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i think you are doing a great job in terms of spreading the light of islam through out the world.i myself have improved a lot by reading your books and reflecting on it. may allah (swt) bless u for the work that you are doing.
minna - maldives
You are great, I like your books and I hope the all of as well be always in the mercy of our lord. Eselamualejkum ve rahmetullah ve berakatuhu.
Idriz Emrullai - Macedonia
mashalla good website
Ambreen - england
Salam alaikum....I really liked this site alot....It has given me alot of knowledge about my religion but I got just one suggestion....I really got many questions to ask about our religion...Please,would you kindly enable us to submit our questions? and if Harun Yahya could get me answers, I ll be very thankful! Hoping to get a response! Allah bless him....
Ansary Hassan - Maldives
This is a very good work...I loved it all and I came to know many things that I havent known before...All the thanks to Harun Yahya...God bless him....Insha allah...
Fathimath Roona - Maldives
i was amazed yet enlightened when my friend forst introduced me to the writing of Harun Yahya. the source of this amazement is that when i was in the university of Nouakchott i heard of Darwin and his Darwinism and of Marx and his marxism but i had never heard of Harun Yahya and of his antidarwinist and antimarxist stance, this is due to only one reason: the media shapes subconsciously our personality. and to my great amazement Darwinism is still taught as a scientific truth. partisans of these theories that brought distraction to the world and make of it a waste land have to stop teaching and preaching "conflict" this conflict that these theories take as a principle is the origin of the war that the world is suffering from.
mouhamed Bouya ould Bamba - mauritania
iwould like to enter with your center if it is possible thanks
touab benkhedda - algeria
Im very like your book and your DVD. Very atractive. oh ya, I would like to know about palestine, Irak and bosnia situation. Please give me more information about them. and finally peace for all. and always save our religion, ISLAM. thank you.....
Chalid Susanto - Indonesia
i love ur work and may Allah rewad u people with Janatul fiddausi.ameen
Haruna Bala Musa - Nageria
you have been make me think more wisely.thank a lot
lisa - indonesia
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