Good Family - Bad Family


A9 TV;  October 16th, 2011

A family with moral perfection is blessed. The phrase, “Every family is blessed” is not true. There are those imposters, those who try to push their daughters into illegitimate acts, those who try to reap benefits from them. There are those parents who are the members of the terror organization (PKK), those who push their daughters into immoral acts, into drugs. We can not call these parents to be “blessed”.  They are simply immoral. Not every mother or father is blessed. We call only those parents of sound mind who are pious, respectful to ideas and faiths as blessed parents Insha’Allah.

There is no severity in Islam. A Muslim forgives but a father rapes his daughter and there are thousands, tens of thousands of cases. An uncle or a brother attempts to rape. One finds a reason to stab his wife or to throw nitric acid to her face. They say, “That family is blessed; do not say anything.” So what is blessed about it? A blessed family pays meticulous attention to his religion, faith, morality; they are full of love and they are democratic and loveable. They do not intervene in people’s opinions; they have respect and love for people. He loves a human being only because he is a human being; for Allah’s good pleasure. These are the people who we call a blessed mother or a blessed father.

A9 TV; October 14th, 2011

As long as parents do not intervene in one’s faith and the way he lives by his religion, it would be haram (unlawful) to be at odds with one’s family. But if they bother you, and do not want you to live by Allah’s religion, a child does not say, “Yes, I am at your service;  come and beat me.” That would be unbecoming. They say, “Would any parent dare that?” So why are  penitentiaries full of prisoners? There are parents who murder their kids. There are parents who cut their kids into pieces, rape their children. Incest is tremendously widespread. The ratio of reported cases of incest is twenty percent. How about the ones that are not reported? Incest is unimaginably widespread. A father rapes his daughter, a brother rapes his little sister. Immorality, infamy is widespread. These are surely not reported to the related authorities. How can a young girl come up and say that such an incident had happened? How can she speak out? She cannot. There are such fathers who cut their daughters into pieces; there is no end. They take the kid to an desolate place and cut her throat. He cuts her body into two pieces. Then they say, “It is not becoming to say a word against a father.” He simply cuts the kid; how can you not say a word? For instance, the kid goes to the police station and says that her father will kill her. The police officers say, “How can it be possible? It is your father, go to your home with heart’s-ease.” Then her father takes the girl and cuts her like a sheep. Then it appears in the headlines. Prisons are full of killers who are parents. There are thousands of them. One respects those parents who have respect for Allah, the Book and the blessed values. How would one feel respect to those parents who assault your faith? That mother or father is not blessed; they are blessed only when they abide by Allah and His religion. If they tempt you against Allah’s religion, Islam and the Qur’an, if they attack you because you make Muslims your friends, they are no longer blessed. How can they be blessed? There are those who force their children into immorality, into prostitution. How can a child express it? This is a secret tragedy. A secret predicament. It is a very great disaster. It has no limits; incest is unbelievably widespread; it exists in Turkey, in Germany, in France . The number of those who prompt their children into immorality is incredibly widespread. They ask their daughters to go and find a rich husband for themselves. The guy is a bad lot, but it makes no difference for the father. Another man is reliable, he is a Muslim but he does not want him because he is poor. But if a man has money but is mean, then the father finds him proper for his daughter. There are those imposters, members of the PKK terror organization, those raping their daughters, attempting to sell their daughters. Prisons are full of people committing such  reprehensible crimes. There are various kinds of men.

A9 TV; November 17th, 2011

(Regarding the criticism made, “You talk to women wearing revealing clothes”

I simply don’t understand; they say, “You have ladies with low-necked clothes sitting across you.” I see women wearing such attire, even wearing bikinis, thongs appearing on all the other channels. Why do they find it bizarre that we have ladies in our studio? I can’t understand it. Allah knows the truth, but it must be jealousy. The main reason must be jealousy, because there are many women with low-necked dresses on streets. For instance, they go to beaches in the summertime. They all wear bikinis. 90 percent of those who criticize me wear swimwear. Swimwear with two parts. This is the most advanced form of décolleté. They spend all summer, two months, three months in this swimwear. They wear it in the midst of everyone, right? I am really in difficulty to grasp this. So Allah knows the truth; it is jealousy, nothing else because, to tell you the truth, the one thing people feel most jealous about – and the one thing they can not express- is sexuality. It is what they feel most  jealous about. That is why people commit murders. It is the major reason for the homicide of women. It stems from men’s feelings of deficiency. It hurts their pride; they go and shoot the women. They become concerned when the woman likes someone else. He feels doubt; that is why they commit homicide. If they feel secure about themselves, nothing of that sort happens. That is why they also say, “You are hypersexual”, “Sex flows from your eyes”, “Sex flows from your speech.” Let’s not talk then; not go out. What kind of  talk is this? What kind of a mindset? “Hypersexual”; it is a rationale that you develop within the framework of your thought. All right; even if it is hypothetically true, all thanks to Allah. Is it a crime to be potent? This is not something unusual. It is a portent of health, of beauty and goodness. It is very aberrant to bring these issues to the agenda as if it were a crime. What matters is to pay meticulous attention to what is lawful and unlawful. Once it happens with your lawful spouse, it is a blessing and beauty for a Muslim to be potent. All the prophets were potent. So were the Companions. Thanks be to Allah. It was not a matter to accuse them. Then, hypocrites were very jealous of our Prophet’s (saas) power. They envied him. Many of the verses in the Qur’an relate this issue. This was the sole issue for hypocrites; the potency of our Prophet (saas) and the love he felt for hypocrites. This was what they felt jealous of. Our Prophet (saas) was handsome. They were also jealous of it but when we look at the Qur’an, we see that they did not dwell on that. The sexuality of Prophet Joseph (as) had also been a main problem. That is to say, they laid stress on it. The sexual impact he had on women; they made it a problem. We see this clearly when we look at the verse, Insha’Allah. Consequently this is a style stemming from the jealousy of impotent people, weak people. This is the issue, and nothing else. A style that they use under the influence of frustration, pain and torment of knowing that they are themselves weak. When I look at  Facebook and similar sites, I see that this is the main issue. Very odd, because there are ladies with revealing clothes everywhere. This does not seem logical to me. They all go to beaches, wear thongs and bikinis. They run, etc. They find all that normal and reasonable, but when these ladies sit across me, it disturbs them, they find it awkward. I can not understand this. Also it is available on all channels.

A9 TV; October 25th, 2011

(Upon the question that says "I have been quarreling with my mother. I want neither of us to get offended. What do you think I should be doing?")

What should you be doing? Go and kiss your mother. Go and hug her. Squeeze her cheeks. You will say, "I am at your service." That is it. Would a mother's heart ever be broken? But if she is attacking your religion, your faith and the things that you hold sacred then that is not acceptable. In the verse Allah says that there is no permission for that. That is not acceptable. Then that means the time for separation has come. That would not be acceptable. But one's father might be drinking and might say, "I have got drunk, come get me from the bar." You are charged with going and getting him from there. He is not interfering with your religion that is okay then. He might be cursing and you would just say; "My dear father, for the good pleasure of Allah, do not do such things." Nothing would come out of that. But if he says; "You are not going to read the Qur'an," "You are not going to perform your prayers", "You are not going to see Muslims", "You are not going to work with Muslims to spread religion," then you will just ask for permission and leave. Just like the Companions of the Cave, just like the Companions in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saas). Just like the young Companions who were eleven and twelve years old, who were fifteen years old. Just like the young people who followed the Prophet Moses (pbuh) you are charged with acting in the same manner, insha'Allah.

A9 TV; October 27th 2011

(Regarding a hadith which states that in the End Times there would be some parents who would prevent their children from learning about religion.)

The Messenger of Allah (saas) commanded one day; "Shame on those fathers of the End Times!" Upon this the Companions asked; "Would they be idolaters then?" Our Prophet (saas) commanded as follows; "No, they will remain Muslims; but they will not teach religion to their children and they would even prevent them from learning about religion when they want to learn about it, and they will motivate them to attain the possessions of this world. And I am far apart from such a father; and they are far apart from me" (Mustadrak al- Wasail, v.2, p.625)

Masha'Allah; here it is; that is a direct address to some phoney, incestuous, knavish, drug addict, perverted fathers and mothers; to some abject, heartless parents who encourage their children toward the PKK terror. How nicely did our Prophet (saas) explain. He had seen the End Times as clear as  day, and explained it as clear as  day, masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah. 

A9 TV, 4 August 2011

They have made propaganda for a very long time. They say, whatever the parents do, nothing should be said, on the basis the family is sacred. People engage in incest or fathers rape their daughters. A son rapes his mother. Disgraceful and scandalous behavior like that is everywhere. For parents to be sacred they should be behaving according to the Qur’an. They should be innocent and pure and modest. People who encourage their children to steal, who force them to commit incest, who oppress them, who attack their wives with knives or try to kill their children are psychopaths. There is no such thing as unconditional respect for parents. Someone encourages her son to join the PKK terror organization. And he listens because a mother’s words are sacred. She has gone astray and encourages her child to be godless and faithless. One cannot place any credence in such a mother. A parent who encourages their daughter to have illicit relations. There can be no respecting parents like that. Or they encourage their daughter to have illicit relations. One cannot respect them. One must trust and respect honest parents, good people. They must be shown respect. One cannot obey someone who encourages his child to be godless, or who tells his child not to talk to Muslims. In the Qur’an Allah says, “..but if they endeavour to make you associate with Me something about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them..” But otherwise, love and respect are obligatory.

A9 TV, 3 August 2011

There are the types who kill their wives. Something happens and they shoot their wives in the middle of the road. I have said that women suffering violence “should be given police protection.” The government has taken a decision. They have provided police protection. That is very good. But that is not the end of it. That will come through fear and love of Allah. That is the corruption, the strife inflicted by Darwinism on the nation. That is also what underlies the rabidity of the PKK terror organization. The solution lies in telling people of the signs leading to faith, the intellectual annihilation of Darwinism and materialism.

The lovely people of Anatolia are an example to the world. My nation embodies brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, altruism, the finest love and hospitality. They will teach the world love, insha’Allah. But there is no racial superiority.

If one is happy, sickness has no impact. Sickness then turns into delight. The individual sees the wisdom there, and his love of Allah increases.

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