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Throughout history, people always sought justice. It goes back to the time of Cain and Abel. Today, the presence of a developed awareness of justice and a conscientious legal system is seen as a measure of the civilization of a society. Those who think that they cannot find justice in their countries resort to international courts.

But, amidst this intense search for justice, can everyone find what they are looking for? At the moment, the answer to this question is ‘no’. However, there was a time in the past when justice was fully lived. Prophet Mohammed (saas) was a just leader and his justice continues to illuminate our path even today. For Muslims, doing justice no matter what is a religious duty, as being just is one of the basic commandments in the Qur'an. Needless to say, Prophet Mohammed (saas) was the one that displayed this justice in the best way possible.

Prophet Mohammed (saas), after having arrived in Medina, instilled love and brotherhood in people's hearts. His practices in Madina are especially important in that they prove that people of different religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds can live happily and peacefully together.

One of the greatest evidence of Prophet Mohammed’s (saas) quality as a caller to peace and love was the fact that the first text he dictated was a peace agreement. Following the conquest of Mecca by our Prophet, he released even those pagans that had previously tortured Muslims and showed great compassion to them.  This lofty character was unprecedented in Arabian society and was deeply admired and appreciated. For this reason, no matter to what society or race they belonged to, the Companions of Prophet Mohammed (saas), were always a just community as mentioned in the verse 7/181: ‘Among those We have created there is a community who guide by the Truth and act justly according to it.’

The Constitution of Medina dictated by Prophet Mohammed (saas) - and which was the first constitution in Islamic history - is first and foremost a perfect example of a democratic and pluralistic constitution. Today, no modern constitution has been able to achieve the order reminiscent of that of the Constitution of Medina and none   have put it into practice like Prophet Mohammed (saas) did.

With this text, Prophet Mohammed (saas), introduced a level of unmatched democracy and peace to the Arab peninsula.

According to this constitution, all the societies of Medina would live together in peace, practice their lives in line with their own religions and faiths, have their own institutions and laws and would have the power to enforce and practice them. While doing so, they would have to live in peace and unity with all the other societies in Medina. 

According to the Constitution of Medina, everyone would be free to make their own religious, spiritual political or ideological choices, without any pressure at all. They could also build societies together with people who shared same views. However, offenders would not be supported no matter what. The parties would help and support each other, and they would be under the protection of Prophet Mohammed (saas); any disputes between the parties would be referred to the Messenger of God. Even the pagans always chose Prophet Mohammed’s (saas) judgement as he was considered the most just person.

This constitution, dictated by Prophet Mohammed (saas) was applied from 622 until 632 in intervals. With this system, the tribal system based on biological kinship was overcome and people of various cultural, geographical and ethnic backgrounds came together to form a union.

It is a fact that the Constitution of Medina is a quite significant historical document that encompassed the basics of unity and solidarity, compassion and love, friendship and peace. It is an exemplary document in that it shows – in practice, not simply theory - how Muslims should harmoniously co-exist with their non-Muslim counterparts. Although it is difficult to encounter a modern society that upholds the peaceful and just approach of Prophet Mohammed (saas), it is clear this is what the followers of this just leader should do.

Muslims, by following the lead of Prophet Mohammed (saas), should show the same just and compassionate attitude towards all human beings. These people can be Jews, Christians, Buddhists, pagans or even atheists: No matter who they are or what they believe in, or even if they are unbelievers, this fair and honest approach commanded by our Lord will surely create a positive effect on each and every person, allowing them to have warmer feelings towards Islam. 

Adnan Oktar's piece on Indian Muslim Observer & Al Hikmat Magazine:


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