“There are a great many associations formed with the Islamic world, the Turkic states and Europe. But without the spirit of the way of the Mahdi, no matter what associations are established, they will just be shells devoid of any spirit, dead and hollow unions”


Didem Ürer: In his piece in Rota Haber, Oğuz Düzgün said; "Turkey must not content itself with joining the Shanghai Collaboration Project alone. It must actively join the African Union, the Union of Latin American States and even the Arab League.” He then continued; "Turkey must also be a leader in Caucasian, Balkan and Far East unions. It must build a new ‘justice union’ to be shaped by restructuring the shell of the Organization of Islamic Collaboration. The road to such a union will obviously run through Rakhine, where injustice is rife, Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh and East Turkestan. Turkey must not content itself with simply being an effective player for the sake of this great union in the future in order to resolve justice problems in these regions, but must become a leading country producing the most just solutions.”

Adnan Oktar: Yes, in other words, “It must prepare the ground for the system of the Mahdi.”

Didem Ürer: Yes.

Adnan Oktar: But these unions are meaningless without the system of the Mahdi. We are also a member of NATO. There are also all kinds of other associations. We have association with the Turkic states and with the Islamic world. We are not part of a system that is not associated with the Islamic world. But these are hollow, dead and inactive, shells containing no spirit. That association cannot form by constantly rebuilding that system. For example, if we say, “We have set up a Union of Islamic Countries”, fine, members will join. People will come from Saudi Arabia and sit around in their hotels. They will eat well and then doze off while speakers are talking. There would be no spirit in other words. There are official bodies for establishing association with Turkish countries. These have official status and names, but they do not do anything, they are dead. There are many associations regarding Islamic countries. There are associations set up in Erbakan Hodja’s time, but they are all moribund, they are all inactive. It is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will give them that spirit, the King Messiah, by Allah’s leave. Our Prophet (saas) says there is no other way.

They imagine that if we join the African Union, if we hold meetings with Africans, if a conference is held and such an association established, that we will suddenly have close ties with them and a great love will emerge. Not at all. You can do that as much as you like, but nothing will come of it. The giving of a spirit is something else entirely. That will happen through love and fear of Allah, and that lies with the spirit of the Mahdi. There are many official associations with the Turkic states. But none are active, they make no progress, there is no easing of particular matters . Now, if you abolish the visa regimes for all countries and do away with passports, many people will still not go anywhere. If you do away with visas and passports with Egypt, will many people go and become friends with the people there? No. Will many people from Egypt come here and be friends with us? People will come and try and cheat and steal. That is very dangerous. Nobody will even want to rent property to them, because the spirit is lacking. A body without a soul is dead. So in the absence of the system of the Mahdi, moribund systems are constantly being set up. They say, “Form such and such an association,” or “Join the Shanghai Group.” Those would be dead associations. They would produce no results. India joined the Shanghai Group, and it is in a wretched state. Pakistan joined, and is also in a wretched state. Russia joined, China joined, and they all are. There is the European Union, and they are miserable, there is no soul.

They imagine the problems will come to an end with a body. But it doesn’t. You are miserable within that body. But with the spirit of the system of the Mahdi, even if you cannot put a name to it, there will be a climate of great joy and happiness. So there is no need for these official names, but they need to be brought to active life. This false understanding has been around for a long time, “If only we set up such and such an association.” Then they set one up. And what happens? Nothing. In other words, someone will not leave his country and come and talk to you. He will be looking to see if there is anything in it for him.

We regard Turkey, our brothers, the Turkish nation, as a leader, a role model. We see there is no such capacity in other countries, because they lack that spirit. There is no system based on love and fear of Allah. This scourge will persist, as it is, for so long as they fail to grasp this, Allah knows best. (Adnan Oktar, January 31st, 2013, A9 TV)


2013-02-25 16:28:29

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