“We will never, ever allow the communists to divide our country”


There are some people who foolishly do not like our Southeastern brothers. They do not want them to come to Istanbul, or even to see them where they live; they do not want them to live well and prosperously. “Let the country be split up, just so long as they go away,” they say. There is a war of nerves at the moment. Some commentators are on the wrong side in this war of nerves.

Let me say that we will never allow our Southeastern dear ones to be split away from us. We will never, ever allow the communists to divide our country. Our citizens in the Southeast are very dear to us. They are Turkey’s adornment. With their customs and traditions, they add color to Turkey." 

Let me say that nothing will come from talking  to Abdullah Öcalan. The real issue is partition. The nation will never permit partition.

I know what our government and MIT are doing. We know that MIT and Prime Minister Tayyib Erdoğan will not fall for this.  The government is doing a good job and it  will not fall for such things. It will neither hand the Southeast over, nor fall for such ruses.

Some people stand up and say, “Let us hold a referendum and ask the public whether or not they want partition.” How can anyone ask that? Think of a family. Would you go to the father and say, “Do you want to leave your family?” How can you ask that? They must stop saying these things.

Some people say, “Let’s get them to lay down their arms.” That is very  misleading. You may get them to lay down their arms, but they will just get a better weapon two days later. That logic is very wrong. The weapons are in their heads. If someone has the mind of a killer, he will always find a weapon. We must get them to lay down the weapons in their minds; the Darwinism and the communist killer mindset.

What is really needed is an intellectual campaign in the Southeast. Guns and bombs have produced no solution for 30 years. A scientific struggle is needed. Darwinism, the bedrock of communism, needs to be intellectually eliminated. That intellectual campaign needs to be carried out by treating people with love and affection. (Adnan Oktar,  January 6th, 2013, A9 TV)

2013-03-25 14:28:52

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