A9 TV, 29 June 2011
“Do people imagine that they will be left to say, ‘We believe,’ and will not be tested? One says he has faith and he loves Allah, and that is very good. Allah says He will test us. With diseases, problems, troubles, difficulties and everything that earthly passions desire. “We tested those before them;” Allah says I have tested the whole world, not just you alone. A great test has been going on since the Prophet Adam (as). “so that Allah would know the truthful and would know the liars.” Allah says He knows who is truthful and who is a liar. Because Allah creates both speaking the truth and the liar’s telling lies. They are all under the control of Allah. “Or do those who do bad actions imagine they can outstrip Us? How bad their judgement is!”Allah says He knows them all, because He creates them.“As for those who look forward to meeting Allah, Allah’s appointed time is certainly coming. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.” Allah says one will see this suddenly when he wakes, when he suddenly sees that life is eternal. But if this were revealed before, the whole point of the test would be annulled. In that case, Hazrat Abu Bakr (as) and Abu Jahil would be the same. The vilest person would be the same as the highest person. So nothing is made explicit in the test. Allah produces no explicit miracles, so that the need for free will should not be eliminated.  “Whoever struggles,” whoever strives, “does it entirely for himself. Allah is Rich Beyond Need of any being. "Allah will do what He says whether we strive for that end or not. Nothing will change. That is what Allah is saying, insha’Allah. “he said, ‘I have only been given it because of knowledge I have.’ Did he not know that before him Allah had destroyed generations with far greater strength than his and far more possessions?In other words, I have brought down many States and nations and destroyed them, says Allah. "The evildoers will not be questioned about their sins.”Allah does not ask, it is clear and explicit. There is nothing they will be able to deny. I will give them what they deserve, Allah says.
A9 TV, 24 June 2011
Some people are unaware of Allah's delightful equilibrium. I like coffee, but it would be meaningless without the test. This cup would also be meaningless, the gold lead would be meaningless, nothing would have any meaning. Life would be flat and colorless. Nobody teaches Allah compassion, may He forbid! Allah teaches compassion to us. No child suffers in death. No pious believer suffers in death. But they do suffer before then, as they are tested.   
Almighty Allah says they were unable to properly appreciate His might. Allah is most great, but people still imagine He is only powerful to a certain extent. But He is infinitely mighty. Allah regards the test as important. But people regard themselves as important. Someone says he is suffering and asks who this body belongs to. Not to me, he says. It belongs to Allah. It cannot belong to himself. He has no power to create it. You receive your soul readymade. One just has memories. And Allah creates those, too. So why talk about you suffering? That body is not yours at all, and neither is the soul yours. And your memories are not yours. But you assume they are. That is why people suffer. They should not, and there is a metaphysical secret in that. The more they assume ownership and thus ascribe equals to Allah, the more they suffer. If they abandon ascribing equals to Him, their suffering will ease, to be replaced by ease and relaxation. Very few people give thanks, for instance. I was speaking to an acquaintance the other day. He kept talking about blessings. I said alhamdulillah, but he never did. He just kept on talking. I told him it is very important to give thanks. I told him to give thanks for all the things he had described. Allah speaks of giving thanks in the Qur’an. He says He will increase our blessings if we give thanks. People do not realize. But of course He will. There would be wealth and plenty all over Turkey. But He does not increase blessings because people are not grateful. People expect it an hour later. But it may not happen for a month or a year. But blessings will be increased. It is essential to give thanks. Alhamdulillah.
We come to this world to be tested, not to have fun. We come to be bound to Allah with a passionate fervor. With a crazy love. We have come to annoy satan. How can we annoy him? He says, “You cannot find anyone to serve You,” may Allah forbid! “Apart from pure servants,” satan says. But we are pure servants, insha’Allah. By Allah’s leave, we are on His side. We are the Hizbullah (Part of Allah) revealed in the Qur’an. We will continue to strive until the Day of Reckoning, insha’Allah.
A9 TV, 19 May 2011
This is not somewhere to live for all eternity. Everyone is tested with fear and hunger. The whole Islamic world is being tested. There are earthquakes. The Earth’s crust is constantly sprouting volcanoes. The earth is moving. Another volcano has erupted in Iceland, they say. It is Allah Who kills people and Who causes volcanoes to erupt. A volcano does not erupt for no reason. Why should it? It erupts when Allah tells it to. The earth does not move for no reason, either. Allah tells it to "quake", and there is an earthquake. Then He tells it to "stop", and it stops. It is all ordained which house it will demolish, who will die there and who will be spared. For example, Almighty Allah says, “do not touch Istanbul.” Allah commands the Earth, "do not touch Istanbul." The Earth is at Allah’s command. Almighty Allah says, “come willingly or unwillingly.” And they say, “we have obeyed and come willingly.” The Earth is at Allah’s command. It will not harm what He tells it not to. But it will devastate what He tells it to. There was an earthquake the other day, for example. Allah created in specific places at specific intensities. “You will be this strong” He tells it. If it were to be stronger, all the buildings would collapse. Allah tells it “you must remain at this intensity. At level six.” Another three degrees and everything would be destroyed. Nine of the scale would destroy everything, may Allah forbid. It is a very minor detail for Allah, an easy matter to raise it to nine. But Allah does not do that. He raises it to warning levels and leaves it there.
They try to portray religion as something needed to be investigated at great length, as difficult to comprehend. But it is really very simple. We encounter a colorful, 3-D image. Everything is very regular. Sounds are high quality and stereo. We can taste and think. It is obvious that Allah exists. That is evident right from the start. Everything has a mathematical regularity. We can immediately see that Allah is eternal. We see that we are tested, and why. And we see that human beings are an important adornment in the life of this world. Allah created the angels, but it is human beings He really loves. Because they are created to see good and evil, but angels can only see good, they have no option but to be good. That is why Allah loves human beings and enjoys making them live for all time in paradise. If Allah permits, if we go to paradise that will greatly delight us. We will never be able to see enough of the people of paradise. But that stems from the preparation we receive here. A compliment we receive there will delight us. We will love the music, the scents and the foods of paradise, and we will never grow tired of them. Because we will constantly compare them with this world. So we will never grow tired of them. There is always a window opening onto hell. Our gratitude will grow even more since we are able to see hell.
There may be fewer human beings than angels. There are quadrillions of angels. But Allah loves human beings. This is amazing. Allah likes the way that uman beings overcome satan. Satan, may Allah forbid, defies Allah. And we overcome the satan who defies Allah. Allah likes that very much. Of course we cannot be certain in this world that Allah loves us, but we can be in the hereafter, because if we were certain here the test would no longer apply.
A9 TV, February-8 2011 
The way of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is currently being abundantly experienced in the End Times. But a great many people are unaware of it. Perhaps even Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) himself is unaware of it. Do you see Allah’s artistry and perfection in the test? Were there no test, there would be no beauty or anything left. Paradise would be meaningless and hell would be meaningless and life would be meaningless, something totally flat. We would literally be just like robots. Allah has created the most perfect state. There can be no other way. A test without pain is no test at all. How can there be a test without pain? The test has to include all kinds of pain.
They are very few in number but are of great respect before Allah, Majestic is Whose mention. They follow the leaders [Imams] of religion. … The statements of the leaders [the Imam (pbuh)] that are difficult to understand for others are soft and easy for them to understand. (Al-Kafi, H 887, Ch. 79, h 3)
Some people ignore the hadiths about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), but the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) can easily accept them, it says.
It is necessary for the person in charge of this task [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] to disappear from the public sight and in his disappearance from public sight he must remain away from public. How good is Tayba, the city of Madina, for dwelling and living with thirty people is not frightening isolation. (Al-Kafi, H 903, Ch. 80, h 16)
 He will definitely disappear or be imprisoned or else hide away of his own free will. He will act with 30 followers, it says. He will work on books, and perhaps on CDs. He will have a scholarly team of 30 people and will work in a house or somewhere like that, and the public will see him little, at first he will be seen very little, it says in the hadith. The place where he will withdraw to disappear from public sight is a most lovely one.A nice house, a nice place, a pleasant house, perhaps in a much admired house. And he has a fine group of 30 colleagues, a scholarly team, and his being with them means he is not alone, it says in the hadith.
 He will be admitted only by believers who swore devotion to Allah in the sphere beyond this world.
Before coming to this world we swore devotion to Allah in the sphere beyond this world. Before souls ever came to this world. They do not know, but instinctively follow Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) at Allah’s command. Many people can currently feel Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) presence, but his followers immediately go and find him from the sphere beyond this world where they swore to Allah, and they do not leave him. They have sworn in the Presence of Allah.
Everyone dies. Life is very short. Look at photos taken in the previous century, how happy people look. Children play in the streets, women are very content, some people play in the fields and enjoy themselves. The thousands of people seen in these photos are all gone now, not one remains, they are all dead. Nothing is left, not the children in their laps, the horses and other animals there, nothing, they are all dead. If you told them at that time, they would wonder what you were talking about. But time passes very quickly and is soon over. It is over in the blink of an eye. Almighty Allah issues warnings in this way, with the unexpected deaths of young people in the End Times. They can try to forget it all they like, but Allah always prevents them from forgetting it. Allah visits sickness upon them, for instance. A minor illness arises, and at once the fear of death fills them. A mole develops on their bodies and they immediately develop a terror of cancer. It is obvious to us all how spoiled people would be were it not for these things, how predisposed they would be to this world and to self love. We can all see how prone they would be to arrogance, pride and anger. Allah creates events in order to prevent that. And just a hint of them suffices. Allah produces them in just the right measure. Sickness, troubles, sorrows and death produce only the outcomes that Allah desires. People become partly capable of thought. There can be no test any other way. Otherwise life would be flat and meaningless. Either you have the test, in which case the world will be very lovely and bright, the life of paradise, or else the world will be totally flat. That is why Allah has created the test. Allah knows what we will do in the test. But we do not know what we will do. Allah thus shows us what we are.
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