Turkey’s heart is broken once again

We woke up last Saturday to a very painful incident in Ankara. We received breaking news messages on our phones saying there had been two blasts in the capital of Turkey. We turned on the TV to discover the full dimension of the twin explosions.

According to the accounts of eyewitnesses, two bombs, three seconds apart, hit a group of people gathered for a peace march at about 10 a.m. 

As of Wednesday, the death toll has had climbed to 99 according to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. 

Our hearts could not bear to stare at the photos posted on social media, especially the footage showing the moment of the blast: Young people dancing the halay unaware of what would happen in the next few moments.

Following the Suruç attack and the blasts in the Diyarbakır meeting of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, who the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) supports HDP one day before the general elections in June, this time the center of Ankara witnessed a massacre. The attack has been labeled as the deadliest terrorist act seen in Turkey’s history.

International news agencies named the perpetrator as the Islamic State (IS) movement minutes after the perfidious blasts took place, just like they did in Suruç. It is quite doubtful to assume the same at very early stages of the incident.


It is the right time for us to better our relations with countries in the region and in the whole Islamic world.

Although some circles are trying to direct all the blame toward IS, all signs point to the PKK. Surprisingly, some American writers understood the plot made by the PKK. For instance, according to Thomas Seibert, observers agreed that this deadliest attack in Turkey’s history is affiliated with the PKK rebels.

While it is true that IS has been carrying out many violent and deadly attacks in Syria and Iraq, which we can never approve of, we also have to keep in mind that IS has no hesitation of claiming responsibility for the violent actions it partakes in. 

IS, thus far, never carried out an anonymous attack, and we have never encountered an IS attack carried out inside the borders of Turkey.

We should consider who would benefit from such a horrendous attack. First, the timing of the incident is very important. Just like the Diyarbakır and Suruç attacks, this one took place as a general election was drawing nigh. 

The aim was the same: To blame the government, to disable the authority of the state, to impose fear on society and to shape politics by affecting the vote.

The PKK is portraying itself as the one suffering in this incident and claiming that its supporters were killed while they were asking for peace. 

The founders of the PKK have recently mentioned that they were about to declare a ceasefire soon with the hope of increasing the HDP’s votes. 

We will not fall for these bizarre PKK tactics. Not long ago, Murat Karayılan, one of the founders of the PKK, stated the following after the developments in Beytüssebab, “If they inclined towards more killings in the cities, then the Battalion of Immortals will take action in metropolitan centers”.

Furthermore, the PKK is not unfamiliar with killing its own comrades for the benefit of their terrorist organization. For example, last September some PKK members were arrested red-handed placing explosives in a park in Viranehir, where the HDP was going to have a gathering. Two other terrorists were caught the very next day in Erzurum possessing police uniforms and long-barreled weapons. They were sent to prison following the interrogation by the counterterrorism unit.

Further evidence of the PKK’s affiliation surfaced just recently in a news report stating that two persons who had tweeted regarding the Ankara blast before it took place were taken into the custody. 

It was discovered that the suspects were affiliated with the PKK. One of them, Mehmet SP, was trained for bombing missions in Kobane and had partaken in several active operations of the PKK/KCK.

Turkey has been fighting against the scourge of terror long enough. The unity of our country is of the utmost importance. Even though some circles try to turn our attention to other terror groups or other countries, our worst enemy is the Marxist-Leninist PKK.

We should never fall into their trap when they talk about peace, because the Marxist philosophy always sets forth struggle and conflict. The core principal and philosophy is based on thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis. 

It is conflict driven within itself. Thus, their peace talks are always deceptive and we should take precautions by struggling against their philosophy through intellectual works to expose this chameleon 

Because of the ongoing conflicts in the region, Turkey is currently at odds with some of its neighbors. Following this treacherous attack, the leaders all over the world denounced and sent messages of condolences to our President and offered a joint struggle against terrorism.

Indonesian Ambassador Wardana was second to present his letter of credence to President Erdoan. It is the right time for us to better our relations with countries in the region and in the whole Islamic world.

All the politicians should put aside their political benefits and seek ways to work together to protect the civilians from terrorism. 

The only way to stop their deadly operations is to have a joint intellectual struggle against them. It is important to recall Erdogan’s statement regarding Turkey’s interest in joining ASEAN during his visit to Jakarta last summer.

Former foreign minister Çavusoglu reiterated our interest in ASEAN and also asserted that the association would benefit from Turkey’s involvement especially in anti terrorism activities.

Adnan Oktar's piece on Jakarta Post & The China Post & The Malaysian Insider:




2015-10-18 22:23:45

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