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Excellent web site I will be visiting often.
mgj - Mongolia
Great tutorial.;
meri - Mozambique
Great Site - really useful information!
jdfh - Guinea-Bissau
I just wanted to say WOW!e
richard - Zealand
Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.-
Tina - Rwanda
Excellent web site I will be visiting often.m
otuyi - States
Looking for information and found it at this great site…f
zasw - Slovenia
Salaam.I started with with the honey bee article.Now I am addicted to this magnificient website which has so many interesting articles which I have never experienced before.May Allah bless Harunyahya and his crew
Rose Dee Bin Karasoo - Malaysia
It's a very good site!
poiu - Luxembourg
Congratulations on launching very useful and meaningful Islamic website.When I visited first really I got alot of knowledge about Islam and presently I am enhancing my knowlege very rapidly.I highly appreciate HARUN YEHYA for launcing such a good site and every one is getting an ample of source of knowledge by visiting it.It would be good,if more and more publications and other informative material would be sent to many educational institutions where specially students would gain alot of by studying.I do hope more and more links would be added in this site as one can get much knowledge about Islam.
Saleem Akhtar Ansari - Shikarpur Sindh Pakistan
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