Tal Abyad is not what you think!

As you will remember, the coalition partners that remained silent during the four years of turmoil in Iraq and Syria immediately swung into action when Kobani was targeted last year and provided military assistance to the PYD/YPG forces in the region. 
At the same time, Turkey came under immense pressure from the international community, despite admitting approximately 200,000 Kurds from Kobani in a single day. Turkey strongly rejected calls to provide arms for the PYD, the Syrian branch of the PKK terror organization. At the same time we issued this warning: The PYD, a terror organization, and its armed wing the YPG, are more dangerous than all the armed groups in Syria. The US must become aware of the growing communist threat. 
Despite these warnings, very little has changed in the attitude of the US and its allies. The YPG now know the passcode that would open all doors for them. It used Daesh card in every area it advanced through, ensured that coalition planes would bomb the region and thus secured control of that territory. When events were portrayed in that manner in the international media, all developments were depicted as a victory; not a word was said about the civilians dying in the coalition attacks or local residents under threat by the YPG. 
The same thing has now happened in the region of Tal Abyad. The situation leading to Turkey allowing 15,000 refugees to enter in a single day was an attack on the region being carried out by the YPG. The code word “Daesh” was employed again and coalition planes horrifyingly dropped bombs on the local residents of Tal Abyad. The interesting thing is that the area had already been under Daesh control for a year. The only thing new in the area was the violence inflicted on the inhabitants by the coalition bombs and the YPG.
Certainly we in no way approve of the violence employed by Daesh in Syria and Iraq. But the point we wish to make here is that the YPG is playing the Daesh card to legitimize its own evil and to deceive the US in particular. The terrible thing is that the US secret state apparatus that has wanted to see a Great Kurdistan for the last 100 years is keen to believe in this scenario and believes that its objective is being attained. 
Yet what the wretched people fleeing from Tal Abyad to Turkey are saying is very different. Halaf Dervish who fled to Turkey with eight children summarizes the situation thus: “Life has come to a stop there. The coalition planes were dropping bombs. We came to the border to save our lives. There is Allah, and there is Turkey… I thank all the officials for letting us in.” Jalad, who fled from the town of Slouk to the east of Tal Abyad, says, “The Americans said they would not kill civilians, but people are dying in Slouk," adding that 12 members of two neighbor families had died. 
Jomah Ahmed, one of the Turkmens in the region, states that the YPG came to their homes and confiscated their belongings, burned personal documents and said that the area now belonged to them. He adds, “They forced us from our village and said, ‘This place is now Rojova’.” 
In fact, in its Sinjar report Amnesty International had comprehensively revealed the crimes being committed by the PKK in the region. It reported that the PKK had entered Arab villages with its own militants, killed villagers accused of supporting Daesh, not sparing women and children, slaughtered the male members of families they rounded up in the village squares before their relatives’ eyes, and either arrested or murdered anyone who objected. The report also said that nothing more had been heard of many of the women who had been arrested. It is the same Leninist terror organization that has been perpetrating terrorist activities in Turkey for the last 40 years, that inflicts violence on people in Iraq and that has begun ethnic cleansing in Tal Abyad in Syria — the PKK, in other words. 
The coalition powers that have closed their eyes to these terrorist actions have allowed the YPG to seize control of the region with the bombs they have dropped on the local people. The YPG’s longtime plan involving uniting three Kurdish cantons and establishing a PKK line on the Turkish birder has thus come about. A communist state is being built on the Turkish border with US help, and that communist state intends to spread violence across the world, not just in the region, and to bring back a Stalinist communist model. At this point we need to ask for what the US fought in Vietnam and Korea in the past. What was the point of the Cold War with Soviet Russia? Has the US, which engaged in a life or death struggle with communism, so far lost all its ideals as to be building a communist state with its own hands? 
We hope not. We hope that the US is not building a scenario that will end in a hell on earth. 
Our advice to the US and the coalition powers is to perform a joint assessment with Turkey, which has considerable experience of the matter, on the subject of the PKK threat on its border and for them to realize that the PKK is intent on building a new North Korea, whatever the cost may be. The PKK will use all its allies and tools of violence until it achieves its aim of a communist world state. The US must be on its guard; although the PKK has been halted in Turkey, it is now setting about implementing that plan in Syria and with US help. 
Adnan Oktar's piece on Arab News:
2015-06-24 14:58:38

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