A conflict or even massacre and oppression takes place in a country; and the journalists, commentators, producers all around the world make research on that issue and write intensively, make news of it and start arguments for a solution. Yet this intensity over the subject continues for just a few weeks or so. People get used to news regarding that region in a short time. Images of terror, violence, conflict and massacre become ordinary events that some look with careless eyes and turn back to his work.

Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan, East Turkestan, Nigeria, Patani, Thailand, Myanmar and many more… Usually all are first observed as a “current agenda”, then when the agenda changes they are forgotten. People who maintain sincere and continuous sensibility towards the progress of events are indeed rare.

As these lines are written or you are reading this article, thousands of Muslims on all four corners of the world are still being oppressed, tortured, persecuted and martyred.

The Chinese government is executing genocide by martyring Uighur Muslims for 60 years. So far approximately 35 million Muslims have been martyred. They were taken from their homes by brute force and put to death without showing any legal excuse and given no right of defense. Moreover, the state of the thousands of missing Uighur Turks is still unknown. 100 thousand Uighur Turk women were dragged away from their homes and forced to unlawful sexual relations.

Meanwhile the Indian government insists on its determined policy of oppression towards Kashmiri Muslims for 60 years. Up until now, 80 thousand Kashmiri people have lost their lives, thousands have been oppressed in Indian prisons and no news heard of 10 thousand Kashmiris. Over 4 thousand women were persecuted and raped. Islamic schools and newspapers have been closed.

Yet another country, Patani has been going through a major persecution for about 200 years.  Muslims  are undergoing the aggression of Thai soldiers every single day. The majority of the people are forced to leave their home countries. The ones who resist are martyred. Thousands of innocent Patani people are inhumanely tortured. Unsolved murders and missing persons are daily events for Patani people. Muslims’ houses and fields in the region are harmed. The majority of the women are raped and harassed.  

There are still about 30 thousand widowed Muslim women and approximately 40 thousand orphaned children in Patani. Over 400 Muslims were lost during the period of the martial law. Approximately 2300 people were martyred, about 4000 Muslims were prisoned based by way of illegal methods and 30 thousand people were detained in detention camps.

Recently 250 thousand Muslims were martyred in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Moreover 20 thousand Muslim brothers and sisters of ours lost their lives in Nagorno-Karabakh. 1300 Azeri Muslims including women, children and elderly were persecuted and martyred by massacre in one single day in Hodjali.

There has been a systematic policy of persecution and massacre towards Arakanese Muslims since 1942 in Myanmar. Up till now over 100 thousand Muslims were martyred. Furthermore, hundreds of thousand people were either disabled or were forced to migrate from their lands, while others were compelled to live in temporary camps or woods. And most were left to die by drowning in rivers or oceans. Muslims were banned from practicing their religion, all Islamic educational institutions and mosques were closed. Their right to live was restrained, they were banned from going to pilgrimage, making religious sacrifice, praying en masse and other methods of worship. Muslims’ houses, mosques, madrasas and villages were destructed and burnt down to the ground.

Between years 1962 and 1984, 20.000 Arakanese Muslims were martyred, thousands of women were raped and almost all the properties of Muslims were confiscated. The persecution and oppression in Myanmar continued since 1990 till our day.

Nigerian Muslims are also in need of the help of Islamic world. Muslims consisting mostly of women and children are being martyred in Nigeria for 50 years. Mosques are being burnt and a serious persecution policy is being executed against Muslims. In the recent conflicts that flared in the aftermath of the civil war that took place between years 1967-1970, thousands of people’s lives were lost and ten thousands of others were left homeless.

 Lately the incidents that occurred in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and the endless unrest going on in Syria cost the lives of thousands of innocent Muslims’ lives.

The majority of these regions are currently going through an ever-increasing terror, violence, anarchy, tumult, massacre and torture. And right now, every person of conscience, wisdom and common-sense, that is to say, all of us are responsible for every passing moment of the millions of Muslims -women, young, elderly and new-born living under such conditions- who suffer oppression and cruelty, who are held captive and whose rights are violated.

The fact that all this oppression and cruelty in the world increase day by day and that each passing hour another Muslim is martyred or suffers persecution and oppression stems from the reason that the Islamic world is not united. The most definite and effectual solution is the unification of Muslims under a single roof.  Such a union of the world’s 1,5 billion Muslims will bring forth a strongly founded force of peace and brotherhood. By the will of Allah this force will then make the unlawful oppression and persecution and cruelly shedding the blood of Muslims

Consequently, every person longing for the dominance of peace upon the Islamic world and prevalence of abundance, joy, blessing and happiness on our Muslims brothers and sisters worldwide and also their living under democratic and civilized conditions should give their support for this union. 

2013-06-11 15:03:47

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