“The PKK believes that the armed struggle will produce results, and that it can easily divide Turkey through elections. But we will never allow Turkey to be broken up...”


The PKK thinks that they have a good organization in the Southeast and can speak to a wide mass of people. They think they can bring the Marxist ideology to power through elections, that they can split Turkey apart in other words. They believe they can achieve a result in favor of national fragmentation in a referendum. They therefore also think that a Marxist, Stalinist power can easily come to power by popular vote. In other words, they think the armed struggle will produce results, and that even if it does not, they can still proceed by stepping  up their armed struggle until it does.

They are very dear to us. We will not turn our country or its citizens over to the communists. They can forget it. We will not give up one inch of land. ( January 11th, 2013A9 TV)

2013-02-25 16:35:14

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