''Islam is a religion which protects atheists, polytheists and idolaters.''


DİDEM ÜRER: Mr. Ali Bulaç wrote an article that said; “The upper-identity must be Islam.” He commented, “If the upper-identity were atheism, then everyone would be forcibly made atheists like Mao and Stalin. If it were Christianity, you would make everyone Christians. If you select a specific race, you would exclude the other races. However, if Islam were accepted as an upper-identity then none of these would happen. There would be no compulsion on non-Muslims. Freedom of expression would be protected; otherwise only slander and violence would be used. Every ethnic group would speak its own language; otherwise every official identity would oppress the other. The only way is to choose Islam as the upper-identity.”

ADNAN OKTAR: But in practice this is like this. For example, when we describe the Turkish people, we say that everyone who lives in Turkey is Turkish. This is a unifying expression. Islam is meant. Turkishness and Islam go hand in hand. It doesn't have another meaning insha’Allah. Islam is a religion which also protects those who are non-Muslims. It is a religion which also protects atheists. It is a religion which protects polytheists and idolatry.

Therefore Islam would of course be the cornerstone because it is based on compassion, mercy and protection. Had there been no Islam, the Turkish people would be devastated and there would not be a people called 'Turkish'. We would be scattered about and divided.

The unifying aspect of Islam is already recognized throughout the world. It is the main basis for the foundation of the state, family and morality. Even Marxists are complaining  about this. (Adnan Oktar, May 2nd, 2013: A9 TV)


2013-05-22 14:09:14

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