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Assalamu'alaikum wr.wb This is a greatest time for me to read the "Harun Yahya" voices at his own words. Really, Im sure that; his opinion will changes our mind also all peoples over the world. Its show to us: Moslem is the best faith in the world. Subhanallah. Andhika Industrial Engineering Students Moslem Association of West Sumatera
andhika - ID
Peace be on you. I first visited your site in my teenage years when I was trying to become firm with my faith in Almighty.I was searching many books and was wandering over the internet looking for 'truth'. Finally I landed over your site and downloaded the entire materials you provide over here.My harddisk is full of your enlightening works :) I have not read any hardcopy prints of your books as they're not currently available at my region, but I've downloaded the entire volume of books and films on this site and is visiting this website daily for updates.It was since I saw this website that I realized that what a tremendous blessing internet really is. Since I visited your website, I was able to increase the love and fear I feel for our creator and to learn about His attributes. Your books, prints, documentary films and audio books have enriched my knowledge Alhemdulillah. What I really appreciate is the way you make use of modern media and graphics to make attractive themes communicating the message of Islam. Continue your good work. May Allah increase your rank in paradise. All of our prayers are with you. Peace. a brother from India
Ajmal - US
asalamo alikom ,I Like YOU IN ALLAH , I have ritten some of your books and watched movies, inchalah god Forgive you and all muslim , think and "BARAKA ALLAHO FIK "for all .
- mimo - your brother in allah - DZ
salam harun yahyah mashallah very benefitial work of urs kepp it up...!! and wud inshallah like to work with u someday..!! walikumsalam
creation of allah - UK
Allhamdullillah! May you be rewarded handsomely in this life and the next for your hard and consistant work. How good it is to have a more explained support to my life-long belief (I'm a convert)that things don't happen in a vacum and "just because". My best representation of my belief was that it doesn't matter how many times you throw all the components into the air, you'll never have them fall to the ground assembled as a car!
Farhanahz Ellis - US
Alhamdulillah..i've got lots of information thah realy encourage me to learn more about islam from y0ur website..may Allah bless you
iedah89 - MY
Assalamu'alaikum. Keep fighting materialism by creationism. May Allah bless you.
Fathromi Ramdlon - ID
Assalamoualaikum,Oh God how could we have learned so much about your creations, if not from one of your creatures. You are CHOSEN Mr. Harun Yahya. Thanks to impart your knowledge.
Lallmahomed Bibi Leilam - US
Harun Yahya's books are good translations what Al-Qur'an had mentioned. Very easy to understand. Very logic!
Anita Darienarita - ID
assalamoualaikoum. Harun yahya, you are doing a great job. By reading your books my love for Allah has increased. May Allah give you a long life, full of strength, courage and success in all matters that you undertake.
Noordally Rezah - MU
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