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your work is greatly appreciated. After ive been exposed by your work, now i can understand how this world works, full of corruption indeed..and about the refutation of darwinism its really something. Im going to tell my friends about this
daniel - malaysia
May Allah reward you and bless you to produce more of similar work.VERY relavant articles and extremely informative.
Mohamed Zakir - UK
Harun Yahya has clarified a lot of misconceptions of mine. I am deeply in gratitude to him for the work he has done and is continuing to do for the good of Islam. May Allah bless him and guide him in his future endevours.
Atif Adel - Bangladesh
It's a very good site!
bily - St.
This is a great tutorial thanks!u
pomn - North
This site truly amazing!!!l
poiu - Central
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site.
Tim - Grenada
Masha Allah. the site is very informative with beautiful clips. its a mile stone and has volumes of knowledge. in my leisure time i and my family visit this site. keep it up.
jaffer hassan abdullatif - leicester, uk
Very effective. Thanx.g
mink - Fed.
May ALLAH accept all your efforts as an act of Ibadah. I am highly impressed with the literary output of Mr Adnan Okhtar (Haroun Yahya). We will need to know more about his marital status and family life. All this will add to our knowledge Mr Adnan. He is a good model for the youth and those who are aspiring to get closer to their creator.
Amoo Taofeek Akanni - Nigeria
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