Turkey and Iran are establishing joint industrial region

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Excerpt from Press Conference March 8-2008  

Press: You have mentioned about a political system based on Islamic Union, could you expand on this? How will this system be established? How will the current nations be integrated to the system? Could you expand on it? 

Adnan Oktar: Let me explain this system. For one thing, each state remains as independent in this system. In other words, Turkey remains as Turkey, Azerbaijan stays as Azerbaijan, Turkestan is Turkestan, every state is seperate. This is a union of hearts, a union of love.  A union of fondness, based on human love, cooperating against terrorism and violence, cooperating in economic developmentIt is a great idea which keeps the altruism, generosity, and love of Allah in the foreground.

Milliyet July 09- 2010

Turkey and Iran Are Establishing a Joint Industrial Region 

Nihat Ergun, the Turkish Minister of Industry and Commerce, stated that a joint industrial region, which is deemed to be around Igdir, Agri, Hakkari-Yuksekova or Van, will be established.

2010-08-23 01:21:06
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