''ADNAN OKTAR: We ask our mother Mrs. Erdogan to explain that she is against Darwinism and materialism''


DIDEM URER: Mrs. Emine Erdogan noted that the Prophet (saas) is the prophet of love, the prophet of compassion and affection and said, “It is impossible to find any negative moment or any negative scene, let alone for us and our children, but also for the children of societies from other faiths as well. We must not deprive both our children and all the children of the world of learning about such an exemplary life” during her speech at the Holy Birth Week.

ADNAN OKTAR: Very nice. We send our sincere regards to our mother Mrs. Erdogan. We send our respects. May Allah bless her. May Allah grant her a long life. May Allah remove all troubles and harm from her and our Prime Minister. If they have any troubles, may Allah remove them.

We need a brave initiative from the Ministry of Education in order to eradicate Darwinism and materialism. The Ministry of Education should show paleontological evidence, fossils, to the young people. Now there are 500 million fossils already found. There is no need to explain Darwinism or criticize materialism. We will only display the fossils on a table, and the show is over, because they have never changed. This is very clear. Everyone from seven to seventy can understand this.

To end this fallacy, if Mrs. Erdogan gives a speech about this, the ground would shake, as she is not a politician. Let us hear something like this from her . She could say that she is against Darwinism and materialism briefly as she already is. This would be extremely effective as she is the spouse of the Prime Minister. This would also represent the view of our Prime Minister. Maybe  the Prime Minister could not say this out loud due to his political status, but our mother could say this easily. She could say, “Let’s display paleontological evidences.” Our mother could say, “Let’s announce that Darwinism and materialism is a fallacy with all the facts against it provided by science.” If she could consider and make a brief or detailed explanation of this, this would make history. Of course, this is entirely for the good pleasure of Allah. (Adnan Oktar, April 13th, 2013: A9 TV)


2013-04-23 12:26:53

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