''The world has turned into a blood bath but some people don't know or even care…''


DİDEM ÜRER: The Hasene government in Bangladesh, a supporter of India, is known for its oppressive actions against Islamic communities for a long time. Lately, after the government took preventive precautions against slanders against our Prophet (saas) and Islam, there was a riot in the country. One million people gathered for protest. The government started a civil war as a result. The military forces took random shots at the community and killed people. Allegedly 2,500 people were martyred in the events that has lasted for two days.

ADNAN OKTAR: The world has turned into a blood bath but some people don't know or even care. They are focusing on non-urgent subjects like how to eat soup, whether melon is sunnah, how to talk when going out of the house, which hand we need to use to eat. The whole world is in turmoil and blood is flowing in streams; the world of Islam is ruined and they simply don't care. Some people follow those whom they think to be experts on this. However a true Muslim recognizes the disasters and dangers Muslims face and shows Muslims a safe passage. He strives for the Islamic Union and the way of the Mahdi. He strives for the return of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and for his students to carry out their works easily. He loves Allah. He never gets on with his own business only. When I mention this, some people don't like it; they only want to talk about their salary, food and travel.

They are ruining the Muslim world. The army of the anti-Christ has surrounded the world. They are ruining young women and young men. This is so both in Syria and Bangladesh.

Moreover, they are trying to get Muslims accustomed to slander. They say, “What happens if he insults your religion and faith? Does he insult your own person? So what? He is only insulting Allah (Allah is beyond that).” They say, “Don't worry; he is only insulting your religion. Get used to it.” They are trying to get other countries used to killing people. They say, “So what if he is dead?” They say, “They are killing them. What is it to you? Mind your own business.” Such an inconceivable oppression and remorselessness tyrannize the world.

For example, no one cares about this situation in Bangladesh. People are dancing in clubs in Europe and everyone everywhere is having a good time. When a Muslim dies, some [Christian] Evangelicals thank Allah since they think that  Gog and Magog are dead, that the army of the anti-Christ is dead. They consider the death of Muslims as an act of worship and they are very proud about that. They say, “Look; the army of the anti-Christ is eradicated. They are evil.” For example, Bush announced Muslims were the devil. He said, “We are killing the devil; we are not killing human beings; they are the devil.” There is such a horrifying situation.

Those who don't care about the Islamic Union are paralyzing Muslims by falling into the anti-Christ’s trap and striving to weaken Muslims. When it is urgent to distribute books, CDs and organize conferences, when it is urgent to strive for Islam to prevail throughout the world, they say, “There is nothing wrong.”

So what are these? What is happening in Syria and Afghanistan? What is happening in Iraq and Bangladesh? Everywhere is like that; blood is flowing in streams everywhere! (Adnan Oktar, May 8th, 2013: A9 TV) 

2013-05-24 22:05:08

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