The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 18 of Surah Saba' ''making them measured stages on the way'' indicates year 2001.


We placed between them and the cities We had blessed other clearly conspicuous cities, MAKING THEM MEASURED STAGES ON THE WAY: ‘Travel between them in safety by night and day.’(Surah Saba’, 18)

Arabic transliterationWajaAAalna baynahum wabayna alqura allatee barakna feeha quran thahiratan waqaddarna feeha alssayra seeroo feeha layaliya waayyaman amineena.

waqaddarna feeha alssayra seeroo feeha layaliya waayyaman amineena.

6+355 + 397 +277+96+  81 +6 + 53 + 151 = 1422/2001 (Without Shadda)

(The verse may be indicating the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Allah knows the truth)



2011-04-07 10:50:04

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