Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation with the Grand Masters of the Freemason Lodges of the USA,Cuba, Italy and his Syrian Guest (September 11th, 2015)

From Mr. Adnan Oktar’s A9 TV interview on  September 11st, 2015

BÜLENT SEZGİN: Yes, we are going on with our program with the participation of our most valuable guests. Now our friend Oktar will introduce our guests one by one.

OKTAR BABUNA: We have highly esteemed guests here. Mr. Gian Franco Pilloni, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Italy U.M.S.O.I.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI, GRAND MASTER OF THE GRAND LODGE OF ITALY U.M.S.O.I.: I have brought together with me the greetings of all my Italian Freemason brothers and also of my family, and my personal salutation. I would like to thank you for all your efforts. We very much appreciate all that you have done for us, and we are so very grateful. I also want to thank you for your inviting us here.

ADNAN OKTAR: You have honored us, it is a pleasure. We are so much delighted.

OKTAR BABUNA: Our second guest is Mr. Charles Mabry, Grand Master of the United Masonic Assembly of U.S.A. He is attending from Chicago.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah.

Charles Mabry:  I am honored to be here. I thank you very much. I am here as a President of the United Masonic Assembly and here to partake in this panel discussion and more importantly in contributing and to deliver with the contribution of the brotherly love, which is a tenet of all Freemasons confession.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah. You’re welcome, you have honored us.

OKTAR BABUNA: Our third guest is Mr. Victor German Serna, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Hispanic Lodge of North America. He is attending from Las Vegas, and was already our guest before. Welcome.

VICTOR GERMAN SERNA: Thank you. Good night. For me, it is a pleasure to be with you for the second time in your program, in your city and in your country. Tonight we are excited because we are joined together with your ideas regarding the peace, regarding the liberty, regarding the equality, regarding the fraternity. We are here for congratulate you for your work. You did a good job. We appreciate so much your work for the peace not only in the Middle East but for the peace in the world. The Masons sent their thanks to you. Thank you for the invitation. I am at your disposal.

ADNAN OKTAR: I also thank you very much. You have honored us with your presence.

OKTAR BABUNA: Our other guest is Mr. David Munoz, Grand Master of the Hispanic Grand Lodge of North America. He is coming from Los Angeles.

DAVID MUNOZ: Thank you very much. First of all, on behalf of the Hispanic Grand Lodge of North America, official name Gran Logia Hispana De Norte América, we are honored by the invitation to be collaborators in promoting harmony, especially in this moment where, as one Freemason once said, “Humanity is confronting humanity itself” and in this moment of where true brotherhood must come together. We are excited to be collaborators of the message of brotherly love, relief and truth. Thank you very much.

ADNAN OKTAR: It is also a great honor for us to have you here.

OKTAR BABUNA: Our other guest is Mr. Ollie Spencer, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Washington, DC and he is attending from Boston.

OLLIE SPENCER: Thank you for inviting us. I represent Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Accepted Order of Freemasons of Washington DC. I am also the President General of the General Masonic Congress of the United States of America. It is an honor to be here with you and you participating in this peace and brotherhood among all men not just Masons but all the men of the world in all the religions. We’ll be here to do our part.

ADNAN OKTAR: We are also honored with your presence; it is a pleasure for us.

OKTAR BABUNA: Our other guest is Mr. Marino de Armas Benitez, Representative of the Grand Master of Cuba. He is a 33rd degree Freemason and participating as the high level representative of the Grand Master of Cuba.

MARINO DE ARMAS BENITEZ: David Monez (translating Marino de Armas Benitez Spanish to English): Brother Armas first of all brings the appreciation of being invited. He represents the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba. He was sent on his behalf to be a participant. He has a lot of faith knowing that he will be able to collaborate and be part of this great work you are doing and be partners in promoting worldwide peace.

ADNAN OKTAR: I am honored and very much delighted. I am very happy, thank you so much.

OKTAR BABUNA: Our final guest is from Syria. Dr. Nabil Toumeh is from Damascus, Syria. He is an esteemed intellectual and close to the government.

DR. NABİL TOUMEH: I want to express my gratitude for your kind invitation to me. I came from Syria especially here to Istanbul to speak about my country and to speak about peace and try to achieve this; all that we can do, all the measures, all the steps we can take to achieve peace, to make the peace. I also want to thank you personally for your invitation and everybody who is presented here from different countries and from different continents. Thank you again. I hope that we will do something important.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah, you are all welcome. We have been honored.

It is a great pleasure for us to have you here as our guest, an honor. We have been delighted, and Mr. Pilloni is a treasured friend of mine. That is true for all of you. God willing, this will be a beautiful gathering for world peace, brotherhood, love and for pains to end. We will talk about pleasant topics and bring out acceptable solutions. God has power over all things, and we will strive for attaining the best, insha’Allah.

Mr. Pilloni, I am listening to you.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: As you very well know, every time I come here, I will be speaking about brotherhood, equality and solidarity in our world. I will emphasize equality again.

Good morning.

I want to give a big hug to the landlord, my great personal friend of the Great Master Adnan Oktar, a great man. When people speak of peace, he always is at the forefront, and he always stood out for his battles for a free world where people can live in love and serenity, his flag is one for world peace and boundless.

Dear Brother Adnan Oktar, with my heart I thank you for inviting me, you must know that for me is a great honor to be in your house, and I hope to be highly worthy of your friendship and that our meetings are always a step forward and a wish of peace among the peoples.

With the heart, a fraternal greeting to all viewers of A9TV in the world that are now are following us.

A greeting to all guests, to the Grand Masters who are from the United States of America who are honored to be present at this broadcast, given the importance of the dealings.

I was invited to this TV studio to talk about a subject that should be simple but is not simple, it is very complex, for the trio of Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, have wasted rivers of ink and infinite reams of papers.

These three concepts, three principles that, if at first sight show a self-evident clarity and ease of understanding, as soon as they are considered a bit deeper, provoke such a complexity of feelings that can lead to those who speak the obvious, to empty rhetoric.

Three beautiful words: Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood often pronounced and less often applied.

It is nice to fill up the mouth, write it on the flags, but as always, as in all things, we must then pass to practical application.

How should we apply these concepts in real life? The concept is aimed at a specific purpose, it must start from a certain reference. To not get lost in the dark paths of research that lead us to confusion instead of conclusion, we need to analyze the pure sense of the three words that are simple but very complex and significant; if implemented the whole world will be hugely benefitted and become different in its aridity of sentiments and make it livable in peace and love by abandoning especially those conflicts that bring death and destruction.

An important full stop, that man is born free, no strings attached, to be able to choose, to decide and to direct their thoughts, political or religious.

This innate prerogative is the driving force behind and pushed to fight against all forms of spiritual, moral and material abuse. This fight, however, is every day becoming harder and more difficult to drive, especially against themselves, to avoid limiting the freedom of others looking for our own.

I believe that we cannot consider ourselves “Free Men” if within ourselves we have very clear concepts of “Right” and “Duty”; we should never forget, restraining our impulses with reason, that the claim of our law could be seen as a possible limitation of the rights of others.

But if our research were to prolong indefinitely, with the doubt that our work may be frail or thought for our fellow man, we would remain motionless and useless; until then, can you consider the doubt healthy and helpful?

My view is that the doubt will have to leave the field to decision and action when reason and morals, contradictory to the objective pursued, have indicated to us the best way forward. For me this is the synthesis of Liberty: The ability to choose the best solutions that show the way ahead, with the force to develop goals of higher quality, with reason and morally tempering impulses.

Men are created equal, regardless of skin color or where in the world they come to light.

We are all children of one God, but in addressing this topic, I must raise a question; what does it means to be equal?

If we refer to mathematics and other exact sciences, equality is uniquely defined; two things are equal because they are the same size, the same weight, are constituted of the same material, occupy the same amount of space.

In all other fields of human knowledge there can be no talk of equality only if that concept is placed in relation to a very specific aspect. So men are equal to each other yet by their very nature apart.

However, for example, race or sex or physical characteristics or culture or education; men are equal before of the Law because everyone must be guaranteed the same rights and

each one must demand that they fulfill the same duties; they are still equal in front of  justice because everyone is given the same guarantees.

We can no longer talk of equality among men when we go into the field of thought, that of feelings, that of opinions, because in that case the individuality of man would be destroyed and his being rational would be canceled.

Then how do I define the desire of Equality?

I believe that equality between men is the goal to be reached by following the road of self-limitation to the edges by temperance and respect for our fellowmen and paved by the awareness of our limitations and our capabilities, especially those worthy of calling a distinction must be drawn to the high spirit of Brotherhood.

This last word, but not least for the feelings aroused in me, brings me to a very brief reflection, the third point of the triangle of principles that guide us and are the basis of the principles of Freemasonry.

Since I was initiated into Freemasonry, so long time ago, I tried, in moments of reflection, to put an accent on the Brotherhood and asked me what I meant by this expression.

My thought about it, and I am convinced of this, is that the Brotherhood is a feeling that goes beyond the limits, albeit high, of the friendship between two humans; the common purpose that should guide the journey of two or more men who deem themselves brothers is always disinterested and is expressed by the direct meaning of the words.

To express an opinion, providing advice, and imparting a warning, between brothers should not, and there cannot be the space for doubt, that the words pronounced or the attitude maintained can hide a different meaning from the obvious.

The Brotherhood is more, and I like to compare it to a clear and limpid source from which power draws knowledge, moral support, a certainty of never being alone; and also to a large and deep lake, of which I consider myself today a small tributary, and hopefully will try to increase their intake of clear water because the lake becomes a source of life growing ever bigger.

Personally I would mention another term, which I think contains the meaning of all three words above, Solidarity:

Solidarity means a willingness to listen to who was important, who has performed his duties with dedication, to those who have or could have problems of loneliness understood in many different ways.

Solidarity means to protect the freedom of individuals, to ensure that everyone can exercise their rights, of any color, any religion, any political or non-political perspective.

The freedom of every one of us should not impair the freedom of others, it is true, but it is also true that I have to give the possibility to you, as Voltaire said, of exercising it even if it does not coincide with my ideas.

Solidrity is sacrifice, Fine words, although beautiful that they are, cannot remain mere words but we must implement them; solidarity means taking care, accept the comparison, spend some time for others and for the common good.

Man is selfishly brought to accumulate things for themselves and not to take care of others, he flees all that is inconvenient, is not concerned with how he lives with his neighbor.

This is not brotherhood, this does not means solidarity, but brotherhood and solidarity means not waiting for your brother you are looking for, calling and asking you for help, and if he asks, and you pretend not to hear or to dismiss it with a “We’ll see what we can do”, if you want to be Brotherhood, you have to do, otherwise what kind of brotherhood is?

Dear Brothers, we are aware that the world is one in which we believe, one for which we Freemasons direct everyday our efforts call us so that we can help to improve it, and is our duty to respond.

Surely not by words, but humbly with our example, by our actions by joining forces with all the associations that share our ideals with a single purpose, to improve this world that now is becoming more arid of human feelings, contrasting the personal interests of individual rulers that have a single purpose, that of mere money.

We say no to invasions of the states of others, whatever they may be; we have an example, in Libya, attacked by the French President Sarkozy and now abandoned to their fate, and this will cause serious consequences on the international political scene.  We can all see the chaos and an invasion without control of the people who suffer with the hope of reaching Europe.

Personally, I think that at this time would be a spiritual duty of all states that previously colonized these populations , now it is time to give back what they have taken.

Allow me to quote some historical data about:

France, at that time, had colonized Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Mauritania, Sudan, Guinea, Chad, Gabon, the Congo, Somalia, and Madagascar.

England colonized the Anglo -Egyptian Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Rhodesia, Botswana, the Tanganyika.

Italy colonized Libya, South Africa, and East Africa.

Belgium, the Belgian Congo

Portugal colonized Mozambique.

I think that it’s only right today, given the seriousness of the sociopolitical scenario that these states, to intervene in aid to these populations who are in disastrous conditions that have nothing that we would consider standards of civilization.

Dear Sirs, who hear this, you who are committed to do this is the solution to the humanitarian tragedy, because these peoples who try to escape from the place where they were born should be helped in their homeland, where their roots are, their customs and their traditions, especially in working to bring democracy where this has failed.

Dear Sirs, this is time to solve this mess, and I call on to you gentlemen bankers who rule the world, used these resources to save these people, Europe is not prepared to welcome millions and millions of refugees; this the only solution that, and with my humility I allowed myself to show you.

Is it too expensive? No; it would return the ill-gotten gains to the states concerned during the years of colonization.

Sure it would be nice to talk about a world totally free without barriers, without the need for passports, a free world where Peace and Serenity reigns, but I think this will remain a dream.

We have a moral duty to work, always, for these ideals to remain alive in our hearts, starting from the peaceful coexistence of all religions.

Speech is very complex, difficult to achieve but not impossible, it should be easy because every individual must be free to profess his Creed in total freedom, anywhere in the world where it is located; each state safeguarding its secularism should allow every individual to be able to profess their religion, should allow them to build churches, mosques, synagogues, or any other building reserved for the worship of each of us.

To achieve this end we need to work and work hard; you have to exclude any kind of extremism in any religion, so that everyman believes in his God, but God and one only. God preaches peace, love and coexistence between peaceful peoples.

God does want the violence, the wars among peoples, which means death and destruction. Such things do not belong to God, much less ideas such as wars of religion, events only for the enjoyment of Satan.

Dear Brothers; Christians, Muslims, Jews: God means a world where reigns peace, love and the joy of living life.

I think that people will understand that love will rule the world, the dull will get over it, the good will win over evil, only an hour and we will have peace in our hearts will be filled with utter serenity.

Freemasonry has this thought in its entirety, in silence with the confidence which has always stood out every day working to achieve this end; we are aware that the goal is not near, but we also know that the G.’.A.’.D.’.U.’ created a perfect world that men, for personal reasons, divided and then did it become barren of sentiments, but we are confident that by working on the hearts of those men we will soon return a perfect world, without borders and divisions of any kind.

To the glory of G.’.A.’.D.’.U.’.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: Today, Freemasonry attaches great significance to peace. We are really privileged that there are highly esteemed Freemason Grand Masters together with us. They are at the same time our old friends who we have been affiliated with for a long time. They come from Syria, Damascus. I would like to speak to you from my heart. Yesterday, when I arrived at the Istanbul airport, Dr. Nabil’s friend was together with me. And when my beloved angel landed in Istanbul, I just moved out of the airport and was encircled by about seven or eight children right there. They asked for some items and the kids were about six or seven years old. I just gave each one 5 – 10 Euros. In about three seconds, at least 20 more kids started following me. They were kissing my feet. My heart was broken as these are children from Syria. That was a great disturbance for me. I just made a move to take out my wallet to give them more money. They brought me to halt saying, “Stop.” Because there are many other children like these. They took me out of the airport, but my heart was torn into pieces there. Now, Dr. Nabil is here. Let us all place one brick, the least for Syria here, altogether. There is an indescribable tragedy being experienced there right now. One of my friends sent me some photographs from Syria. I will show those to you later. But, you cannot even encounter such images even at a butcher's. 

ADNAN OKTAR: How will we look at those, it is really difficult.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: This is not the world that I want to live in. I cannot approve of this kind of a world. I would like to ask for your opinion of this. What can we do together? How may we work together to find a solution to this problem, this tragedy? I have spoken with Dr. Nabil all through the night at the hotel. I kindly request from you to articulate on solutions that will help us to solve these problems. I am under the influence of the incident that took place at the airport yesterday. This is an obligation for us. We cannot leave them on their own. That is a humanitarian responsibility. And it should not be confused with the situation of the refugees since refugees are a different issue than the circumstances of children in Syria. There are many refugees coming to Italy right now, but only 30% of these are fleeing and the remaining are migrants. I would like to hear the thoughts of Dr. Nabil for him to be beneficial to his own country. Thank you very much for this opportunity and giving me the word.

ADNAN OKTAR: Then, let us listen to Dr. Nabil now.

DR. NABİL: The Syrian problem which started years ago – and also in the Middle East - really started in the third millenium. It is a coincidence that today is the 11th of September, which is the tragedy of the 11 th September in America. In this day in which the world has moved the operation of changing. In our day we should get out of our human just to understand what was the reason which led to a big event like the 11th of September and to make the world to arrive to such a bond of people getting killed without any reason.  Are we really human beings?  The problem; the most important thing is this process of killing started with Cain and Abel and  down to rest of  humanity. Some of the words of humanity in Arabic are special and exactly meaning the start of evil. So this is the nature of the creature of all the world. But the other aspect of  humanity with means being inactive of man. Man can alone achieve or do anything. Together we can do something. This important thing here in today represents the significance of the humanity which is naturally against the evil mind. Out of this introduction I can get to the point of Syria which has the meaning – it is the tragedy – the meaning of the conflict of humanity that I have said before. The problem is not only Syria. The problem is in all the Middle East not only in Syria. And Syria is the exit of a point of the Middle East at this time for this point. An event in Ramadan. It was exactly in 2001. We were eating in one of the most important restaurants in Damascus. Suddenly President Assad entered accompanied by President Erdogan. And then Hamad of Qatar and his Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad. I was personally represented there. I noticed that the brotherly atmosphere cover the relations in this year. Exactly after a few months we started to see in TV or media that these friends become enemies. So we can speak about the relations between Turkey and Syria. The relations between two countries arrive to a point that has exceeded the brotherhood between the two people. So they started to say if Erdogan made the election in Syria he would have won the election in Syria.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, that is true.

DR. NABİL: If Bashar Al-Assad also made the election here also he would win in Turkey. The relation it was is most between the two people. I think that problem is not between the two nations or countries; it is between the politicians. So the million dollar question is we should wonder why this happened after years of settlement. Suddenly all the chaos happened and caused all these problems of all these migrants, the poverty and enemies. We should identify exactly why this has happened. That is the goal of all of us. Brotherhood as well. Well, we should look for who is the beneficiary lately. Who was the real motive for creating such a mess in the Middle East? Before the illegal migrants this problem there we have this year in Syria. But there are also immigrants from Pakistan, Asia, Africa, Afghanistan not only Syrian. And we should really know that this problem of Europe is because they are seeking the manpower, they are seeking the workers. We should ask ourselves should the south pay for the mistakes of the Europeans that they done before as Mr. Pilloni says or not.

We can assure you that nobody wants to see a new Afghanistan in Syria or in Libya, the same chaos in Libya. I still believe that the only way to resolve the problem is dialogue; we should get together around one table, all the politicians and then we can do something to achieve peace. When we achieve peace this is   what we want to do. Dialogue is an important thing that we can do through our roles in life.


DR. NABİL TOUMEH: Let's do this tonight on this occasion. Directly to send direct messages to the political leaders who are decision makers and we say who is in charge or responsible is enough. We start with Obama and Putin and Assad and other presidents who control the World. Also the kings and princes in the Gulf Area. We should find a quick way to put an end to this tragedy to this war through making new decisions in our world. There are many times it happens there are leaders who need advice from their people. If you let me speak at a final step about terrorism. It is significant that we treat the reasons in which terrorism comes out. We should look for the reasons behind the extremism in our religion. We should deal with the reasons, which make people goes to terrorism. This is in our religion also we should look for it in Christianity and in Judaism. Terrorism has no identity, no religion, no citizenship. It hits everybody in every country in our world. It will not save nobody. The nature of human beings is flawed It must be -  its behavior - must be corrected from the beginning. At the end it will lead a creative human being. Let's look to the faces of our guests here they came from different places of the world. They have different colors of skin but what gathers us is brotherhood and the humanity because this progress has come to all of us. On behalf of all of us, I would like to send message to whole world to create and appreciate tolerance and love in all nations because love and compassion is the most powerful army to defeat terrorism and  the social and cultural depression. Love and compassion leads us to build creative communities.

I would like to thank you for second time and I am ready to have to debate with you and I came from Damascus to Beirut and then to Istanbul. I would like also to emphasize of our willingness to achieve the peace in Syria with all parties despite all the differences in our country.  I think that it is time we can work for and debate open. If you want it I am ready.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, Dr. Nabil gave his speech with profound sincerity and honesty. We can have the views of other guests. However,  Grand Master Pilioni would like to proceed.

OKTAR BABUNA: Now, Mr. David Munoz, Grand Master of the Hispanic Grand Lodge of North America, will go on with his speech.

DAVID MUNOZ:  Thank you. It’s hard to follow some of the sincere words of Dr. Nabil. But as Freemasons it is hard to follow the sincere words of Dr. Nabil about feeling the compassion, the heart and to make sure that what we communicate, is able to reach our audience and all the audiences watching on the seriousness and the importance of this topic. As representing Freemasonry, these types of discussions remind us as Grand Masters the big responsibility that we have in our respective obedience in Grand Lodges. Of taking good men and helping them to become better men. And as Grand Masters, as we take our responsibility in our diligence in that responsibility; we create or help in aiding these good men to the point where they can become opinion leaders and with their opinions create the vibrations of message of the spoken word to help humanity in the effort of tolerance.


DAVID MUNOZ: One of the obligations in Freemasonry is to combat ignorance. Because ignorance is the root and mother of all violence, of all catastrophes, everything that is all horrible that Is currently going all around the world. And we are glad that we can be here to discuss the opportunities that are in front of us to begin to plant that seed of doubt, as we do within in our respective lodges, but hopefully throughout humanity that is listening to this broadcast. Then it is important that we begin to if not get a grip of everything, but at least the opportunity to start to see things differently, that we must find and seek a different approach because our current approach is obviously not working.

One of the great beauties of Freemasonry is that it can bring people from all walks of life into one large setting without looking at their religion or ethnic background and come with the understanding, respect and tolerance and the beauty of their respective beliefs. And we wish to encourage that in the rest of humanity; to question themselves, that is their faith making them better individuals, is their faith allowing them to show empathy for the world and if it’s not, then may be it’s time to revisit the understanding of that faith. Because as we study the different religious groups, the underlying message is always the love from the Creator. So is it encouraging love, is it promoting love? And if it’s not then it is important that we reexamine these issues.

ADNAN OKTAR: That is right.

DAVID MUNOZ: In the United States of America we have our challenges because it is a very young country. People are finally understanding that we are a big melting pot and as such Freemasonry there must also promote understanding and tolerance; but on behalf of the Hispanic Grand Lodge of North America be assured that we are going to keep doing our part to keep promoting the messages of love, of understanding, of tolerance, and is a privilege and opportunity to participate in these types of forms and we ask that if further activities are needed to help, to keep promoting these messages and please feel and count our assistance to be collaborative partners in trying to find humanity back in humanity.

ADNAN OKTAR: Insha’Allah.

DAVID MUNOZ: I’ll be glad to pass it to my one of my colleague Grand Masters

OKTAR BABUNA: Mr. Charles Mabry is the Grand Master of the United Masonic Assembly of U.S.A. He has attended from Chicago.

CHARLES MABRY: Charles Mabry as he said from the United Masonic Assembly, but also the past Grand Master of the Regular Grand Lodge of Illinois and I just join my brother Grand Master David Munoz’s Hispanic Grand Lodge of North America in stating that as you look into different things and then not working not working one of the beginnings of Masonry before an individual first looks into himself, betters himself and one of the things that we attempt to do as on a collaborative effort is to by  demonstration and collaboration among ourselves show men that he can look inside to himself. Because a lot of our   concerns that we have in our respective communities, cities and states around the world are individualized for someone taking a concept out of context and using it for their own understanding and making things going to way they desire. And our mission is to make good men.

ADNAN OKTAR: Beautiful.

CHARLES MABRY: Our model was to make good men better but we also take “the men” to have a look inside of himself, first find his goodness because it is there, within all of us.

ADNAN OKTAR: Very nice.

CHARLES MARBY: And then, with our positive find, to bestow upon another man and not to take on big steps but baby steps; one person then a large, then larger, then a community and then the world.

ADNAN OKTAR: Right, you are straight with your words.

OLLIE SPENCER: One of the problems that we have among mankind in the world is based on different religious beliefs that we have. If in Masonry that does not exist, it is because we respect every man’s religion. Our membership is made up of Christians, Muslims and Jews. And we all sit in the same room, eat at the same table and we get along with each other.  

OKTAR BABUNA: This was Ollie Spencer speaking, Grand Master of Washington DC Grand Lodge.

ADNAN OKTAR: That is gratifying.

OLLIE SPENCER: We are able to come together as shown here reach out across the world in any country as a Mason and we greet each other as brothers. You know as what religion you are, what belief you are, we all believe in the same God. And that makes us better men and so if we can break down those barriers  among other men, then we can have more peace in the world. It is heartbreaking to watch TV and see men suffering.

OKTAR BABUNA: Mr. Marino de Armas Benitez is the senior official Representative of the Grand Master of Cuba and he is a 33rd degree Freemason.

MARINO DE ARMAS BENITEZ: First of all, thank you for allowing us to be a part of these discussions in this panel that are taking place. It is hard for me to add anymore to these distinguished gentlemen have said. But the evidence is here that harmony can exist, we have gentlemen from all walks of the Earth; from Syria, from Italy, from Cuba, of course Turkey.

ADNAN OKTAR: You are a Palestinian, that is so nice, masha’Allah.

MARINO DE ARMAS BENITEZ: First of all, I want to thank Grand Master Gian Franco Pilloni and all those ever present who made this all possible and the Grand Masters who allowed us to come here together and to continuing this effort to promote peace that has begun, it is my hope that it continues. And as a free man, all of us are free men, we are taking the initiative to be part of something that will hopefully be good for the world. 

ADNAN OKTAR: Very nice.

OKTAR BABUNA: Mr. Victor German Serna is the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of Hispanic North America. He is attending from Las Vegas.

VICTOR GERMAN SERNA: Well thank you. You know my name is Victor Serna and I am the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Hispanic Supreme Council of the Hispanic Lodge of North America 

I don’t want to say too much because of the time. Because I want your attention only for three paragraphs. For me it is more important. I have the translation in Turkish. Only the blue. I represent the Hispanic Lodge, they are Hispanics, and it is my obligation to speak in Spanish because I represent them. I only read three paragraphs and Dr. Babuna, please read for me the Turkish translation.

VICTOR GERMAN SERNA: In our temple, there are members from religions, among them Christians, Jews and, with no discrimination, Muslims. There are also the Druze. Indeed in these most painful days of history, our objective is to show the purity of our lofty institution’s ideals. We want to be embraced as brothers. As you know in the Middle East people speak Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, French, Romanian, English and Turkish. There are also the languages of Gaelic and Turkic. Our members of all degrees participate actively in all conventional ceremonies in the Middle East. It sets a great example for the coexistence of nations. Ottoman Empire was instrumental in making the cultures and religions of people coming from South America, the Middle East and North Africa co-exist.


ADNAN OKTAR: That is true, good.

VICTOR GERMAN SERNA: Yes, Mehmed the Conqueror ensured that all Mongols, Muslims and Christians co-existed and worked together. In the time of the Ottoman Empire everyone was assigned with a duty, they lived together. Mehmed the Conqueror called the Greek Orthodox patriarch and the Jewish Rabbi and gave them important responsibilities in maintaining peace and the development of the Ottoman Empire. They indeed had great roles in this.

People have an innate tendency to do good deeds. People have such an attribute. This is where hope must lie. People must hope for that; that people are good and that must be the quality that must come to the fore.

This is the 33rd degree. We give the 33rd degree to people for their power. I have in the name of all my brothers of 33rd degree.

VICTOR GERMAN SERNA: We thank you very much. I thank you on behalf of my brothers.

DR. NABİL: Hearing all these speeches of our friends here makes me feel that there are powers and energy that if we could gather we can make a very real change. Through your contacts all who are in this room you use these powers that you have. If the war could start very easily ,this means courage and goodwill is to be done. To kill somebody you need only a finger. This means is the continuity humanity. Everyone wants it to continue.

I personally ask you Mr Adnan Oktar as a brave man who has the courage to give this a chance.

So I ask you personally to use the power and contacts and also to all who are presented here who you have high-level contacts with the World to use it to send this positive messages to all the people who can help us to  solve the problems which is existing in the Middle East especially in Syria. Because of your speech, because of your language, because of the word itself the word  ‘iqra’ means read in Arabic which lead people to start to learn.

During our speech with my friend Franco, a little bit of it was about this situation we had before. How we could put an end to this tragedy and chaos that humanity faces nowadays?

Until he told me about you, and now this is the result, our meeting here.

I would like to emphasize of the importance of our meeting tonight and to carry on with our ideas.

About the speeches about brotherhood, about equality and all the meaning of peace compassion, love, tolerance.

Lots of people in the whole world; may be they are watching us. This TV station has a wide audience in all over the world. And I hope this percentage of the audience will rise up again and again. And as I believe and we all know that the  holy book have their  own introduction. The Torah and the Bible and the Qur’an; lets get together with all these religions. Wepray to God to help us and unify our efforts to get this peace for the world.

So if Allah, God means love and tolerance, we would not be afraind, we should be strong .

If we believe and we are really believers we should not be separated in different groups. I ask here all the people that hear us in all over the world must get back to their humanities.

As everybody here has emphasized in their speeches that, if we don’t face the problem of the great population of the World, I think that we would face war. Now we face another war for food and poverty, so we must face this and find a solution for it.

So I feel this important opportunity from this place, from your beloved country that we should send our messages from this place. After this meeting, that everyone of us should carry with him his own messages to spread our communities, our people. This way is the only way that we really can get the benefit of what we are doing here to reach the object of our meeting.

If the politics makes war, we should make peace.

I thank you again Dr. Adnan, I thank my friend, Mr. Pilloni and I thank everybody who has fulfilled this invitation and I hope that it would be only beginning.

ADNAN OKTAR: I also thank you for his kindness and beautiful speech

MR. PILLONI: Dear Master, my great friend, my dear friend Mr. Oktar. Nabil is a friend of mine. I am a Grand Master. I am also the Grand Master of Nabil. I can’t bear these words of a brother of mine who is crying. Nabil’s heart is crying, his heart is also bleeding. I say, let’s start this by thinking over the friendship we both have. Indeed we should come to the point of devoting our lives to this, because the Syrian people are crying and Mr. Nabil is very sorry of this. The Syrian people are crying together with their children, like the children I saw today in the airport. I would like to say the following to you. I would like to say from my heart: Let’s gather all our friendships, our acquaintances and contact people; indeed they are the people who sent me here. We must do everything in our power to save the Syrian people. There are some new developments, I can tell this, because after talking to Mr. Nabil tonight, I wrote a text until morning. You have granted me an opportunity. If you give me ten minutes, I will tell you something new. Let’s close the program so that I can tell you right away.

ADNAN OKTAR: All right, let’s close the program.

BÜLENT SEZGİN: We are continuing with our live conversation. Please have your say, Mr. Oktar.

ADNAN OKTAR: Dr. Nabil should keep his heart at peace. From now on, there will be a time of salvation, a time of beauty and relief. Pain and suffering will not go on forever. It has its lifespan, it continues and then one day it ends. Now is the time for it to end. At the moment, good people are in charge of the world. And they are numerous. They hold the key positions in the world. Of course, these will not come into being by diplomacy. They will happen by love, by remembering God. The world has come to realize the ugliness of this tragedy explicitly when they saw the corpse of that little martyr boy [on the shore] –in fact, we don’t call it a corpse, he is a martyr so we believe he is alive. It is very important to be in constant contact [with God]. It is very important to be persistent and determined. I believe this scourge will end by the help of God. I see that people of love and wisdom are in charge. It is possible to convince even the cruelest ones. If we approach them with love and with belief in God, we will see altogether that it is possible. Everything will go back to its former beauty. Let us reinforce our love and our unity; we will see the result. God is watching us at this moment. He hears what we talk. He brought us together. It is He Who makes us all trust in each other, love and respect each other. He is the Owner of all power. We pray that the world becomes a better place, a beautiful place and it will come true by the will of God. I will not go into much detail. I will not tell you everything I know. But I tell you that everything will come out as good.

May Dr. Nabil keep his heart at ease and his loved ones keep their hearts at ease. They will receive good news. People of love are closer to each other right now; they are in close collaboration. God sees this and it will all end well. We don’t want war, we don’t want blood. We don’t want a drop of blood to be spilled. We don’t want even a person’s nose to bleed. Dr. Nabil said a good word. He said ‘God is the Beloved’. God created the universe for love. The reason of life is love. We will see this beauty by means of you and other friends, by means of people who love and by means of us if God makes us instrumental. Mr. Pilloni, my words end there, I give you the floor.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: We would like to listen to Dr. Nabil’s opinion with regards to your statements.

DR. NABIL TOUMEH: In fact you really deserve the word ‘thank you’. It is no doubt that if we collaborate together we can achieve good life not only for Syrians, but also for the whole world. In Syria there is diversity which is unique in the world; different cultures, different religions, different sectarian groups.

And as you know for sure that everybody in Syria, despite all the differences between them, they were living together without any problems, and living, not only living, which means that they really live normal life.

The same could be applied for all the Middle East region because all the countries of the Middle East, they had the same nature of style of living; every country was a part of other country.

And I have started my speech about the relationship between Syria and Turkey, as an example of this living. 

Out of your valuable speech, Mr. Oktar, occurs to me a very good question to ask, “I think that Syrians, they believe in their lands, as Jews, as Turkish do, as everybody, as American. They do because Syrian people they have their identity which is what they are proud of.

When we encourage the dialogue between all the different parties, -Syrian parties who are present here in Turkey or in the Gulf area or in Europe-, we are encouraging the goodwill of them because we are all Syrians and we have the same pain which we must relieve.

To encourage, [and] to create dialogue between the different parties of Syrians; we must [do these]; this could be done through encouraging the dialogue itself, not by increasing the military aid or military, the founding of the whole party; not [by these], but by creating a real dialogue between the Syrians themselves.

We can use your wisdom to encourage the dialogue between different parties. To stop the war, we need to have a rational dialogue that will be good in all its aspects and will continue.

I appreciate your speech at the beginning, when you said that God will help us if we really believe. This is very important to us. And I would like also to emphasize that all the problems that we have to solve is coming up from different parties for different reasons. The problem now is this huge numbers of refugees, which is really representing a big problem for us, which we must face.

My friends, as today the problem is bigger than us. It’s all over the world; it's not only here, but from Europe to Japan. I cannot imagine how we can, we have this lovely evening and we can dialogue with debate. Why the leaders of the world cannot do the same thing? We are speaking about our own problems, about our concerns; why do the leaders make conspiracies against each other?

For example, you are here. We are here in your place and you represent the president of our meeting, the officer of our meeting. When we make the break for example, every one of us went for something different.

Someone went for a coffee, other went for a [cup of] water, but when you came back, we all came back with the same mentality, the same spirit. We need an officer for this world who can reset the world to its original setting, with the help of God. Without it there would be a big miss, a big chaos.

We, for sure, believe in God. But if we don’t collaborate, if we don’t work [together], will God help us?

We must do our best. We must give efforts. As God says in the Qur’an, you must work and everybody will see your work  so we must work and after everybody will see the result of the work. Our meeting tonight is the first step of this work.

In this meeting we are experiencing a new experience, a very fundamental and intellectual experience, which I am sure it is going to lead us to a new life but we must work out of the result that we will get from this meeting. If everybody goes away from this country and he doesn't work for the results, it counts as nothing and it's going to be just only a good evening.

The weak people in all over the world represent the majority of the population of the world. And this discrimination between the poor people and the rich people and which they have; class not this but in between classes. 

When everybody doesn’t do what he must  do, when poverty exists, it will create a good environment for criminals and for all the evils in this world.

And people like you like yourself, with the friends over here we can do something to put an end to the tragedy of the world that we are facing today by making the world better and better and that can be done only by our efforts together.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. We will continue by strengthening it.

DR. NABIL TOUMEH: When we help Syria to get over the war or its problems, everybody must know that we are helping the whole world to get over this.

The quickest is the best; this is what the world should know, should know about the help that we will, that it will give to Syria. Because by helping Syria as I said before, the world, all the world must know they are putting an end to a big tragedy that could come up in the future.

I would like to emphasize through you, through your organization and everybody here that what we are doing is very important. We must go on with our efforts we must go on to send our message, not only for Syria, but for all the leaders of the region who are in control of the region. And also to encourage the Syrian dialogue which is the most important thing. That could or would lead to put an end to this dramatic situation in Syria as I said to  my friend Pilloni; we would go on with our mission to send this message to all the  leaders of the region.

ADNAN OKTAR: Insha’Allah, insha’Allah 

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: My dear friend Adnan, after you have spoken I felt a bit of relief in my dear friend Nabil’s heart. I see that Nabil is getting better, he is feeling better. Maybe he has sensed that good things is about to take place. My dear friend Nabil is expecting a lot from you and I. We don’t want to send him back to Damascus upset with empty hands. We wish to send him back to Damascus with new hopes, and of course with the blessing of God. I know that you have recommendations for Mr. Nabil. According to me this is a great gesture on your side and I will sign this at the cost of spilling my blood. I will pay for it with my blood. Since Dr. Nabil and his people have a special place in my heart. I have come to know Dr. Nabil ten years ago and I want to see him like I knew him ten years ago, always with a smile on his face. And you and I, we can do much about it. Let me add a few words and then I will stop speaking and listen to you. Because your words are full of wisdom. You, my dear friend, told me something tragic, you spoke about the picture of that little boy who died on the shore. This is an atrocity. I think the whole world is touched by this photo. But I blame the media since I believe this photo should not have been published. For death always requires respect, especially if it is the death of such an innocent boy. I condemn the press. I condemn them particularly since they published only this boy’s photo. Yet there are hundreds of thousands of children that died in Syria because of embargo. How come the media not mention about the children in Syria that die because they cannot find the necessary medicine to be treated. Why does the media not mention these problems? These children in Syria die because of the embargo. Why does the press not talk about these? The situation of the children who die due to the lack of medicine are more tragic than the boy who is found dead on the shore, since hundreds of them die without the necessary medicine. We should always face death with respect. However it comes, we should respect it, especially when it is an innocent spirit like this. Now I complete my words and leave the conversation to you.

ADNAN OKTAR: Thank you. Since the time is late in the evening, I also think about your well-being, your rest, but the matter is very important. If we should say the exact truth, these sufferings will go on for a little more time. It will persist for some more time. But it will be eradicated from the face of the Earth after some time. Syria and Iraq will be like Paradise. The Middle East will be like Paradise. The entire world will be like Paradise. The weapons will disappear. The spilling of blood will end. Women will be free. A woman will travel from Istanbul to Damascus by herself. That is what our Prophet (pbuh) says. Freemasonry, which has continued since the time of the Prophet Solomon with fervor, will fulfill its ultimate, greatest and most perfect duty in this last period. Its greatest service will be the world’s living in brotherhood. The time has come for that Masonic knot to unravel. That famous Freemasonry symbol, the knotted rope. That knotted rope will unravel. God watches us every moment. You know that this is emphasized as an eye in a triangle in Freemasonry, the All-Seeing Eye of God. Freemasonry knows that God watches us. The whole world will be like the palace of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh). Every place will be beautiful. So our brothers in Syria should keep their hearts at ease. It will all end well by the will of God. Mr. Pilloni, my words end here.

There is a letter that needs to be signed. Let us sign it now.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: We wrote a letter personally addressed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad together. It intends to reach the heart of Assad. We will send it to him. Grand Master Mr. Oktar will give this letter to Mr. Nabil, and he will personally deliver it to Assad. This is a great work. This is the first step in establishing peace in Syria, a first brick. May I have a copy of the letter we have just signed? It has an historical importance for me. I will show it to other Masons.

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: Let us now talk about cheerful things. As you have seen, my family has sent you a present, a little present. This is small, but it contains the hearts of my wife, my children and me. I request that you open it now.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah, okay. My God, this is very beautiful. I like it very much. Very beautiful. It is exactly suiting to my taste.

ADNAN OKTAR: I respect your family. Please convey my love and regards to them.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: This is my personal present.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha’Allah. That is very beautiful.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: Since we should not forget each other. Mr. Oktar is 33rd degree of the Supreme Council of the Grand Lodge of Italy U.M.S.O.I.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. Masha’Allah, thank you very much.

GIAN FRANCO PILLONI: That gentleman will also give you a present.

Victor German Serna: With the power given to me by my brothers, with the power I have, I, as the Sovereign Grand Commander -in-Chief of the 33 degree of the Supreme Council of the United States of America we determined to name you as the honorary member of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree. The symbol of all the members of the 33rd degree Freemasons.


Victor German Serna: You are now Grand Inspector General of the Order of the Supreme Council of the United States.

Adnan Oktar: Oh my, so many presents.

CHARLES MABRY: I am the past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Illinois. My Grand Master of the Lodge of Illinois sends this to you.  On behalf of all members of the Regular Grand Lodge of Illinois Ancient Accepted Rite Free Accepted Masons, we present you with our emblem of brotherhood, a golden trowel. We all know that the trowel is used for spreading cement to the perfect ashlars to bind them together. This trowel we present to you is for your use, to spread the precious application of cement with the Brothers here in Illinois and we will do the same. We must work to set the example of true Brotherhood and continue to spread the precious applications so we may be bonded with one another.

So please accept our gift with the best intention. We have much to learn from each other. May this trowel be the instrument where a dialogue can began with one another.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masonic trowel masha’Allah. Lovely, very beautiful. Thank you.

CHARLES MABRY: From the Grand Master, the President of the United Masonic Assembly, I present you this token of recognition, the certificate of recognition and appreciation presented to you, Turkish A9 TV Adnan Oktar for your masonic endeavors and platforms which has proved to expend an insight into our fraternal organization creating an avenue for the dissemination of one of our significant tenants brotherly love. This is from the United Masonic Assembly, United States of America.

Adnan Oktar: Thank you.

Oktar Babuna:  Present from United Masonic Assembly, United States of America to A9 TV for its contribution.

Adnan Oktar: Thank you very much. Masha’Allah. Are there more?

Oktar Babuna: David Munoz, Grand Master of Hispanic Grand Lodge for North America.

DAVID MUNOZ:  You received the 33rd degree which is the branches and leaves of our Hispanic masonic organization. It would be incomplete if you do not also take care of the trunk of that tree. As such, this decree is naming you in Spanish naming you with the powers of the Grand Master and honorary member of the Hispanic Grand Lodge of North America of all lodges.

: Marino has another present for you.

Marino De Armas Benitez: All of my brothers are from the Scottish rite. He is also a member of the York rite. These are token from the royal arch masons of Jerusalem.

Adnan Oktar: Thank you very very much.  I convey them my love and regards.

DAVID MUNOZ: Now you are a full mason. You have all the degrees.

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah. You made us very happy, you rejoiced us. You honored us. I respect your families. I convey my love and regards to your loved ones and friends. We are altogether with them, our friendship will continue. God is with us. We will see beautiful days ahead of us by the will of God.

Gian Franco Pilloni: Could you please give the signed letter addressed to President Assad to Dr. Nabil right now? The original letter.

Oktar Babuna: That is the original letter, signed by Mr. Adnan Oktar and Mr. Pilloni. Two letters, one in Arabic and one in English.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, please give the original letter.

Gian Franco Pilloni: Please explain to Dr. Nabil that this envelope contains a letter written in two languages and that he should present it to his President Assad. With my dear friend Adnan Oktar, we have reflected much on this letter and we wrote it from the heart. Since we are sure this will be the first step for peace in Syria. The reason we wrote this letter is to touch Assad’s heart. We hope this will be a beginning for Syrian people. I love you my brother and we do this for your people.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, now I present you this letter to be delivered to our brother Assad. And let me also send this rosary of mine as a present to President Assad.

There are two letters. What is one for?

Oktar Babuna: One in Arabic and one in English.

Adnan Oktar: Okay. Then we can end our program.

Bülent Sezgin: Our live program with Mr. Adnan Oktar ends here. We thank each one of our guests. Until next time, good night.





































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