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Harun Yahya is a very good man Masha Allah.
Faruk - AU
Jazakalahukhair.Harun Yahya, i must say your work towards upgrading Islam has really change me, and i believe it has also change the attitude of others muslim worldwide. Keep on the good work and may Allah reward you aboundantly(Ameen).
Abdullahi Adamu - US
Asalamualkum plz guide about islam i hav many questions where i get answers
Fazil - IN
As Salam-o-Aliakum! I have to say that Haroon Yahya is a real scientist of this century.What i say(not able to find a single redeeming word of appreciation) more about his tremendous work on religion, science, history,etc in convincing style.......wonderful!May Allah give you more strength and knowledge.
Jawad Kazmi - PK
Asalaamu Alikum WRWR is my best site, I love this site, I am the one who get more islamic movies, books, presentation in English, Farsi and pashto language. I pray for all worker of this site especially to Mr. Adnan Oktar. May Allah Bless you all. Allah Hafiz Hujatullah Jasimi, from Kabul, Afghanistan 12 August 2009
Hujatullah Jasimi - AF
Subhan Allah, Mr. Yahya your works are amazing. I go to your site everyday and read and discover new amazing info. May Allah bless you. One thing I really appreciate is that your not saying stuff randomly, your providing proof from the Quran, Hadth's and using your knowledge based on science. Masha Allah you have done so much in helping me, may Allah bless and give you janat al firdous.
Samina Nasri - US
I really appreciate your work.The whole working body is doing its best to propagate the actual message of Islam.I pray to Allah that he may gleam your work dazzling bright due to your diligence and your efforts remain a cause of Allah's benevolence.Islam will dominate over all religion wholly and solely in every nook and corner.Alla ho-Akbar Kabira
Hafiz Muhammad Qasim - PK
Oh what a blessed society.Harun Yahya has made it. May Gods Blessing be with you.
Ashiru Hamza Muhammad (PT,MNSP,MMRTB) - NG
Assalamoualaikum, Its truly wonderful, a fascinated world in which we immerse ourselves and learn so many things by the wisdom and knowledge that has been given by Allah Taala to you and all yours teams. This Noble site possesses many information a Muslim requires to live in this life (world) and be successful in the Hereafter. May Allah bestow you good patience and more knowledge. Jazakallah Khair
Sanarah Sitarah Bhai - MU
In order for Harun Yahya's work to be heard or showed, it is a must for us to be unified and believe in our great (God,Allah,Jehovah,etc. whatever you want to call him)
Abdulhaleem Sioty - US
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