''If Putin takes Al-Assad and his family under his protection and get them out of Syria, the war would come to an end.''

DİDEM ÜRER: The customs officer that the Syrians have attacked  has been martyred; the news just came.

ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah rest his soul. Of course we should look into why something like that has happened because it is terrible for people to be left in that region, it is like Hell out there. They should be able to pass by the border, come in from the Turkish Border. Those dear ones of mine, they would be perfectly happy even witha loaf of bread and a piece of cheese, they would happily and peacefully live there. 

But the situation in Syria should be resolved as soon as possible. It cannot go on like this. Al-Assad is too comfortable. His applauders have gathered around him.

He should leave already! How can it be acceptable to pass the government from father to son? And it will pass to the grandson and then who knows who? Just step down so that free elections can be held. Well, of course you can also run in the elections - no one would say anything to that. If you win, that is okay, right? Maybe you can get into a coalition government.

But he wants to be in power in any case. Forget about that, it is not acceptable. You have to accept democracy.  You do not embrace democracy, you demand a dictatorial regime. You want tyranny; you want the system of the dajjal (anti-Christ). 

I have said this thirty times; I have told him to “...talk about the unity of Islam openly.”  See what his men said; “He cannot say that, Baath people would not let him say that.”

Well my brother, you are doomed then but now we do not say anything about that either. Now if we tell him to “flee” he cannot do that either. He has been besieged. Only Russian diplomats can go in and take him out. For instance, if the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs were to go and take him to a capital ship of the Russian navy, they can then take him out with a helicopter or with escorts from the navy. No one would dare to come close to their navy and the matter would thus be solved. 


They should talk to Putin and persuade him. Al-Assad should be willing to leave. He is held as a captive in the hands of the Syrian deep state organization. As far as I see, he is not able to leave. What should be done is to involve Russia in this matter.  The US should back Russia up as well, it is not acceptable to leave Russia alone in this. The US should support this mission: They can get in contact with China as well, China should support them. We are talking to the Chinese  officials and they are very reasonable about this. (Adnan Oktar, May 2nd, 2013: A9 TV)

2013-06-16 13:35:52

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