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Assalamu alaikum. I dont how to express my deepest appreciation for the contribution your work has made to my life as well as millions of other muslims around the world. May Allah bless you with all the good thing in this life and the life beyond. Please I need to know how I can contribute my quota in changing muslim youth attitude in my community. Many people seems to have forgetten their priorities.May Allah have mercy on us ameen. Massalam
Rahmatu Muhammad - NG
i have learned a lott from Harun Yahya books and articles, his work is extremly impressive and he is doing a great job. My God shower his Blessing on him. amen
sophia tabassum - US
Masya ALLAH,thank you so much,may ALLAH will guide you all to create peaceful world under al Mahdi and Jesus soon as possible.Religious People have been waiting excitingly.!/tasusayumi
abdullatif - US
I attended three conferences in London. I wish these conferences could be longer than they had been so far. How does one form a support groups for muslim women without having too many disagreements regarding how Islam be practiced as an united world ummah rather than the divisions we aree facing at present time. I end with my salaams. Thank Ishrat
Ishrat - US
you are great you are my favourite writer
sunainajawaid - US
excellent information regarding islam
Shaikh Mohamed Arif - US
Bism Allah AlRahman AlRaheem. Jazak Allah khair, May Allah reward you bountfully. i would also suggest you include to raise awarness about a rising issue and that is gospel illusion(magic) which is used by unfaithful missionaries who strive to christinize people in a decieving manner for the purpose of increasing their income budget. May Allah make their efforts in vain and May Allah protect all the Muslims
Fatima - US
mashallah alwahid alahad allah assamad...hello Mr adnan i am blessed simply by your voice...the new era has allready chosen the -here -and- after- the golden age is yet ready to be given. the allmighty glorious allah has awaken your mind farther than others. your work with the masons is a challange...remember: aayatu alkursy !!+ the masons are also our brothers remeber wala ya5chafou min 3ibedihi allaha illa al3oulamou...baraka allah fikoum and my greetings to all brothers and sisters bi mounasabat allmoulid alscharif
jesus2012 - US
I highly appreciate the works of Harun Yahya which are useful to explain islam a lot comfortably. a lot of bengali translation of his works are there. I myself is one of the translator of his books.
Umme Kawsar - US
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