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Alhamdulillah..i've got lots of information thah realy encourage me to learn more about islam from y0ur website..may Allah bless you
iedah89 - MY
Assalamu'alaikum. Keep fighting materialism by creationism. May Allah bless you.
Fathromi Ramdlon - ID
Assalamoualaikum,Oh God how could we have learned so much about your creations, if not from one of your creatures. You are CHOSEN Mr. Harun Yahya. Thanks to impart your knowledge.
Lallmahomed Bibi Leilam - US
Harun Yahya's books are good translations what Al-Qur'an had mentioned. Very easy to understand. Very logic!
Anita Darienarita - ID
assalamoualaikoum. Harun yahya, you are doing a great job. By reading your books my love for Allah has increased. May Allah give you a long life, full of strength, courage and success in all matters that you undertake.
Noordally Rezah - MU
mashallah you have done a great job may Allah reward you janatul can i achieve such a great achievement.
Adan yussuf ibrahim - KE
Assalamoliekum,May peace and blessing of Allah to Harun Yahya and all the colleages.I am really appreciated with your articles and books since i m using ur books i strenghten my imaan and the easiest way to reach Allah is your way.I really appreciated.Pondering on the world will really make us near to Allah.Allah bless you all.
AhmadShah - US
Thank you very much sir for the great service you are rendering to ISLam.Your works have personally impacted on my life positvely.i really dont know how to express my joy to you in words about the insight your works have brought to me.Jazaakallahu Khairan
Luqman Saeed - GH
It was Brother Adnan Oktar who has changed my life way of thinking. Now I have no attraction towards material world rather trying to get nearer to Allah. May Allah bless him in all his efforts to win the battle to truth HAQUE with his Pen. "Pen is mightier than Sowrd.
Abbas Ali - IN
I have been reading your books since 2003,you are doing a great service to us muslims and nonmuslims who are seeking the truth,may Allah bless you.
Muhammad - MV
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