“All the communists in the world support the PKK”


In the recent walk -outs in France, all the communist organizations there have supported the PKK. The members of the PKK have a communist structure. All the communists in the world support this terror organization. This threat has to be seen. The activities of the PKK are discussed unilaterally. You need to respond the ideology of the PKK intellectually; you need to prepare works that will refute Darwinism, Marxism, Leninism.

Our state must engage in work in this respect. Alternatively, they need to provide support to those who engage in anti-communist scientific works. Many states in the world are still oblivious to the fact that they are in thrall to anti-Christ. In our country also, Darwinism is still being taught. They continue to provide the fake drawings of Haeckel and erroneous information that has been admitted to be invalid by scientific circles. The state can give information about Darwinism, but they should let us give a response of three pages. They should devote a space for the response to Darwinism.

Recently some businessmen from Southeast Anatolia visited us. They told me, “My Master, in that region, the KCK is more dangerous than the PKK. They are the ones that promulgate communism, Leninism. They are the ones that try to deceive the people.” Our state must prevent this.

Some commentators in the media say, “The PKK will be stopped by our methods.” If you give away that region to them, of course the PKK will cease for a while. Once you give them what they want and allow the disintegration of the country, why should  they not stop? That is just what they ask for. Otherwise they will never abandon terror unless communism is defeated.

Fethullah Gülen made a statement recently saying, “Let’s have peace reign.” Everyone wants that. The name of Islam is “Peace”, it comes from the Arabic word root, “Slm”. But peace can only be attained by engaging in ideological work and refuting the PKK ideologically.

 (January 13th, 2013, A9 TV)

2013-03-03 12:33:54

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