Needlefish, which belong to the family Belonidae, have a long, thin body structure. They can leap from the surface of the water and return to it, tail-first—a method they employ to escape predators. The fossil record shows that all species of fish have their own unique features; that there is no evolutionary link between different species; and that the concept of a "forerunner of fish" is nothing more than a fantasy. The Turkish evolutionist biologist Ali Demirsoy admits that claims that different fish species emerged from one another are based on an assumption: "We have no more than assumptions on the subject of bony fish separating from the known early Paleozoic vertebrates with jaws." (Ali Demirsoy, Yasamin Temel Kurallari [The Basic Rules of Life], Vol. III, Part I, p. 248) In fact, all Darwinist claims regarding the origin of life are based on assumptions, not just those concerning the origin of fish. And none of these is supported by scientific findings, which have revealed that life is the work not of blind coincidences, but of our Lord God.
AGE:95 million years
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