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Selam ! Tanistigimiza memnun oldum, Thanks Allah for your great job.
Sayed A Zahir - US
Ever since I came across this website, I have not been able to find anything else so interesting. Harun Yahya is Allah's blessing to the whole of humanity. Thanyou for all the knowledge freely provided.
Rehmat Kassam Issa - US
ALHAMDULILLAH...Can't ask for more...He's a great blessing from God to us!
Mehreen Omer - PK
asalaam aliykum to all brothers and sisters MR.harun yahaya u have really taught us many things which has made our iman strong and i wish and hope that everyone makes dua for him and for all the Muslims and thank you for this intresting website may there be peace in the world Amen
Bushra Hamza - AU
Salam to All of you. i have been explore the website and most of the book i have been read. There are so nice book i had never seen before. a very thankful to 'HarunYahya' to publish a lot of Islamic books like that. May ALLAH give you 'GOOD DEEDS' and my blessing you in hereafter.
Mohd Fadzli Sunif - MY
These works of Mr. Harun Yahya have greatly contributed to me in understanding my 'deen' properly. I really appreciate you for this Da'wah through media.
Junaid Muzaffar Lala - IN
Brilliant site, and so good that all your books are available online. I hope this site can bring Islam into the hearts of many, and clarify the many misconceptions about Islam.
Tariq - UK
you are one of the very few left
shayan ghani - US
god bless u mr.harun yahya...ALLAHUAKBAR!!!!!!
shahida tahir - MY
I wanna thank HARUN YAHYA for his great job that he has done. I wish that all of us we'll meet each other in xhenne selam alejkum!
andi tota - US
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