The Habits of a Housewife

When the term “housewife” is mentioned in the societies of ignorance, a specific stereotype enters the minds. Because, the system that fosters this kind of character has, in a sense, become entrenched. Of course, there are some housewives who do not conform to the mould for one reason or another. But, in the sense of the morality of ignorance dealt with here, this is the model of a housewife that is widely recognized in society.

In ignorant societies, the life typical of a housewife is one filled every day with monotony. Usually, her days are taken up with basic duties, such as tidying up the rooms of other family members, doing the laundry, preparing meals, shopping and other chores that need to be done around the house. Of course, everyone must do such things. But, the mistake they make is disregarding the problems pervading this world, forgetting the Afterlife completely, one’s responsibilities towards Allah, and instead performing their duties in the expectation of some worldly gain. They base their whole lives, their thoughts, and plans, on the work they do and, instead of seeking the favor of Allah Who created them, they try to find satisfaction in trivial goals of their daily lives.

In addition, during all this daily activity, there are several habits, usually shared by all housewives who are members of the ignorant society, in which they tend persist. In their own eyes, they think these will improve their lives and alleviate their anxiety and thus they fill their spare time with them. However, when considered carefully, it becomes evident that all such habits only mire them in what is a very ordinary and mundane life.

2012-01-21 01:41:12

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