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may Allah reward you.
saadisu concern - united kingdom
this is a wonderful can help to those who really want to think on islam,and about the truth of thier life.i really appreciate harun yahya.thanks
fozia mumtaz - qatar
your works are quite good,keep the good work going,and may allah guide you to higher truths.
arafat shaikhi - india
Salam, Thank you very much for the really nice works. However I would be very happy if you could extend your other works in different topics as like as the documentaries on the false of evolution theory. As I had seen already different views on the false of evolution theory among some other sources (like books by Morteza Motahhari) my comment is to have a look also at the works done by shia moslems. Those might also be very useful and helpful. May Allah give all moslems the best.
Moosa - Iran
I just want to say thank you so much for this homepage it has pulled me closer to islam. may alah grant you a speciel place in paradise amin.
Abdulhakim mohamad - Denmark
i think you are doing a great job in terms of spreading the light of islam through out the world.i myself have improved a lot by reading your books and reflecting on it. may allah (swt) bless u for the work that you are doing.
minna - maldives
You are great, I like your books and I hope the all of as well be always in the mercy of our lord. Eselamualejkum ve rahmetullah ve berakatuhu.
Idriz Emrullai - Macedonia
mashalla good website
Ambreen - england
Salam alaikum....I really liked this site alot....It has given me alot of knowledge about my religion but I got just one suggestion....I really got many questions to ask about our religion...Please,would you kindly enable us to submit our questions? and if Harun Yahya could get me answers, I ll be very thankful! Hoping to get a response! Allah bless him....
Ansary Hassan - Maldives
This is a very good work...I loved it all and I came to know many things that I havent known before...All the thanks to Harun Yahya...God bless him....Insha allah...
Fathimath Roona - Maldives
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