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Those Wishing to Divide Turkey Should Read These Lines with Care

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A grubby stratagem is being played out in the Southeast of Turkey. The aim is to be able to make first the Southeast, then Turkey and ultimately the entire world communist. Crazed voices saying, "Let us sit down with the PKK" or "Let us give the PKK some land in the Southeast" are, knowingly or otherwise, serving the same end: a communist world state.

A great many people are not even aware of this grave threat. They imagine that if land is given away, that if we sit down with the PKK and if Öcalan is won over, then the terrorism in Turkish territory will come to an end. Some of those in favor of this proposed division are former communists. The majority of these people appeared to change their spots over the years and strove not to attract attention. Yet as the fiercest adherents of communism they waged a covert propaganda, and are still engaged in it even now. They are systematically trying to propagate the idea that "the best thing is to give up some land," trying to portray this cunning idea as legitimate. The Turkish people are being hypnotized into thinking "this is the only remaining solution." By doing this, they foolishly plan to inflict a disaster on our Kurdish brothers and all of Turkey. They are realizing this stratagem using soft words and gentle indoctrination, under a mask of "we are innocent, we are oppressed, but salvation lies this way." They are trying to resurrect communism and its savagery, which inflicted such pain, cruelty and conflict on the world in the 20th century.

PKK'ya çözüm gazete küpürleri

The aim of this book is to expose the true objectives of the PKK, a communist terror organization, the stratagem being applied against our Kurdish brothers and the twisted way of thinking of those individuals who favor the division of Turkey. There is another point here that needs to be known. This separatist terror organization is not simply a terrorist group based on the aspirations of Kurdish nationalism. THE PKK IS A DARWINIST, COMMUNIST, STALINIST AND LENINIST ORGANIZATION THAT MERELY USES KURDISH NATIONALISM AS A TOOL IN THE LIGHT OF ITS OWN INTERESTS.

Awareness of this fact brings with it a perspective very different to what is generally known about the PKK and the measures that need to be taken against it. After reading this book, those who imagine that they can resolve the problem of terror in Southeast Turkey by splitting the country up and who say, "Let us give up some land and be done with it," will have a much better idea of the scourge they are dealing with.

Before we go on to set out the details of this terrible scourge:

The PKK must realize this!

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The PKK terror organization needs to know this; we have not one inch of land to give to communists!

We will never permit a communist uprising in the Southeast of the country and will most definitely never give up even the smallest patch of land to the PKK. As Mustafa Kemal Ataturk made clear, "Communism is the worst enemy of the Turkish world. It must therefore be crushed wherever it is seen," and we will abide by that principle and never allow communism to enter our country.

Those who seek to prepare the way for communism by saying, "Let us give up some land and put an end to it" must realize this:

Giving land away will not bring peace to Turkey; on the contrary, it will just lead to an even worse tragedy. The Turkish Nation has no problem with giving up martyrs, but we will never allow the slightest patch of our homeland to be given up. There is not the remotest possibility of this ever happening.

Türk - Kürt kardeşiz

And the Turkish people must realize this:

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Giving up the slightest part of our motherland would mean the loss of all the character, honor, nobility, strength and very existence of the Turkish nation. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. We have but one agreement with the PKK. The basis of that agreement is these peerless words of Ataturk's:

"The essential thing is for the Turkish nation to live as a proud and honorable one. The Turk has a great and lofty character, self-esteem and ability. SUCH A NATION SHOULD RATHER DISAPPEAR THAN LIVE UNDER CAPTIVITY. INDEPENDENCE OR DEATH!" Kemal Atatürk.

One thing that those who support the PKK separatist terror organization and communism in general, and who are trying to make a place for themselves in the East of the country must realize is that we will never allow our motherland to be divided. A second very important point is that we will never allow communism in Turkey or the world as a whole. This book shows the public the sole effective way of opposing communism. That is through an intellectual struggle and revealing the truth about Darwinism. ANTI-DARWINIST INFORMATION IS EVERY COMMUNIST'S WORST NIGHTMARE. BY GOD'S LEAVE, THAT INTELLECTUAL STRUGGLE WILL ELIMINATE COMMUNISM FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.


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