“Ataturk was a highly intelligent, perspicacious Ottoman general and Turk. He eliminated fundamentalism and applied an enlightening Islam of the Companions that favored art, science and beauty.”


Didem Ürer: Ali Bulaç hodja said this about Muslims in Turkey. “Muslims in Turkey have a dual identity. Muslims in Turkey have a Kemalist, nationalist and a religious dual identity.”

Adnan Oktar: Our being Kemalist makes it much easier to live as Muslims. Kemalism means having the moral values of the Companions, it means being free. Look, if we were not Kemalist, women would be unable to walk around so freely. We could not have managed that under any other system. The followers of the Nur could not have been so free, not the followers of Fethullah hodja. Ultra-modern young people work at their computers, study at university, wear jeans, shave and wear ties. Being Kemalist makes things much easier.  Ataturk was a highly intelligent and perspicacious Ottoman general. He was a highly perspicacious Turk. He embodied all the logic and intelligence of our whole nation. Ataturk dressed very elegantly, for instance. His clothes were very chic. Other people began dressing elegantly after him. There was no such thing before him.

 Ataturk eliminated the fundamentalist mindset. What Ataturk describes is therefore the Islam of the Companions, the Islam of the Qur’an. Ataturk was against fundamentalism. In that sense, we are Kemalists. We favor enlightenment, art, science and beauty. The dinners given by Ataturk were wonderful affairs; really fine and elegant. His clothes and his language were both very elegant.

There is a non-fundamentalist Islam in Turkey. That is why Turkey is a model for the whole Islamic world. Turkey is the only well-liked and popular Islamic country. What does that mean? Why? Because of Ataturk. Ataturk therefore showed, in practical terms, how to live by Islam. He brought in a modern, rational Islam that looked to science and expanded our horizons, the Islam practiced by the Companions. The Mahdi should in any case be expected after the coming of Ataturk. The second state after Ataturk is the system of the Mahdi. Ataturk knew the Mahdi would appear. That is why he wrote letters to be opened after his death. They still have not opened the letters, we are waiting.

I am a Kemalist, for example, and a Muslim. When I say I am a Kemalist that is because Ataturk emphasized the Islam of the Companions and applied the shared logic of our nation. Kemalism is a symbolic name. He embodied that common name. I could also call it “the Anatolian mindset” or “Anatolian thinking.” Or “Turkish thinking,” or “the Turkish conscience”: It is not something unique to Ataturk alone. We bestow that name on him since he was a leader and fearlessly imposed the character of the Companions in the End Times. But it is not something that had never been discovered or known before. It is a known thing, a thing people live by. But Ataturk put it into practice. (Adnan Oktar, February 2nd, 2013, A9 TV)


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