Calculation of the abjad value of the expression ''BY THE HEAVEN AND HIM WHO BUILDED IT, BY THE EARTH AND HIM WHO SPREAD IT.'' in verses 5 and 6 of Surat ash-Shanms gives a date of 1929 which shows the Hubble Telescope invented on that year.

"By the heaven and Him Who builded it," (5)

Waalssama-i wama banaha. Without Shadda 239

Arabic transliteration: 5 ) Waalssama-i wama banaha

alssama-i wama banaha

133  + 6+ 41 + 59  =  239

"By the earth and Him Who spread it," (6)

Arabic transliteration: 6 ) Waal-ardi wama tahaha

Waal-ardi wama tahaha

6  +   1032 +  6 +  41  +    24  = 1109

Total abjad value of verses 5 and 6 :

1109 + 239 = 1348 / 1929 Without Shadda

In the year 1929 American astronomer Edwin Hubble made one of the greatest discoveries of the astronomy history. Hubble detected that stars emits a light which slides to the colour red, according to their distances. This discovery shook the foundations of the universe perception, which is  generally accepted until that day.



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