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Mashaa Allah. Wonderful Job it is amezing videos. very intresting facts.
Mahmood - US
you done such a great work,we are all proud of you.please upload some latest books of Mr,Harun yahya.
Hassan Raza - PK
Master, Your works are helping me to locate my Lord ALLAH.May ALLAH be pleased with you. I am trying to copy your works and share with those who are unaware of all your efforts.Please help me and provide me with your new Articles.
farooq tapadar - IN
Dear Sir How I study Harun Yahya. are all books free?Now I am student of science and I have done 12th. Thanks.
Shamsul Huda - IN
Assalamu halaykkum
Faisal - IN
I love this site and hope always get something new and real from here. Thank you very much for this site.
Etha - ID please view this page because an islamic scholar has criticized harun yahyas views. this needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
muhammed Anwaar Ali Mughal - US
Nice here,thank u for.and want u to gve more feature,ok
Jalib jani - US
Those that do not have access to your works really marvel at the little i share with them...but all glory belongs to the grand Architect of the entire universe,the possessor of Might and Majesty, who has guided me to sharing your thoughts...i ask Him to elevate your honor in both worlds...
Thomas Akindele - NG
this website contain useful and amzing information.
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