The abjad value of the particular part of the verse 56 of Surah Yusuf ''WE GAVE YUSUF POWER IN THE LAND..'' indicates year 1999

And thus WE GAVE YUSUF POWER IN THE LAND. He could settle in it wherever he wished. We extend Our mercy to whomsoever We will, and We do not let the reward of the righteous people to go to waste. (Surah Yusuf, 56)


Wakathalika makanna liyoosufa fee al-ardi yatabawwao minha haythu yashao nuseebu birahmatina man nashao wala nudeeAAu ajra almuhsineena

We gave Yusuf power in the land …

Wakathalika makanna liyoosufa fee al-ardi

111+ 30 + 156  + 90 +  1032  = 1419 ; 1999 (Without Shadda)



2011-05-04 10:46:53
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