All people are born with knowledge of love. A young child never exhibits any prejudice. A child knows no racial differences, no hatred, no classification of others by religion, culture or nation, and will not wrong others because he is born with that love in his nature. Everyone is created with the soul breathed into him by Allah, and that soul is focused on love because Allah loves to love and be loved. Only later do people learn about hatred, cruelty, prejudice, loathing and condemnation of others because of their ideas, race, faith or language or to be hostile toward them because of their ethnicity. These are all things taught to man by Satan.
Satan always inflicts unease and discomfort. That is the main reason why the great majority of people are living in a state of unease at the moment. A great many people have chosen what is wrong, have imagined that Satan’s seeds of hatred are real life and regard hatred as easier than love. They have forgotten that they are created with love in their nature and have established a system that oppresses themselves by nourishing hatred, constantly acquiring new enemies and constantly complaining rather than seeking to resolve everything through pleasant means. This is an oppressive system because it is impossible to be at ease and happy when one is in a state of hatred and lovelessness. The current disorder in the world literally confirms this.
We now need to pose the following question; how did hatred come to be this easy? Let us give the answer through a verse from the Quran. The Quran refers to Satan’s horrible rebellion against Allah and to this promise: “...By Your misguidance of me, I will lie in ambush for them on your straight path.” (Surat al-A’raf, 16) Under this promise in the Quran, Satan lies in wait on the true path established by Allah. Allah wants love from human beings. But Satan seeks to destroy that love. If people behave in the exact opposite way to how Allah expects, that means they are unaware of the presence of Satan lying in wait on the true path in front of them. If they prefer hatred over love, then they are serving Satan’s purpose, albeit unknowingly.
Satan’s trap is a cunning one, and may not be obvious. In order to become aware of his cunning snare, we need to think as followers of Allah. One must not forget that Allah loves love, and that love must always therefore be kept alive. The important thing is to love Allah and all things created by Allah and to keep this always in mind.
Most people are unaware they incite hatred. Allah will always help someone who advocates love. Such a person is stronger than thousands so long as he lives by and acts on that true love of Allah. He will feel to unease or trouble because of that beauty in his soul. Love satisfies the soul. The body, face and cells come to life with the energy and joy bestowed by life. The darkness, fear and terror bestowed by hatred slip away from the soul. And then it is possible to truly live, to find solutions to problems, to interpret events positively and to live in happiness and comfort with a healthy mind. The one can do the easy thing, to live by love, and avoid the difficult, hatred and loathing. Then one does what Allah desires. Allah makes the world a lovely place for such a person. And, of course, the hereafter as well.
We must do what Allah wants and be people of love. We must want Allah to choose us. We must bring love to the world. And now is just the right time.
2013-01-16 20:46:56

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