Adnan Oktar's Life


A9 TV; 2 November 2011

Surah Yusuf, 38:

I hold fast to the creed of my forebears Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.

I read this verse out as evidence in court. They demanded that I be sentenced to 25 years for saying, “I am from the Turkish people and from the nation of Islam.” That was apparently extremist propaganda. That even appeared on my prison ID. “Crime; extremist propaganda.” Twenty-five years. Look, “I hold fast to the creed of my forebears Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.” one says. The creed of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob. I said to the judge, “Look, Sir. This verse speaks of the creed of Abraham. Muslims are a nation of Muslims. That is why I said that.” But it was no good… Ten months in the mental hospital and 9 months in solitary. Then 19 months later, they said “You are right, there is nothing criminal in what you said. You are free to go.” “May Allah be pleased, thank you,” I said. And so I left. All things are for the best, of course. There is beauty in all things. When Almighty Allah had the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) imprisoned, that was for the best. And it was also for the best when I was imprisoned and when I was released again.

A9 TV, 4 September 2011

I am 55 years old. I cannot remember any burden I was unable to bear. They put me in a mental hospital, for example, among the most crazed lunatics. I thought of the verse, and I was not distressed at all. I was perfectly comfortable there. They put me in a ward with mad people in the hospital. I was perfectly comfortable there, too. Nothing happened. Everyone where I was held had killed someone. They brought people who had killed while in prison to that ward. They were all around me. But I made friends with them and talked to them. The prison colonel even said “I am sending them all to the master.” In other words, the people on my ward were people who had killed many times over; not just one or two, either, it was full of them. “They have become unable to even hurt a fly and filled with love alongside the master,” he used to say, insha’Allah. You can ask. The colonel is still around. He is young. The prison colonel used to tell everyone. These are part of the test. It is Allah Who creates them. Fights start over nothing in prison, anything can happen. But nothing did. For example, the mental patients broke down my door and they killed seven people during my time there. But nothing happened to me, alhamdulillah. I was not even uneasy. I was perfectly relaxed. Allah makes difficult conditions pleasant. The lunatics there thought I was a doctor. They were astonished. Wondering what I was doing there. Most of them were on another planet, shouting and screaming. They were unaware of how to meet their natural needs. But I lived quite comnfortably there. Doctors and nurses used to appear and they would be amazed. That stems from the frightening atmosphere in the place. Why does this all happen? The test, so one can have a fine pass. I have always encountered difficulties right from childhood, alhamdulillah, and that has strengthened and honed me. Otherwise, who knows how I might have turned out? One stops growing. These difficulties are also the reason why I am so joyful and full of love. They are instrumental in one thinking deeply, becoming a person who reflects deeply.

A9 TV; 5 November 2011

They held a welcome for me when I first came to Istanbul. I am not complaining about them, as they did not know me. But they shot at me seven times, though nothing happened to me, thanks be to Allah. I have been detained around 100 times. But nothing happened. I have no criminal record. Not even a traffic violation. I am now 55, and they have never harmed me. They imagined they could soil my quality of life. They were jealous. But my quality of life increased many times over. They tried to separate me from my loved ones. But the number of people who loved me just grew. They were jealous of the love and interest women showed me. But Allah has given me hundreds of times more women friends, or colleagues, sisters. They envied my wealth. And Allah bestowed an amazing wealth on me. Many times more. They envied my health, but Allah gave me wonderful good health and fitness. He gave me youth. And now Allah has given me television channels and radio channels, insha’Allah. I have some surprises in store. Allah has been instrumental in our setting up foundations. He has imparted the most enormous wealth and strength, alhamdulillah. He has given me a huge preaching ability. I have received wide acceptance from the whole Islamic world.  Look, Iran does not allow anyone’s books to be sold. Only my books are sold. All Islamic activities are banned in Russia. Only ours are unrestricted. The Russian secret service told us quite openly, “we will give you special support, and you can do what you like.” The Russian secret service detained our colleagues twice, but in a very friendly manner. “You can operate where you like,” they said. “In all the mosques, or anywhere you like. Your books and everything are unrestricted,” they said.  “If you have any problems, tell us,” they said. But they have banned activities by anyone else. But we are free everywhere, masha’Allah. You can see how everyone at all levels of the state supports our channel. It is supported by all parties. Every party. Because we are honest. I am honest. I live for Allah, I have no greed, no worldly greed. I have no party axe to grind. Because all of Turkey is my party. The whole nation is my party. I love everyone. Everyone, bare-headed or covered up or anything. I think they are all devout believers.

A9 TV; 8 October 2011

I have avoided the blessings of this world all my life. I have always striven for Allah’s approval. But Allah has always smothered me in blessings, masha’Allah. I look and see the finest house, the best care, the best food, the finest people and the best of everything. Because I always seek the best. And Allah always responds with it. For example, I avoid worldly interests. But wherever there is beauty and wealth and goodness, Allah brings them to me. Allah offers the best of everything, masha’Allah, alhamdulillah. But He does so silently, under His law. For example, the global dominion of Islamic values is something I desire very much. I began around 1979, and I now see that Islam is prevailing. I see that the way of the Mahdi is true. The return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is true. Everything has come true.

A9 TV; 10 November 2011

(In response to a viewer who inquired how Mr. Adnan Oktar looks so young and healthy)

What do I do? Well, I am careful what I eat. I am careful to eat olive oil and vegetables. I also use pure soap for washing, good soap, insha’Allah. Soap made from olive oil. That is all. What else can I do? Anything else is just a bottomless pit of money. I refuse to go down that road. And there is no logic in it. The body is nourished from the inside. You cannot intervene from the outside. You can do what you like on a building that has fallen down, but that building will remain fallen down that. You have to restore it from the inside. If the body is healthy from the inside, if you nourish it from the inside, if you give it good food and clean food, that is fine. Avoid allergenic foods. Chocolate day and night is no good. Stay away from coffee. Egg yolk is high in cholesterol and partially toxic. Too much of it disturbs the body. But foods with plenty of olive oil are good, insha’Allah.

14 November 2011; A9 TV

(In response to a viewer who said, “Islamists’ opinions are generally conservative, but not yours.”)

Yes, I am not conservative. I try to be expansive, insha’Allah. I am on the side of freedom, and democracy, and love, and fervor. I favor what is good and beautiful. I am on the side of truth. And beauty and art. Therefore, I am also on the side of the essence and truth of Islam. I am a sword of knowledge against bigotry, insha’Allah. I am a sword of knowledge against corruption, insha’Allah.

The fact is that the good thing about us is this: there is a terrible, deadly hatred of fanaticism in the world. They first inflict the scourge of fanaticism on Muslims, and then slaughter them. They put them in the midst of bigotry. The fanatics say, “Come and be a fanatic.” They turn them into fanatics and then put them to the sword. Fanatics are also highly irrational and foolish. They cannot explain anything. These idiots can only behave like hyenas among their own circles. They cannot stand up and discuss matters at the Istanbul Technical University, for example, or Robert College or METU. They would merely be laughed off the premises and humiliated. They in any case have no self-confidence because of their stupidity. They could never do that. But I go to places these types could never even bear, or imagine, and talk explicitly and convincingly about Islam and the Qur’an, in such a way that no objections can come from the other side. But the fanatics talk about things utterly foolishly and stupidly and inconsistently, in a nonsensical manner. They are harmful. I am always trying to put right the harm they do, to correct their inaccurate statements. And I have been really successful. Normally, Iran would long since have been invaded. But I prevented that by dint of intensive efforts. They were thinking about it last year. I am now trying, insha’Allah, to make up for that strife. They try to provoke war between Israel and Turkey, but I calm things down again. They spread corruption. They then try to provoke conflict somewhere else, and I calm that down, too. But this is all a religious observance, of course, and a good thing, masha’Allah.

Ibn Arabi says that hypocritical teachers will oppose Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But this is explicitly set out in the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) and Shiite sources; Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not now Arabic. That is an important characteristic. It means he is not in Mecca and Medina, insha’Allah. Cübbeli [hodja] also says, “he has not been trained in a madrassa.” “He is not affiliated to one hodja or sheikh,” he says. In other words, “he has no special learning. Allah has given him divine inspiration.” “He has given him special knowledge.” “That is why he is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh),” insha’Allah.

I have been instrumental in millions of people coming to have faith. I have saved millions from the scourge of Darwinism and materialism. I have been instrumental in strengthening the faith of millions of Muslims through my books and works. You cannot do it all at once. You have to do it in stages. You must first talk about faith. You must give people fear and love of Allah. You must settle that first of all, not last, insha’Allah.

A9 TV;  September 1st, 2011

The way I take pleasure from beauties offends them for they indeed hate everything. He sees a flower but can not take any pleasure from it; he sees an animal, a cat but he is unable to take any pleasure. He sees a landscape but takes no pleasure. They feel suffocated. They either go and drug themselves to numbness, or try to vent their anger on others by acting aggressively. They see that I get more youthful, healthier, younger and better everyday. All their schemes come to nothing. Backed by many of the sympathizers or supporters of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization, who are members of many organizations and institutions, including some journalists and media bosses of the mainstream media, they engage in  an enormous struggle against me. How many years has it been? 20 years. What happened? Within 20 years I grew younger, stronger and wealthier, and our impact became more widespread. I became known all through the world. The number of those loving me multiplied.

Indeed, Allah creates beauty all around me. They look to see that hundreds of people love me very much whereas they have not a single woman having love for them. Not a single woman. I have hundreds of them; let alone one or two. Moreover, they love me with love and obsession, with love of Allah. This makes them feel terrible, they get incredibly bored. They understand that I love women in the true sense of the word. They understand that I really love animals, plants. So to speak, it  causes  tremendous harm to them to see that we are full of love; that my friends are young, healthy, that everything we deal with come to fruition, that we succeed in every field. We will accordingly continue to make them angry, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; September 2nd, 2011

They tried to stop me. If they wanted, they could stop us a thousand times. I am a servant of Allah. I am an ordinary person. At those times freemasons were very active. We are already on the top of the list of the alleged Ergenekon terror organization. They strove with all their might and main; resorted to every sort of scheme or plot. Surely I do not include some of them; I mean some particular power centers. Some of them slandered us through the mainstream media sources they had; some of them plotted, made schemes etc. The newspapers mostly try to create a public opinion against us through defamation. But what a defamation! They constantly made headlines against us; gave us no pause for breath. So did the TV channels. What happened? Nothing. Thanks to Allah we proceeded assuredly, in a perfect manner.

A9 TV; September 7th, 2011

You may live without love, but I cannot. May Allah forbid, I would die without love. Love is my soul. I am in love with Allah. I am madly in love with Allah. The source of this mad love is the love of Allah, insha’Allah. Look at my life and then at yours. All my life was spent in prisons, police stations, mental hospitals. Could have they ever deterred me even a little bit? I have been threatened hundreds of times. When I came to Istanbul, they fired seven bullets on me. In no way have  I given up. Would I ever give up? Never. Every day my crazy love increases even more. My exuberance increases even more. I came here with an hour's sleep yesterday. The day before I slept three hours. There is no time. We have so much work to do, masha’Allah.

A9 TV;  October 16th, 2011

Because my love is for Allah’s good pleasure, it is seated on very sound grounds. In my mind, I make these grounds very clear. In my case, compassion, respect and appreciation flourish in line with love. This aside, when I love, I love for a lifetime; that is to say, my love is not temporary. Mine is a love that strengthens very steadily and flourishes on good grounds. I feed the grounds of my love very well. For instance, I steadily make an assessment in my mind and make those grounds more solid by considering the reasons of my love. I also do not take any steps backward. For instance, I erase any unfavorable incident from my memory right at that moment; I simply avoid thinking over it. I do not let anything remain that will tarnish my love. If there is something wrong, I am not offended or get angry; I correct it and then go on loving. I do not allow  acts that will harm my love. That is why I have a love that is very consistent, resolute, strong and progressive.

A9 TV; November 17th, 2011

They say, “Why do they assault you?” Why would they not? You will be an arm of the system of Mahdi (as) and then they will not attack you! “Why do they especially slander you?” If you flatter dajjal, dajjal does not touch you. If you take refuge in dajjal, he does not bother you. If you serve him, he has no business with you. If you become a pitiful person watching dajjal from a distance, he does not disturb you. But if you go and assault him, dajjal would surely roar. He struggles with all his effort and attacks you. This is something known. What happens to the prey of a lion? It welters while others simply watch it. We attacked dajjal like a lion; surely it will welter. It will curse, moan, shout, yell, etc. I pay no mind to them. By Allah’s leave, we clasp him by his throat. Before the eyes of the entire world, I raze the system of dajjal. Alhumdulillah, Masha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 20th, 2011

(In response to the claim “Your followers write the Books”)

They say, “The so and so book had been written by that person.” All right but if he had written it, this brother had left the group. Why has he stopped writing as if he hit a wall? Now that he has such a talent, he can continue writing. He can write as he wishes. He simply can’t because he lost his soul. His soul disappeared.  Faith disappeared, excitement disappeared, people’s targets, goals, ideals disappeared. What has been left? Talking nonsense under the guise of so called intellectualism. You cannot write with intellectual nonsense. You cannot do anything. You can wander around. You cannot do anything. Such endeavor, our books demand soul, wisdom and love. I take my students at a time when they know nothing and educate them into such scholars that people say that they are the ones writing the books. That is nice and it is true masha'Allah. But who educated them? Notice what they say, “He educates scholars who can write books.” Then who is the one that writes that book? Allah creates everything. Allah makes us instrumental for that.

(About a reference to the Gospel telling about there being an earthquake on the day the followers of the Prophet Jesus (as) were detained) 

This is important in terms of the emphasis of destiny. [There was an earthquake on the day of Mr. Adnan Oktar’s arrest]. We are arrested on that day, and there is an earthquake. Allah causes it as a distinguishing sign in destiny. There is an earthquake on the day when the followers of the Prophet Jesus (as) are arrested. That is also a determinant of destiny. It is significant in terms of pointing to destiny, insha’Allah.

Being accused of madness is a great blessing for me. A great honor. The Qur’an reveals that our Prophet (saas) was called crazy. That is great. The great strugglers striving on Allah’s path have always been called crazy. They said that Bediuzzaman was insane. That is a great honor, masha’Allah.  And it is documented, not just made up. They will say that Hazrat Mahdi (as) is insane when he comes, because the Mahdi (as) is the essence of all the prophets. He will also be called insane. They will say he is a sorcerer and a liar and a trickster. He will be slandered in many ways. But we are the followers and supporters of that blessed one, insha’Allah. 

(About the heavy hail in Ankara (in Summer))

I have never seen such hail in the last 60 years. It starts all at once and no technical precautions are any use. It is really heavy in Ankara, and most intense in Çankaya. This is a sign. Allah is sending a message. He is showing us His greatness and might. Almighty Allah is attracting our attention to Himself. So we can properly love and appreciate Him. As Allah says in one verse, “They do not measure Allah with His true measure.” It is very important to properly appreciate Him.

“In the same way that Almighty Allah fills the sky with clouds and causes them to empty in a moment, so He may disperse the oppression of the Islamic world with Hazrat Mahdi (as) who raises sea storms in a second and produces examples of summer in spring in a single hour or winter storms in summer in an hour. And He has promised this, and will keep His promise.” (Letters, 411-412)

Bediuzzaman says that examples of winter will appear in summer in discussing Hazrat Mahdi (as) in the End Times. For those who can understand and look with comprehending eyes. Those who ignore the fact are different.

I have been describing the Qur’an for the last 30 years, and I will lose none of my fervor if I continue to do so for the next 30. Indeed, I will talk about it with even greater fervor. Fortitude is one of Muslims’ most fundamental characteristics. They must be patient, with good moral values and behavior and with love. One must not confuse fortitude with endurance. Fortitude is steadiness on continuous religious observance performed with the fervor of observance. One continues with one’s religious observance with patience. It does not imply suffering and feeling pain. It does not mean endurance. Allah says ‘Be patient’.         It means determination in religious observance. Determination in moral virtue, respect and cleanliness. Being always clean, generous and forgiving, always preaching the word and always being protective. Someone may say, “I have always been generous for the last 10 years.” That is no good. He must continue till the end of his life. “I have been forgiving for 10 years” he says. But he must continue to be so. If that religious observance is stable, then it is valuable; if not then it is no good, insha’Allah.


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