“The communists have a slogan that says ‘An organized people cannot be defeated.’ The PKK also enjoys an advantage over unorganized people in its organized struggle. That is where the danger lies...”


Marxism has its own impressive conception of discipline. There is a strict hierarchy in Marxist thinking. It is like a military hierarchy linked to the ‘Party and leader.’ It has a chain of command. This structure means that the PKK also enjoys an advantage over unorganized people in its organized struggle. That is where the danger lies.

For example, if 10 communists organize and come to a district, they can easily intimidate the people there again and again since they are not organized, because the individual is alone but there are 10 of them. One person is not strong enough to oppose them. And someone else is also on his own. They then go and attack him. And he is not strong enough to deal with them, either. But if they were united among themselves, if 100 people came together, then they would be strong enough to oppose them. But since they are unorganized, the organized communist-Stalinist system has a huge advantage. That is where their current advantages come from. And that is why the communists have a slogan that says ‘An organized people cannot be defeated.’ ‘He who is organized will always win in the class struggle,’ they say.  They go to a factory; let us imagine a factory of 100 people. When 20 communists do that, that is all it takes. The rest of them soon come to heel because the others are not organized. They have nobody behind them. But the PKK has that Stalinist structure, Russia behind it. They draw strength from as far away as Japanese communists. They can obtain intelligence and weapons from everywhere, Cambodia or Vietnam or North Korea.

Communists have a huge sense of Ummah that many Muslims lack. They look after one another, materially and psychologically, support one another and even risk their lives when necessary. North Koreans have appeared in the PKK. Syrian and Egyptian elements appear. Even Americans. There are British terrorists among them. They support them everywhere. There were even people from various countries among Che’s colleagues. That is the general shape of communist solidarity and organization, so they use those advantages. Both Venezuela and Cuba support the Colombian Armed Communist Forces, but they are very close. In fact, North Korea also supports them. Turkish communists also support them. Communists have excellent communications with one another. For example, our communists here know all about the communists in Angola. They supported the regime change and the struggle in Angola from here. They held meetings here.

Yet some Muslims are totally unaware of the situation of Muslims in other countries, let alone actively support them. Some of them are totally unaware. But communists are very well informed about one another, telling one another, ‘This happened in North Korea and that happened somewhere else.’ Communists are like a family - like a mafia family. They all know and support one another.


2013-02-25 16:16:47
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