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I think I have found my teacher asd he is far from our country.Alloh keeps such teachers
Durkhshon - Tajikistan
Harun Yahya is doing a great job.Every practicing and knowledgeable moslem must have at least read one or two of his books and benefited directly therefrom.Wishing him more greese to his elbows and may ALLAH(SWT) bless and reward him abundantly. Amin.
I have never in my life seen a writer that touches my heart both ISLAMICALLY AND PROPHETICALLY.He wrote up to understanding level and inplant the fear of ALLAH in the mind of muslim community as a whole.
adeola - abdulhameed
To the best of my knowledge,any moslem who claims to be knowledgeable and a practicing one;must have read at least one or two of his books and benefited from it.May ALLAH(SWT) reward him abundantly. amin.
alhaji Buba Umar Uba - N IGERIA
It's a very good site!i
gari - Suriname
Assalaamu alaikum, I want say this on the behalf of my mother that Sir Harun Yahya is a great gift of God for the humanity and "we" the muslims are proud of you.
Uzair Malik - Pakistan
Assalaamu alaikum Sir Harun Yahya or Adnan Oktar. All that I want say is, "You are yourself a MIRACLE of GOD Al-mighty and may GOD bless upon you. You have really saved me from deviating from the right path." Thank you and THANKS to GOD who CREATED you.
Umair Malik - Pakistan
Very effective. Thanx.s
sikh - Georgia,
Nice looking site.a
Helga - Kuwait
Assalaamoe Alaykoem, Shukran to Allah Almighty for granting Harun Yayha and his team, the inspiration and the understanding. Shukran Harun Yayha and your team, for using the mind that has been bestowed upon you to share, g uide and educate us with the understanding and explaining it to us SOOOOOO beautifully, Algamdoelielaah. Take care, all the best and may all your efforts and intentions be accepted Inshallah. Each time I read one book, the other book becomes more interesting, shukran once again......
Faaika Plaatjies - South Africa
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