Human Rights


A9 TV; 20 October 2011

Nobody will be covering filth up. They will be curing the disease, not covering up its filth. These things happen with fathers who drink and take drugs in communities where there is no religion, no Allah and no book. You can see. Nobody is tasked with covering that up. Trying to cover it up by using religion and logic and engaging in demagoguery will just make one an accessory to the crime. It would be a terrible violation of conscience. A girl seeks shelter in a police station, and they say: “How can you make a complaint against your father? Have you gone crazy? He is your father, so he may beat you, but so what? Go on, go home.” Then two hours later a report comes in that her father has decapitated her. “Your father is a sacred figure, he will not hurt or beat you,” they say. But they do. You see this. There are thousands of fathers who cut their daughters into pieces. There are thousands of mothers who knife their daughters and try to kill them. Who throw acid in their faces. And these are supposedly “sacred.” Who is not sacred? Everyone is sacred. Mothers, fathers and children. There is no such thing as mothers or fathers or children being more sacred. Everyone is sacred. But there can be no sacredness when a crime has been committed. True mothers are honest, loving and affectionate mothers. They are moderate, democratic, fine thinking and speaking, they act well, they are full of love, they respect their children’s opinions and beliefs and respect their friends who share those beliefs. Some people say; “All right, I have no problem with you praying, but you must not talk to Muslims.” Allah says in one verse that “Muslims are brothers.” Muslims act as one. Allah says they are like buildings of lead all welded together. He tells them not to be divided and separated. How can anyone try and divide you? That would be like saying, “You must not pray.” What does telling someone not to talk to Muslims mean? “Pray at home. But no talking.” And that is like saying, “Do not perform ablutions, but you can pray.” That is unacceptable. Worship is a single whole. Muslims act as one. Allah tells them not to be divided. They interact with the groups and friends they like. For example, some are Sulaymanis, some are followers of the Nur and others followers of Esad Coşan. Some are devoted to Sheikh Nazım and others to Ahmet Yasin. Others set up their own groups of like-minded people. There is a wide variety. But we respect and love them all. Some people are Jews, and others are Christians. And we love and respect them, too. Some people are Orthodox and some Protestant and others are evangelicals. We interfere with none of them. We have a duty to respect them all. We cannot say, “You must not speak to such and such.” They must make their own decisions on that. You cannot tell an adult of 25 or 30 or 40 what to do. Otherwise they will do the same to you. And what makes you so mentally superior? How do you know you are superior to them? Why should that person listen to you? “You must be just like me, sharing my ideas and ideology.” You cannot impose that. Everyone has freedom of ideas. A child cannot interfere in his father’s ideas, nor a father in his child’s. If he is an adult. If he has not yet reached the age of maturity, that is different. Fathers can guide children what to think then.

For example, what does Pharaoh say? He immediately demands the death of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He commands that the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) be arrested right away. Then he orders him to be burned, may Allah forbid. But Allah thwarted him on every occasion. For example, the families of the Companions of the Cave gave their children no peace. “You must abide by our faith and our beliefs. You must not talk to your friends or such and such a person. You must not preach and you must not live by Islam.” And what did they say? “Let us join together and leave our homes and families.” They were very few in number. But Allah led them to a cave and set them in a deep sleep. Allah kept them in a state of sleep for many years, as a miracle. Perhaps Almighty Allah kept them in another dimension. The unbelievers and Pharaoh in the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) spread propaganda against Muslims everywhere. “They are bad, they are evil, they take advantage, they will brainwash you. They will hypnotize you, so keep away from the Prophet Moses (pbuh).” But Allah says in one verse that, “No one believed in Moses except for a few of his people out of fear that Pharaoh, and the elders, would persecute them.” Unbelievers have gone to extremes in every age. They always imagined themselves to be really clever. They always imagined Muslims to be very foolish. They always slandered and defamed them. But it is they who are base, devoid of character, lacking in honor and false. Yet it is these treacherous and vile people who utter the most awful slanders about Muslims and attack them and then seek to cover up their own crimes. And, they have generally wronged Muslims. Though Muslims earned merit from that, of course, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 3 August 2011

There are the types who kill their wives. Something happens and they shoot their wives in the middle of the road. I have said that women suffering violence “should be given police protection.” The government has taken a decision. They have provided police protection. That is very good. But that is not the end of it. That will come through fear and love of Allah. That is the corruption, the strife inflicted by Darwinism on the nation. That is also what underlies the rabidity of the PKK terror organization. The solution lies in telling people of the signs leading to faith, the intellectual annihilation of Darwinism and materialism

2012-10-31 12:39:26

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