Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ''Allah brings up the sun from the east'' in verse 258 of Surat Al-Baqara gives a date of 2011

"Did you not see to who quarreled(with) Abraham in his Lord, that Allah gave him the ownership/kingdom, when Abraham said: "My Lord, (is) Who revives/makes alive and makes die ." He said: "I revive/make alive and I make die." Abraham said: "Allah brings up the sun from the east, so bring it up yourself from the west" So who disbelieved was astonished/confused , and God does not guide the nation the unjust/oppressive. "   (Surat Al-Baqara,258)

Arabic transliteration: Alam tara ila allathee hajja ibraheema fee rabbihi an atahu Allahu almulka ith qala ibraheemu rabbiya allathee yuhyee wayumeetu qala ana ohyee waomeetu qala ibraheemu fa-inna Allaha ya/tee bialshshamsi mina almashriqi fa/ti biha mina almaghribi fabuhita allathee kafara waAllahu la yahdee alqawma alththalimeena

Allaha ya/tee bialshshamsi mina almashriqi

96+421 + 2  + 733 + 90 + 671  = 2011 (With Shadda)



2011-04-08 12:51:57

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