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Or else, so long as the system feeding the PKK sustains, no matter what you do or say wouldn't work. Blood would still be shed in streams.(A9 TV; September 8th, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/209062/annihilating-darwinism-and-materialism-withhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/209062/annihilating-darwinism-and-materialism-withSat, 19 Sep 2015 16:58:36 +0300Darwinism and materialism brings about the Marxist, Leninist, terrorist mindset. (A9 TV; September 8th, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/209061/darwinism-and-materialism-brings-abouthttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/209061/darwinism-and-materialism-brings-aboutSat, 19 Sep 2015 16:56:47 +0300If you annihilate Darwinism, the PKK will be annihilated as well. If you teach Darwinism in primary schools, in high schools day in and day out, some of the people turn out as Marxists, Leninists just like that. (A9 TV; September 8th, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/209057/if-you-annihilate-darwinism-thehttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/209057/if-you-annihilate-darwinism-theSat, 19 Sep 2015 16:49:02 +0300BEFORE THE APPEARANCE OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) THERE WILL BE ARMED COMMUNIST TERROR ACTSNarrated from Abu Jafar: The reappearance of the Qaim will be preceded by two types of death: the RED DEATH…. FIVE OUT OF SEVEN PEOPLE WILL PERISH THROUGH THIS. THE RED DEATH IS KILLING BY THE SWORD. (Sheikh Saduk, Kamal Al-Deen, Volume 2, Chapter 57, Hadith 27)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/New-Information/208824/before-the-appearance-of-hazrathttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/New-Information/208824/before-the-appearance-of-hazratWed, 16 Sep 2015 23:06:28 +0300A political understanding that puts trust on the masses of people with deficient knowledge would be a grave mistake. You cannot say, "They are like our voting pool, they are giving us plenty of votes anyway. They don't understand these matters; they do not know anything about Marxism, Leninism. They don't know the first thing about Darwinism. Let us not rake them up. Things are working fine as it is." That is because these people would come across with that information after a while and a recovery would be much more difficult in such sudden encounters. While we have the time, while we have the means, let us annihilate this trouble with science, knowledge, reason, information and love. (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208683/a-political-understanding-that-putshttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208683/a-political-understanding-that-putsMon, 14 Sep 2015 19:17:30 +0300The mindset stating, "We do have such a ready mass anyway, let us use their votes freely, we can make due with them for a while," wouldn't work. The new generation is swiftly coming and they are enlightened and informed. If you do not educate them in terms of ideology, the youth would be left in the hands of Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists. If that is the case, you cannot get through, you would be brought down. (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208682/the-mindset-stating-we-dohttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208682/the-mindset-stating-we-doMon, 14 Sep 2015 19:15:40 +0300A political understanding, based on people lacking knowledge, would eventually emerge in university youth and high school students brought up with Marxist, Leninist thought. They would then be higher in number. Those who put their trust on the votes of this mass of people lacking information would be put down instantly. We need to educate those people and make them able to easily argue and intellectually defeat them, while we still have time. (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208681/a-political-understanding-based-onhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208681/a-political-understanding-based-onMon, 14 Sep 2015 19:13:41 +0300When people come across an ideology that they cannot deal with, they deny the existence of such ideology. They claim, for instance, "Where is Marxism, Leninism?" What is the name of the system the state fails to deal with then? Against what are you giving a struggle then? They are martyring police officers and soldiers every single day. Who are martyring them? Which ideology is the reason behind it? How could you feign ignorance? (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208678/when-people-come-across-anhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208678/when-people-come-across-anMon, 14 Sep 2015 19:07:39 +0300If you do not train your youth against the Darwinist and materialist way of thinking, you will not be able to defeat the PKK ideologically or politically, you cannot defeat them in any other respect. (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208677/if-you-do-not-trainhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208677/if-you-do-not-trainMon, 14 Sep 2015 19:05:35 +0300A great portion of our youth are brought up as people fond of turning the corner. All they care about is to get married, to get on with their own business, to have a good car and to live a joyous life. But in the ideology of the PKK, their youth aim to make Stalinism prevail as soon as possible, to unite the Middle East around the communist, Marxist, Leninist way of thinking, to establish a proletarian dictatorship and they go and sleep in the mountains in those caves to attain these goals. They do not even care about getting married, having this or that. Most of them are university drop outs; they leave their schooling and live a life concentrated merely on these goals. They read day in and day out and increase their knowledge. (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208675/a-great-portion-of-ourhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208675/a-great-portion-of-ourMon, 14 Sep 2015 19:01:46 +0300You cannot blend peace, brotherhood, kindness and good morality with a Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist way of thinking. There is violence and terror in Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist thought. All kinds of treachery, plots and vileness are permissible until they attain their goals. They find it acceptable to rob banks, kill people, burn down places and commit sabotage; these are all permissible for them. (A9 TV; August 31st, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208674/you-cannot-blend-peace-brotherhoodhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208674/you-cannot-blend-peace-brotherhoodMon, 14 Sep 2015 18:58:56 +0300All of Turkey rose up in protest over 15 or 20 trees at Gezi Park. Now we are losing dozens of martyrs, but nobody says a word. Turkey must rise up in protest again Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV on 15th August 2015http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Excerpts-from-conversations/208656/all-of-turkey-rose-uphttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Excerpts-from-conversations/208656/all-of-turkey-rose-uphttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/24-adnan-oktar-in-sohbetlerinden-secme-bolumler/150803.jpgMon, 14 Sep 2015 12:14:03 +0300God merely wishes His servants to love Him. He delights in our loving Him Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV on August 3rd, 2015http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Excerpts-from-conversations/208567/god-merely-wishes-his-servantshttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Excerpts-from-conversations/208567/god-merely-wishes-his-servantshttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/24-adnan-oktar-in-sohbetlerinden-secme-bolumler/150803.jpgFri, 11 Sep 2015 12:25:59 +0300Islam is a religion of joy and happiness. But the radicals are trying to darken its light and purity Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation on A9TV on August 3rd, 2015http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Excerpts-from-conversations/208559/islam-is-a-religion-ofhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Excerpts-from-conversations/208559/islam-is-a-religion-ofhttp://imgaws1.fmanager.net/Image/objects/24-adnan-oktar-in-sohbetlerinden-secme-bolumler/150803.jpgFri, 11 Sep 2015 11:46:05 +0300Although the PKK has an ideology, the state does not stand against them with a counter -ideology: That is the reason why the PKK still remains active. They can only be defeated by Turkey giving an anti-Darwinist, anti-Stalinist education and by explaining the invalidity of the PKK's ideology with scientific proof. (A9 TV; August 23rd, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208114/although-the-pkk-has-anhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208114/although-the-pkk-has-anTue, 08 Sep 2015 00:34:46 +0300Marxism is a science, but it is a false science. It is also a twisted faith. You need to respond to this twisted understanding of science with real science. If you do not respond as such, you would be defeated; if you are afraid, you would be defeated. (A9 TV; August 22nd, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208113/marxism-is-a-science-buthttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/208113/marxism-is-a-science-butTue, 08 Sep 2015 00:31:52 +0300There is a Stalinist, communist uprising and these people are determined to establish a communist state in the region. Let us deal a blow to their ideology. Darwinism should be taught in schools, but the comprehensive scientific response should be given as well. Communism should be taught, but its invalidity should be taught as well. We can only attain results if we respond with knowledge and information. (A9 TV; August 19th, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/207904/there-is-a-stalinist-communisthttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/207904/there-is-a-stalinist-communistSat, 05 Sep 2015 03:03:33 +0300If they were to throw down books on the PKK, it would be an incredible shock for them. If they were told about the invalidity of Darwinism, materialism, if books were distributed to people with trucks, with helicopters and planes, if they were told about the falsity of the PKK’s ideology, the Earth would move. The plots of the deep states of the US and the UK would be disrupted. That would raise a stink worldwide. (A9 TV; August 10th, 2015)http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/207520/if-they-were-to-throwhttp://www.harunyahya.com/en/Adnan-Oktar-Says/207520/if-they-were-to-throwSun, 23 Aug 2015 22:47:14 +0300