Islamic union is the only way to put a halt to oppression

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RFA (Radio Free Asia)-June 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: There is only one union. That is the Turkish-Islamic Union. It rests on the most perfect, most splendid, powerful and credible foundations. This is a just union acceptable to and including everyone. It will defend Armenians within the Turkish-Islamic Union. And Israelis and Jews. And Buddhists. And atheists. It will protect and embrace them all… The Turkish-Islamic Union needs to be sped up... It has to be really accelerated …This will also allow Israel to relax. It will mean the immediate end to all the conflict in the region. Because, as you know, Palestine is suffering; but Israel is suffering, too, and there is the ever-present possibility of a bomb dropping on their heads. Israel lives behind walls. They are literally prisoners. But they have made themselves prisoners. They have locked themselves behind walls. Let us tear those walls down. Let commercial vehicles roll up there. Let busses and lorries go there. Let ships go, by sea. Let things be made easier… You can do it with love and friendship...

Daily Milli Gazete-June 19,2008

"Islamic Union Is the Only Way to Put a Halt to Oppression"

2009-01-04 18:10:13

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