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Your research work is amazing. I have seen your informative videos and really like them. I think these videos must be shown for FREE in university and colleges.
Aamir Ansari - US
Salaam. Definately this is one of the best Islamic sites i'v come accross. Your books are eye openers,in fact iv been giving out your webaddress to all around me. May Almighty reward you n your team for all your efforts. Keep the good work...
Hauwau Tunau - US
just discovered your webside and will have a closer look on it.i share the same believe in God the creator....if all those intelligent people who believe in darwinism really would use their brain god has given them they would see that such complicate structures in men and animals bodies cannot come by chance .mens airplans or computers didnt evolve but where planned and made by an intelligent beeing,man.they would laugh at you if you told them your car had evolved out of a wooden wheel just from itself because man needed a car. but thats what the evolutionists tell us ,because the cell or animal needed this and that it devellopped from itself.
teddi timm - US
May Al-mighty Allah bless Mr.Harun Yahya And his Colleagues with precious reward for your effort to reveal the truth
Musaddik K.C - IN
I'm a Catholic, not a Muslim, but I was very impressed indeed with Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation which exposes the fallacies of Darwinism.
Kieron Wood - IE
Harun Yahya is a very good man Masha Allah.
Faruk - AU
Jazakalahukhair.Harun Yahya, i must say your work towards upgrading Islam has really change me, and i believe it has also change the attitude of others muslim worldwide. Keep on the good work and may Allah reward you aboundantly(Ameen).
Abdullahi Adamu - US
Asalamualkum plz guide about islam i hav many questions where i get answers
Fazil - IN
As Salam-o-Aliakum! I have to say that Haroon Yahya is a real scientist of this century.What i say(not able to find a single redeeming word of appreciation) more about his tremendous work on religion, science, history,etc in convincing style.......wonderful!May Allah give you more strength and knowledge.
Jawad Kazmi - PK
Asalaamu Alikum WRWR is my best site, I love this site, I am the one who get more islamic movies, books, presentation in English, Farsi and pashto language. I pray for all worker of this site especially to Mr. Adnan Oktar. May Allah Bless you all. Allah Hafiz Hujatullah Jasimi, from Kabul, Afghanistan 12 August 2009
Hujatullah Jasimi - AF
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