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excellent work!
537 - PK
Those that do not have access to your works really marvel at the little i share with them...but all glory belongs to the grand Architect of the entire universe,the possessor of Might and Majesty, who has guided me to sharing your thoughts...i ask Him to elevate your honor in both worlds...
Akindele Thomas - US
Assalamu alaikkum. If a devote and sincere person like Dr.Adnan Oktar can assume the spiritual leadership of islamic world, a golden age of peace and prosperity will dawn on humankind, InshaAllah.
Rizwan Abdulkader - IN
Assalamu alaikkum. Your website is the best one in the entire islamic world.I would love to kiss the hands of Dr.Adnan Oktar and take bayath from him. May Allah reward you for your excellent efforts.
Rizwan Abdulkader - IN
I am personally thankfull to Allah that much of my queries are getting answers from your works. The culture of yuga excercise is popular among non-muslim peoples. Is it really the remedy for deseases and mental unhappiness of human as claimed by those who are teaching it.
farooq tapadar - IN
May Allah have more mercy on you,great work, I was amazed with your work and it increases my faith everytime i read your books.
Md Nasim Akhtar Khan - IN
Masha Allah Grade side. May Almighty Allah bless you.
ifham nawas - LK
Allah likes only good persons. all good persons responsibliy is change the world.bad persons aim is very dangers . mr. harun yahya is very very good person . i think in future mr. adnan akhtar ( harun yahya.) work is very popular in all over the world.
adeel - US
Jazak ALLAH khayran and PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ we need subtitles for the 4 films of the miracles of Quran
Omar hussein - EG
Alhamdulillah,at first i thank Harun Yahya,a famous Islamic scholar and one of my favorite personalities, for his innovative works.May Allah give him long life and accept his exceptional good works.
Karimul Hasan Shopan - US
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