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Dear Sir, I would be greatful if you would put your insights and opinions on the various mysterious ancient ruins e.g. The Ruins of Pompeii , The Lost City of Atlantis , and if they have any significance to some of the warnings of Allah in the Quran.
messi - US
Here Is summary of An Ayat from quran For people Like Harun yahya "No one's talk is better than the person who invites to Allah" You are the best worker for Allah And he will help you in this Great Work
Umair Jamali - PK
May Allah give you more talent and wisdom for your work and the benefits of Islam.
douha - MA
salam alaykom im really intrested in what you do and i see it very fruitful for our new generation to know their relijon through science so i ask your permission to translate some of your works into persian please answer me soon i wish you great boots from allah
mohammadi - IR
Hi, Adnan Oktar, I wanna say that you are a person that a respect a lot. I always believed in God, but now with your books, I have arguments. When I talk with other people, I have arguments on why I believe.With your books it is more easier to explain the existence of God. Recently, one of my best christian friend converted to Islam because of your books.Your message has been hand on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Omar Bentounes, 21 years old, Canada(Qc)Montreal
Omar - CA
I would like to use this opportunity to express my appreciation and an infinite thanks to ALLAH,the omnipotent, the omniscient and omnipresent,peace and blessing of ALLAH be to our exalted prophet Muhammad(S.A.W), who blessed the entire world with genius and advance islamic scholar shiekh Harun yahya, you are one per century, we need thousands of you in the islamic world,I rate you 100 %. However, Shiekh, my advice to you is,please, try as much as possible to train, impact or inculcate this overwhelming advance innovations to our up coming young muslims brothers and sisters in the whole globe and life continuous smoothly, I believed you are doing so. Finally,I would like to call on attention of muslims brothers and sisters to make use of this great man publications, though some of us are not connected to the modern world(lack internet access), if of course country like; Saudi Arabia,Oman,Kuwait,Qatar,e.t.c will take responsibilities(for the seek of ALLAH) of publicizing this genius's work either in the form of CD's,DVD's,tape and some time translate his English version to our local dialect(e.g Hausa,Yaruba,Igbo,e.t.c in Nigeria),I'm very sure this will lead to wonderfully and easiest propagation of Islam in the Muslims world.Shiekh, I'm really impressed, more grease to your elbow,GOD bless,it will be well with you,may ALLAH's favour,guidance and protections be with you wherever you are and reward you abundantly with ALJANNAR FIRDUS!!!
Jameel Auwal Adam - US
As-salam o aleikum.May god praise you for your work.
Behnam Khani - DK
جزاك الله الف خير Thank you very much for book audios they are really great actually the whole web is sooooooo cool God bless you and repay you the best
skychan - QA
really you are a good example for all Muslims, Dr.Harun Yahya Mashaa Allah keep it up hope we learn something from your method of thinking . May Allah guides us all. Amen
Asmaa - EG
your books are indeed a gift to mankind that every one discover his real mission and role on the earth. Also are the strong argument and our duty to convince every atheist and materialistic believer. Disclosing the imposture of evolution is really great that GOD reward you in hereafter.
mm - DZ
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