''It would be very dangerous to have both irreligiousness and bigotry develop in Israel''

There is a great danger of irreligiousness in Israel. Israel is very important to us. If they make Israel irreligious, the whole region would be in enormous trouble. There is great irreligiousness in Tel Aviv. The other day a young Jewish girl came here; a model. I said, “You are Jewish. I love Jewish people a lot.” She said to me, “Why do you say so? Does being Israeli automatically mean being Jewish?” I was very surprised to hear that. She said, “As the youth of Tel Aviv, we don't wish to be remembered as such. We don't want to be known as Jews. We are just Israelis.”

I was quite surprised. They have gone a long way. If you try to take religion away from Israel, they would try to take religion away from the Middle East. May Allah forbid. The religiousness of Israel was an example to the whole region. It was an example for Egypt. It set an example for Palestine. They have also become very religious.

What is important is that they believe in a single God, that they believe in the hereafter, Paradise, Hell and the angels of Allah. This is very important.

We can’t stand by while irreligiousness develop in Israel. Of course we will support the religious but we also don't want bigotry to develop in Israel as well. And that will happen with Mosiah (Hazrat Mahdi (as)). With the coming of Mashiach (Mahdi), radicalism will be eliminated in Israel, insha’Allah. (June 20th, 2013, Adnan Oktar: A9 TV)


2013-07-05 21:32:34

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