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Alhumdulillah you provide light in times of despair and darkness..I am a little confused about the arrival of dajal. Has he arrived in person or in system? Please pray for me!
Usman Sahibzada - PK
The site is phenomenal. You provide your users with logic, science, and alot of wisdom from Qur'an. Thanks, I support your work.
Ethan - US
salam, i read one of your book through my friend and i like it.please, i like to known much about my religions thanks.
aliyu isiaka - US
Please provide your videos and books translated into Farsi. Iran, Afghanistan, Tajhilistan equals 90 million Farsi speakers who are in great need to see and hear your message!
Mehdi - US
Alhamdullilah, and thank Allah for allowing yout to give such honorable works. I am working to translate and distribute your works to as many people as possible. Islam will be victorious and Allah will use you to give us victory. I am certain of that. Inshallah I am excited about the Turkish Islamic Union and I share this with everyone I meet. May Allah save a high place in Jannah for you. Sallam u Allaikum from California USA
Omar Mohseni - US
its a summary of global order (islam)al-hamudu-lillah u r my teacher and i learned lot of things from u masha-Allah i hope from u a full video of al-Quran ul majeed b cause u have organised work i believe the organisatioln itself is a order ( peace) and when world become one single organisation based on physical and social order as per the guid line of Quran it will be total order (Islam)
gffran - IN
i like this site...
shah - PK
I am from Indian occupied Kashmir. After reading and seeing some videos of Harun yahya my Iman got elevated thoroughly and i started thinking more and more about Allah. It is a dynamic work done by You. You are a dynamic Minded Person i have ever seen. This is a gift to you from Allah and you are making right use of it. May Allah Reward you with Janath-e-firdoos.
Abdul Lateef Wani - IN
Your work is very good and impressive. thanks a lot for share. Keep the good work. may ALLAH bless you ameen.
Muhammad Usman Arshad - PK
I'm a critical person. I question many events and things people say with an open mind. Especially in a world of lies and deceit, I believe the importance of being a skeptic. On being on guard against the layers of subtle/blatant carefully weaved lies of the Dajjal and his sistem/his soldiers. I'm responsible for what I accept as the Truth. I question even what I learn of my religion. Cast doubts and removing them and strengthen my faith in the process. So it's not out out of fancy that I say: Alhamdulillah, much of the works presented here are a guide, a shining light, a true knowledge. May this knowledge spread far and wide and shine upon the lives of all the people. Amin.
Hoirul Ismi - SG
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