''The measures being taken about alcohol consumption are vital''

DİDEM ÜRER: The legislative proposal banning the retail sale of alcohol between 22:00 and 06:00 has been passed. In addition, there will be no advertising of alcohol in any form and no marketing aimed at consumers.

ADNAN OKTAR: Now that part is highly important. Night is when all kinds of awful things happen; people can protect themselves in the daytime. This is an excellent and most appropriate move, masha’Allah.

DİDEM ÜRER: A similar legislative proposal has been passed in Russia, where 38% of deaths are caused by vehicle use while under the influence of alcohol. It began being enforced in Russia in January. However, there is considerable criticism, saying that an age limit after 22:00 hours would be reasonable, but that it is wrong to impose a blanket ban.

ADNAN OKTAR: In my view, it is essential to prevent sales at night. It is great. People drink , they become drunk and then turn up at people’s doorstep. There is no one there, no one to help out. Everyone is asleep at night. There are lots of people around in the daytime. It is easy to deal with a drunk in the daytime, isn’t it? Everyone is up. But at night, everyone is in bed. What can anyone do if a drunk turns up at the door and attacks his children and family? These people drink at night and then go home and attack their wives and children. I am not saying everyone is like that; some people drink in moderation and I exonerate them. I am talking about some other cases. But hundreds of thousands of families suffer from this in Anatolia. There is no sense in ignoring it. It is a fact. But these measures are applied all over the world, in all modern countries. Turkey came to it somewhat late. Labels and packaging all over the world also say that alcohol is harmful. Night-time sales are banned everywhere. These measures are entirely normal.

In America, for instance, they refuse to sell it to anyone aged 18. They have to be 21. It is no good otherwise.

DİDEM ÜRER: The sale of alcohol is banned after 22:00 in Canada and after 23:00 in Britain. (Adnan Oktar, 24 May 2013: A9 TV)


2013-06-08 10:02:43

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