shepherds have driven off their sheep. You see our father is a very old man'."

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 24

"So he drew water for them and then withdrew into the shade and said, 'My Lord, I am truly in need of any good You have in store for me'."

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 25

"One of them came walking shyly up to him and said, 'My father invites you so that he can pay you your wage for drawing water for us.' When he came to him and told him the whole story he said, 'Have no fear, you have escaped from wrongdoing people'."

After they drew water from the well, the shepherds place a pretty heavy and large stone on top of the well to prevent others from benefiting from the water. When they are there, Prophet Moses (pbuh) moves the stone, which only ten shepherds would be able to carry. These ladies see him. It is a miracle of prophet Moses (pbuh). It draws the attention of ladies as well. They say "very strong man" for him. "Both conscientious and has good morality but strong" they say; because they've already seen it.           

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 33

He said, 'My Lord, I killed one of them and I am afraid they will kill me;

Not beating, not hurting; he directly fears that they will kill him.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 35

He said, 'We will reinforce you with your brother and by Our Signs will give you both authority, so that they will not be able to lay a hand on you. You and those who follow you will be the victors.'

People who follow prophet Moses (pbuh). Provisions the prophet Moses (pbuh) brought are in the Qur'an. We obey those provisions as well. In that sense, we are "Jews" as well, "Jews" who follow the Prophet Mohammed (saas).           

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 37

Musa said, 'My Lord knows best who has come with guidance from Him and who will have the best Home in the end. The wrongdoers will certainly not be successful.'

To whom will the best Home be given? To Mahdi (pbuh). Actually that is exactly the reason for Pharaoh to behave so impertinent and grumpy. "You're going to rule the state," he says. But Moses (pbuh) only says, “Let me leave with the believers here.” “No, you want to rule the world, you want to rule the state” he says. That is because he also saw sections about Mahdi in the Torah. He suspects from prophet Moses (pbuh).

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 44

 “You were not on the western side when We gave Musa the command. You were not a witness.” This time, God says “You were not on the Western side,” to our Prophet (saas).

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 45

Yet We produced further generations and ages passed. Nor did you live among the people of Madyan and recite Our Signs to them, yet We have sent you news of them."

The news of them are Unseen(ghaib), information that nobody knows.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 48

"But when the truth did come to them from Us they said, 'Why has he not been given the same as Musa was given?' But did they not previously reject what Musa was given? They say, ´Two magicians who back each other up.' And they say, 'We reject both of them'.

It is still like that. The number of people who believe is 30% in Israel. Very low; the lowest when we compare to Europe and the world. These characters still continue.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 49

Say: 'Bring a Book, then, from God which guides better than both of them and follow it if you are telling the truth.'

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 50

"If they do not respond to you then know that they are merely following their whims and desires. And who could be further astray than someone who follows his whims and desires without any guidance from God? God does not guide the people of the wrongdoers."

There is no other True Book, there has to be a True Book. Our Prophet (saas) says, “Let me see if there is a True Book.” But they never had one. Except for the Qur’an, there is still not.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 53

"When it is recited to them they say, 'We believe in it; it is the truth from our Lord. We were already Muslims before it came'."

It has been understood that Jews became Muslims as well.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 58

"How many cities We have destroyed which lived in insolent ingratitude! There are their houses, never again inhabited after them, except a little. It was We who were their Heir."

We do see such disasters taking place in the Muslim world right now. We see the Promise of God being kept. For example, in Kobane, communists who don't believe in God and Qur'an were living in insolent ingratitude; God destroyed them. He has saved the believers there, those believers immigrated and were saved, but He destroyed all the communist tribe who don't believe in God and Qur'an. They pretend not to understand the disaster coming from God.   

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 59

"Your Lord would never destroy any cities without first sending to the chief of them a Messenger to recite Our Signs to them. We would never destroy any cities unless their inhabitants were wrongdoers."

Damascus, Baghdad, everywhere, all are examples. We destroy a city if people living are wrongdoers, God says. You see everywhere that big cities of the Muslim world are being destroyed. That is a execution of this verse.

Surat Al-Qasas, Verse: 60

"Anything you have been given is only the enjoyment of the life of this world and its finery. What is with God is better and longer lasting. So will you not use your intellect?"

They insist on not being wise, not using their intellect.


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (6 April 2015)




Surat Az-Zukhruf, 71: I seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan. Our God says “they will have there” in Heaven “all that their hearts desire and their eyes find delight in” He does not say “certain things”. What does “all” mean? It is all that a human’s horizon, a human’s mind can comprehend. “You will remain in it timelessly, forever” How long? Forever

Surah Fussilat, 31: I seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan. “You will have there” in Heaven “all that your selves could wish for” For instance, God could have said “You will have certain things” but He says “all that you could wish for”. It is up to your imagination, your mind. You will have there whatever you wish to have.

The companions of the Prophet Muhammad (saas) in that area also were curious as those people with this rationale. Hazrat Bureyde relates: "One man asked the Prophet: ‘will there be horses in the Heaven?’” What would people ask today? “Will there be yachts?” “Will there be race cars?” What could people ask in that time? People found horses interesting then. “The Prophet replied: "If God puts you in Heaven and if you desire to ride on a horse of red ruby” look ruby is a material. In other words, it is not flesh or bone, “a horse of red ruby there, it will fly you everywhere there”. Look, there is a vehicle that is both very fast and made of ruby. Today there are luxury cars with red color; they shine like a ruby, really brightly. How does a top model car look like from afar, a red color car? Don’t they shine like a ruby? God says “it will fly you”, meaning you would go with an incredible speed, you could fly if you like. “Then another man asked:” they are curious, asking one after the other “Will there be camels in the Heaven?” He was interested in camels. Today what attracts youngsters for example? Yachts and race cars; these are marvelous for them. “The Prophet didn’t reply to him as before. He stated the following: ‘If God puts you in Heaven, there will be all that you desire” everything that you desire depending on your mind, horizon, your culture and experience, your knowledge “all that is appealing to you eye” Tirmidhi, Heaven 11, (2546). Our Prophet (saas) replied in this manner so that he would understand, because obviously it would go on incessantly otherwise. Someone would ask camels, another one something else. Since it would go on incessantly, the Prophet(saas) explained with the general command of the verse. He answered saying that "there will be everything that you desire, your soul enjoys, your horizon can reach, your cultural background contains".

That’s why they were surprised; some say, “How come there will be yachts in Heaven?” A yacht is an ordinary thing for God. God shows them to you here as a requirement of the trial you are subjected to here in this world. He shows you yachts. It is a big deal for you here but when you see yachts in Heaven, you wouldn’t like yachts of this world at all. They would seem to you at snail-paced. Because the boats of Heaven fly in the air, they dive into the sea, ride on the sea and even talk to you. They follow your orders. For example, “Ride to the opposite island," you would say and it would take you as quick as lighting. If he wishes, one of the servants would take him there or the boat goes by itself. Because everything acts with the wisdom of God, everything is wise there.


Our Prophet (saas) said: "There is a pavilion made of a single pearl with hollow inside for believers in Heaven” Pearl, he says. We look at a pearl, it is something tiny, but let those who live inside that pearl tell us about it. Ask the atoms inside the pearl “how big is a pearl?” They would say “it is as big as universe”. It is infinite. God makes a pearl pavilion, it is made of pearl. In a narrative it says “its width is 60 miles” It is that broad, vast, very broad. “He has a companion at every corner” he has wives, his lawful spouses, beautiful, gorgeous women at every corner, “no one would see each other” they are in separate places. “The believer visits every one of them”. Where is it stated? In Bukhari. Bed'ü'l-Halk 8, Tefsir, Rahman 1, 2, Tevhid 24; Muslim, Heaven 23, (2838); Tirmidhi, Heaven 3 (2530).




Our Prophet (saas) said: “In Heaven, there are gathering places of black-eyed (houris). There, they sing a song with a voice which hasn’t been heard by any creature before.” So, songs are nice things. There are such compositions, such songs in Heaven that the songs that we like the most in the world would pale in comparison. You would be entranced as you listen to them, your heart would melt. You would want to listen to them repeatedly. What type of songs? Hundreds, thousands, millions of them, the houris sing them. Imagine the voice of houris.

"There are entertainment venues where houris gather in Heaven”. Consider places like discos of this world for example. It is stated “They will sing pleasantly with their sweet voices”. “The creatures haven’t heard such beautiful voices until then”. They sing there. The believers go there to listen to them. It is a gathering place. Think of the entertainment venues, it is similar.


“There are no trees in Heaven whose trunks are not made of gold”. There are gold ornaments on the trees; all of them are decorated. There are some birds, for example, they are golden in color, and some insects are golden in color. There, the trees are a golden color. The trees have gold decorations.


“There is no night in Heaven. Heaven is only light and radiance”. [Ramuz al-Ahadith-2, p. 366/4]


Abu Dawood narrated the following: "A caller will call as the people of Heaven enter Heaven and the people of Hell enter Hell: ‘Has not God lightened our faces? Has not He made our balance heavy and saved us from Hell? Just at that moment, the curtain opens and they will look at Him, in truth there is nothing that is sweeter and lovelier than looking at Him”. They see His manifestation and he says “they will enjoy this the most”.


It is narrated from Abu Musa Ashaari (ra): "He said in the Basra minbar as follows: ‘God sent the news and asked the people of Heaven: ‘Has God kept the promise He gave to you?’ ‘They will look at the jewelry given to them’ rings, necklaces, bracelets, endless, “the garments” Why don’t you get surprised at the garments? They get surprised at yachts for example, but aren't surprised about clothes. Garments are custom made. Garments in Heaven will look like garments of this world. There won’t be a huge difference, it is close. But fabric quality is different, they don’t crease, their brightness, color beauty attract attention with every aspect. The garments of Heaven and garments of this world will be similar. “...they will look at the fruits, their pure spouses, rivers”. Rivers are not tiny. Now here we have a river running through the Bosphorus, it is a river of the sea. Where are we? We are at high level. It says “they are in the High Halls, rivers flow under them” big rivers like sea like this; but calm and pleasant “then they will say this: ‘God has fulfilled the promise He gave to us’ The Angel will ask for three times ‘Has God fulfilled the promise He gave to you’ They will say ‘Yes’ as they see everything they were promised has been completely fulfilled.


Narrated from Abdullah bin Mesut (ra); "We were with the Prophet (saas). He look at the moon at the Night of Qadr and said: ‘You will see God clearly like you see the moon right now and you will not have the slightest doubt about seeing Him. Or you will not push each other as you will see Him comfortably'”. So you will see God easily, His manifestation. "Because when God manifests Himself and remove the curtain from their eyes and they see Him, all rivers will rise, and trees will swing and make sounds." The trees are dancing with joy, all of them are conscious. "All pavilions will spark and sound." That means everywhere will light up, there will a sign of liveliness, charm and excitement everywhere. “Fountains will flow faster," to emphasize that enthusiasm, “beautiful scents will enwrap the yards and pavilions.” When God manifests Himself, that scent enwraps everywhere. “A beautiful smelling musk and camphor will be felt. Birds will sing, houris will bedazzle with all their beauty." That is what will happen when God manifests Himself in the Hereafter.


Anas Ibn Malik(ra) related from our Prophet (saas): "When God created the Jannat Al'Adn (Heaven of Al-And) and rooted the trees with His Might, He says "speak". Trees are conscious and they carry the soul of God. "The tree started speaking, 'Muslims have attained prosperity.' After that God said "O the abode of kings, how happy for you." Al Bayhaqi, page 364.

Heaven will start speaking as well when Almighty God says "speak" to Heaven. I mean God tells all of them to speak one by one, since the soul of God prevail everywhere. When He says "speak" to Heaven, Heaven says "O Lord, how happy is the one with whom You are pleased with." That means, to show that His soul prevails everywhere, God shows their characteristics to Muslims. Everything is alive. For instance, that might well be a glass, and when you ask, "How are you?" to a goblet and it will respond, "Thank you. May God be pleased with you." You would say, "Come here so that I can drink what is in you," so you take it and drink what is inside. It goes back to its place. It would do whatever you like. Think about it like a living being, like a living being with an open conscious; it will do whatever you tell it to do.


“Every fruit will have 72 different colors." For instance, grapes; there are 72 different colors of grapes. For instance there are pomegranates in 72 different colors. Here we have only one or two different colors of a fruit. How many colors could an apple be? There are maximum three or four colors. God says that they will be 72 different colors. For instance, there are blue apples and there are yellow apples. But God tells us about colors that we don't know of, 72 different colors. There are only seven colors that we know. But there will be 72 colors in Heaven. We will see new colors for the first time, colors that we do not know of.


One of the companions ask "O the Messenger of God, will there be dates in Heaven? Because I like dates very much." See that they've been asking the same questions as well. People are surprised, asking, "How could there be race cars in Heaven?" Or they ask, "How could there be cinemas in Heaven?" They are presented to you specifically in this world, as a sample anyway, television is created specifically. For instance, it is said that, "In the Hereafter, Muslims will sit on the couches and look around. They will look and from where they sit, they will see people in Hell." What is this? Television. They see everything in three dimensions. I mean there is something like a television. For instance, it may be something made up of quartz, maybe something made up of diamond, but when you look in it you see the images inside. The man is taken aback by that. The fact is, however, God creates that specifically anyway, for you to see the real ones. These people make too much of yachts. Yachts are mediocre things in the Sight of God, they are like nutshells, they are so banal. You are the one making too much of them. On top of all that the roar of the motor etc. in the yachts of this world makes one very uncomfortable. You have to deal with the smell of fuel , the movement of it shaking you on the sea, etc. These are all very uncomfortable facts of yachts in this world. In the Hereafter, they will glide over the water like a feather, not making the slightest noise, without shaking you. They will be spacious, not tiny as most of them are in this world. They will be able to fly if you like or go under the sea if you like. There will be all sorts of food inside. You will simply say, "Come here" to the one of your liking and the food you like will come to you. When you see the yachts in Heaven, you would find the ones in this world as dull and very primitive. For instance, in the hadiths, there are references to malls. The malls here in this world would look very primitive when compared. They are trying to keep them clean all day long. But the ones in Heaven will always be immaculately clean and will never be dirty. Thousands of people would pass by but they will always be immaculately clean.


Heaven will have doors. They will be beautiful, adorned doors; but maybe they will be doors made of light, maybe made of stones like diamonds. We will see them when we go there, insha'Allah.


Heaven will be in layers. Actually Muslims will be able to go to all of them. Think of them as different districts. They will be in layers in that sense. For instance one would be there in Heaven sitting and his friend- as you know, Heaven will be vast- will be 10 thousand kilometers away. He will be able to be there with his friend the moment he thinks of him. I mean they will be traveling with a speed faster than the speed of light and be there instantly. The speed of dreaming is the fastest.


In an account, it is stated that "He will be seen on Fridays." But in other accounts it is understood that He will manifest Himself frequently and that "will be what people will enjoy the most." Our prophet (saas) says, "You will see Him like you see the moon in the sky."


You exaggerate the significance of musical instruments. They are very ordinary things. Ultimately, they are made of strings drawn on a wooden body. Some people make too much of that. However it is something very primitive, very trivial for God. The musical instruments in Heaven are incomparable. I mean in terms of the music they make, in terms of the quality, superiority and perfection from technical aspect, they are incomparable.


Trees do not have such a dull beauty. They are adorned with various stones and gold, well suiting the liking of Almighty God. And we will like them very much when we see them there. But right now when we try to picture them in our minds, we can only think within a narrow sphere. The human brain could only come up with a mundane logic. But we will be breathless with amazement when we see the artistry God created. Right now, we can only know them as a superficial information from a technical point of view.


That is said to express that abundance. It is in the sense of abundancy.


The children of Heaven are small children. All those children who've died when young remain as the children of Heaven. They run around and have fun there.

There are also male servants of the Heaven.

When one enters from the doors of Heaven of course seeing it would be a pleasure for him. When a Muslim is outside of Heaven he would of course be waiting in excitement; once he gets inside those doors he would already be attaining infinity. I mean it might be that Almighty God have created a magnetic field there, we wouldn't know how. However the moment one steps inside, he would be locked on to infinity. It is not possible to be sent out of Heaven. Once he steps inside Heaven, he wouldn't get out.

Our Prophet (saas) says "...there will not be a tree in Heaven that doesn't have roots made of gold." Even the roots of the trees in Heaven are adorned with gold. There is no sense in common soil and a tactless, grotesque tree.


"The Messeger of God (saas) commanded: "There are gifts at the end of these three things (meaning gifts can be given at the end of them). Camel races or horse races or arrow races." That means racing is something our Prophet regarded as nice and acceptable. There will be races in the Heaven as well, Muslims have fun in races. There are car races, yacht races, running races, or even horse races for them to have fun.

"The Messenger of God (saas) used to train his horse and put it in races." He did this personally himself, his horse was very fast, masha'Allah.

Hz. Enes (ra) related : 'The Messenger of God (saas) had a camel named Adba. He used to win all the races with it. One day a bedouin came on a mounting camel and outraced Adba. This offended the Companions." They were all very upset, they became very much irritated with the man just because his camel outraced our Prophet's (saas) camel. Reading their distress from their faces, the Messenger of God said: "It is the prerogative of God to lower everything that He had exalted on the face of the world." What goes up must come down, he says. He says that everything that goes up will certainly come down one day. Even if it is my camel, or my horse, even if it is very strong today, it will certainly decline one day. And that is a very important, very beautiful rule to state. Everything that is perfect today will certainly be perished one day.

Hz Ayşe (ra) related: “The Messenger of God (saas) raced me and I outraced him." So she ran faster than our Prophet (saas).


They ask them, "Did you find what God has promised you?" They say, "We found what God has promised us, we are in Heaven. Did you get your just desserts?" and the others reply, "Yes, we did." They ask, "Did you see that what God promised you was the truth?" And the others reply, "Yes, what God promised us was the truth."

For instance, while Muslims are sitting in Heaven, when they are curious about a place, they have something like televisions there. I mean they are not that complicated devices, they are very easily operated systems. There needs to be a causal link here in this world, but in Heaven there is no such need. Let us say there is a pearl there, they see the image they want to see on that pearl so that they can see. They can see everything they like there. For instance, they can see the people in Hell, they can see the ones who were their enemies while in the world when they want to see them, when they sign for it or when they press a button or may be even when they think about it.


Think about how nice it would be to see the plates and glasses that are made of gold in Heaven. "The sweat of people in Heaven will smell so nice." For instance, here in this world sweat stinks, it necessitates one to struggle to overcome it. People use deodorants, etc.


The accounts state that "Man and woman would have the same feelings just like the heart of a single man. They will have neither disagreements nor disputes." Right now people, most of them, are like cats and dogs; spouses quarrel all the time. Many of them are in constant disagreement, almost like in a war. The accounts state that their hearts will be like one, they will love each other very much and will never have any disagreements or disputes. “Day in, day out, they will praise Almighty God and say "Glory be to God," and say that Almighty God is above all attributes that are beneath His Greatness. Together, as husband and wife, they will say, "My Lord, all praise is to You. You are Perfect, You are above all perfection."


“The whiteness of the houris, that will be given in Heaven can be seen through the seventy layers of dresses they would have on." Seventy layers of dresses are individually seen and their skin is lily-white. That means, her naked body could be seen as well as the seventy layers of dresses, that will be seen individually. "The fineness of the skin of the lily-white women of Heaven that are like hidden eggs, will be like the thin, transparent membrane covering the white of the egg inside the eggshell." (I.Kesir 3/417) That is said to make it understood very well, they are extremely delicate, immaculately clean.


Every Muslim woman will have a tent. And every tent will have four doors. Everyday, every woman will receive a souvenir, a gift, a treat from every door. They regularly receive treats from their spouses that will please them a lot. For instance, right now when they receive gifts, women feel delighted. The gifts they receive here are nothing when compared to the gifts they will receive there. Everything they will be pleased to receive, everything they enjoy, every sort of technical device, etc., everything they got accustomed in the world, everything they liked. None of the gifts they receive will be the same with the one before, they are neither sarcastic or slackers, nor greedy. That means they are not stingy and not cynical. They are very good mannered. "Houris with the eyes of gazelles, they will be like the hidden pearls underneath the mother of pearls" (et-Terğib vet-Terhib, IV, 515-516) The evilness of sarcasm can be understood from that as well as the evilness of being greedy.


God says "everything you fancy." Some people could never grasp the meaning of this. Whatever you like within the scope of your culture, within the scope of your knowledge, whatever you long for will be given to you. For instance, some people like car races, some like yacht races, some like swimming, some like being with women, some like painting.

For instance, we also have a culture of wearing jewelry, here in this world. Actually if we were to give a piece of jewelry from this world to a woman in Heaven, she would be very troubled. She wouldn't like it at all. Even if you give the best of the jewelry, they would have said "no need for it."


There will be no one grumpy, no one impertinent, no one greedy in Heaven. There will be no rage, no fear for them.


There are negatives and positives in this world. For instance, day and night are created, good and bad, beautiful smells and bad smells, bitter food and bad food, there is fear and there is trust. Everything is created with its opposite. That is not the case in Heaven, everything is one sided. Everything is positive.


There is milk in Heaven but we do not know what it is. The milk in this world would seem very crude to us there. The milk in Heaven will be different.


Surat At-Tur, Verse; 23

“They will pass round there a drinking cup to one another with no foolish talk and no wrong action in it."

That means they make toasts.      


There will be journeys in Heaven and they will be very speedy. There is a social life, there are places where the houris gather. In the accounts, it is said, "They gather around and sing." Muslims go there to listen to them singing. That is a place of entertainment. There are places for festivities. There are parties. Muslims throw banquets for one another. Almighty God says "there are two more heavens." So they travel to those heavens. But they will be vast, the world would be like as small as a dot when compared to the vastness of Heaven. There is no end to the lands of Heaven.

"The bodies of the people of Heaven will be hairless, their faces will be beardless, their eyes will be kohled, their youth will never end, their clothes will never get old." (Kutub al-Sittah, Section 167)

“...They do not suffer, they attain infinity, they do not come across death." There is nothing such as beheading in Heaven. But let us imagine that a man's head is severed, even then he doesn't die. His head unites with his body again.

"The people of Heaven have a market place." They have entertainment places, they have malls. They go there every Friday. Then a north wind blows and caresses their faces. Their beauty and finess increases with the effect of that wind. In this way they return to their families even more beautiful. Their spouses say:

"By God, your beauty and finess increased even more after you left!" And men say;

"You too, by God, you have become even more beautiful after we left!" Muslim, Heaven 13, (2833)


"Just like the good side of the cloth is more precious than the lining, the women of the world are more precious than the women in Heaven." They are superior because they have faith, they have strived at the path of God, they have showed patience. Houris do not have such characteristics. "Why is that, o the Messenger of God?" I asked, and he explained:

"God will make their faces radiant because of their prayers, because of their fasting and their acts of worship to God, He will make them wear silk dresses. They will have lily-white skins, their dresses will be green, their jewelry will be yellow, their censers will be pearl and their combs will be gold." Everything they use- think about the things that belong to this day and age- will be of the highest quality. The most perfect materials are used there.


(Surat Ar-Rahman, Verse: 56) “In them are maidens with eyes for them alone, untouched before them by either man or jinn."

"In them are maidens with eyes for them alone." They only take pleasure from their spouses. They are only attracted to them. They are not attracted to other men. They only feel desire for them, that is how God creates them. That is something interesting because other men are very flashy and handsome but they are only attracted to their own spouses.

“...untouched before them by either man or jinn.” Meaning they haven't had sexual intercourse before.

“... There will be seventy layers of dresses on every single women of Heaven and none of these dresses have the color of the other. Likewise they are given seventy different colored scents none other has. For every single Houri, there will be seventy thrones made of red ruby and decorated with pearls and there will be a mattress on every single throne and a chair on every single mattress. For every single houri there will be seventy thousand female and seventy thousand male servants to serve for their every need and service. Along with every server, there will be gold trays carrying various food, so that every Muslim will find a taste and flavor they couldn’t find in the other one, in the previous one… [Tezkireti'l Kurtubi, p. 333/591]” There will be feasts, Muslims will throw banquets for each other. Houris will throw banquets for their spouses. There will be many servants.


“And nubile maidens of similar age…" They will be perfectly beautiful girls with very beautiful, aesthetic, tender bodies and breasts.

“...and goblets filled up to the brim.” See that the word used is not simple glass but goblets.

“...where they will hear no prattle and no denial.” There will be no talk that would distress people, that would make them uncomfortable.

“...a recompense from your Lord, a commensurate gift." That is a blessing, a gift preordained in the Sight of God.


"The people of Heaven will visit one another on white camels resembling rubies. " Think about red rubies, I mean they will be red vehicles. But they will look white because of their light.

"When the people of Heaven enter Heaven, red ruby horses with wings will come to them.” Airplanes. Planes as you know it. “People of Heaven will get on them and fly in Heaven.” That means high quality, beautiful planes. There will be no need for training to become pilots; the planes will never crash. There will be no need for motors. They will be perfect planes.

"There will be a tree in Heaven. Golden horses with pearly saddles and ruby bridles will come out from over and under that tree.” Those type of vehicles will constantly come out of that tree. Think about a garage full of cars; they will come out of that garage. It will be decorated as a tree. That is said for people to understand and expand their horizons. 


New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (26 March 2015)



“On the other hand, in the End Times,  at the time of the Mahdi, forty thousand people whose hearts are filled with faith will run to Yemen, to side with the Muslims." According to the accounts, it is related that forty thousand Muslims will go to Yemen to help in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh). God knows the truth; they might have started the operation in Yemen because of this hadith.


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